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Kornelia Stephanie show is about building our new world. Remembering our multi dimensional self and coming home to the truth of who we are. Living life as the incredible human we are while at the same time expressing our highest divine self. In the spiral of evolution we just completed a 26,000.00 year cycle of living and experiencing everything that we are not. Our new cycle beginning now we are living and remembering everything that we are. The replay radio broadcasts are bound to take you on an quantum journey as you release surrender and let go of all that no longer severe your evolution today. We promise to inspire you, empower you as you find yourself elevating to the next level just by being witness to this new way as we communicate our humanity.

We share our experiences of navigating this unchartered world, where we examine in depth, the ties that bind us and share our insights into releasing ourselves into the unknown, aka..freedom. We have been told it is scary, a place to be weary of…yet the alternative is living half dead. If you know there is more to life and are not sure how to access it…this is for you, come be part of the change to release the chains and reclaim the magic of life that is right here, right now and available to all…no matter what your story is…

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Your true north the direction of your higher power guiding you in building your new world with every thought action and deed in community for community because love is the action and peace is the way.

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I’m listening to the show right now and you guys are killing it.

The Kornelia Stephanie Show honors our amazing co-hosts and sponsors.

“Charleen Hess Living on Purpose. Discover your calling.

“Robert Skeele. Fearless at 91.

“Dennis Gaither ~ Healing the blocks to the awareness of Love’s presence.

“DieterErnst. Inventor of the first flying car.”

Charleen Hess is a certified empowerment coach trough my wholeness program. She is fantastic at living the principles of being whole and free.

I highly recommend Charleen as your empowerment coach. Join Charleen the 3rd Friday of each month on the Kornelia Stephanie Show. Over the next 6 months, she will share the transformation process she takes her clients through to become fully connected to themselves bringing into alignment all aspects of their being. Learn how you too can become deeply connected, step into your calling and live a life full of passion adventure and play. Discover the truth that “you ARE your calling! Contact her at Follow her on facebook

After working seven years at churches in Minnesota and the next 27 years at small, liberal arts colleges in Maryland, New Mexico and Vermont, Bob and his wife, Joan, moved to LaConner, Washington in 1987, quite happy to settle down in one place. Following part-time stints as a yardman in a local boatyard, a baker in a neighboring town and the facilities manager at the history museum just up the street from his house, Bob retired to focus on writing and caring for his ailing wife. Since her death in 2012, Bob has continued with his writing, publishing his eighth book of poetry and prose.

in 2017. At 90 years of age, he sees every reason to keep engaged in things that matter such as writing. You can find out more about Bob by going to and joining our Facebook page

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June 22


Project Heaven on Earth with Martin Rutte

The 3 simple questions that will help you change the world … easily is a ground-breaking book. In it you’ll discover what Heaven on Earth is for you and what simple, easy, concrete steps you can take in the next 24 hours to begin making Heaven on Earth real. Imagine a growing number of people all around the world contributing doing the same things – imagine no longer….it’s happening now.

Martin Rutte founder of Project Heaven on Earth is a dynamic speaker, consultant, and co-author of the New York Times business best-seller, Chicken Soup for the Soul at Work. He is president of Livelihood, a management consulting firm in Santa Fe, NM. Martin has worked with such organizations as: the World Bank, Sony Pictures Entertainment, Virgin Records and Marrion Merril Dow Consumer Pharmaceuticals. He has also addressed the Corporate Leadership and Ethics Forum of the Harvard Business School and returned for four consecutive years.

A Free ‘One Week to Simply Begin Creating Heaven on Earth’ course. Go to
You’ll get a different lesson every day for 7 days. You’ll discover the different Gateways into Heaven on Earth and see which one is right for you. You’ll experience what Heaven on Earth is for you and discover your own simple Heaven on Earth project. You’ll find out how to dissolve the traditional roadblocks that emerge when people think of creating Heaven on Earth. You’ll see the unique contribution that only you can make toward establishing Heaven on Earth. You’ll also be invited into the free Heaven Makers global on-line community where you can join with others on this journey. It’s all free at:     Read More

June 15


Trust your inner self.

Join Empowerment Coach Charleen Hess as she shares the last few steps of her 7 step process of Living on Purpose: Discover your calling~ Shine your Light ~ Share your gift. Charleen has been sharing this wisdom with us over the last several shows. This is what she herself uses and teaches to her clients to help them clear away the mental clutter, limiting beliefs and societal programming to find their inner truth and light so they can share the gift of who they are with the world. She will be giving away a FREE 1 hour Coaching session ($120 value) to the first 2 Listeners who message her during the live show at Listen in Friday 6/16 at 12:00(pst)!     Read More

June 08


“How to Survive the Murder of a Loved One” with Dawn Diviniste

Dawn Diviniste ‘s Mother was murdered 6 years ago on June 8th 2012. I am talking with her this Friday Transformation Talk Radio ‘How to Survive the Murder of a loved One and live in Peace and Forgiveness today.

June 8, 2012 D-Day (Life can turn on a dime)The Universe works in funny ways. Universal humor dichotomy. I’ve met people in my life in the last 6 years that have prompted me to share my story… “How to Survive the Murder of a Loved One.” First was Neale Donald Walsch prompting me to assist humanity by writing the book… now Kornelia Stephanie scheduling me on her Seattle radio show. The dichotomy? The radio day… 6/8, first day on radio will be Friday, June 8th… the day that hits hard… the same calibration day, six years ago when I got out of bed early Friday morning for my corporate job, but ended up spending the next three months visiting ICU, completely shocked, my Mom had been violently murdered… by someone… family… I had loved and cared for. “What the fffukk?”

I’ll be discussing how I forgave, healed, fell, ascended and understand the big picture over the next 6 months. Join me in a new creation… nothing is planned… or is it? Astrology gives us a life map. Psychics seem to know different possibilities. Was it in Mom’s chart? Is it in my chart to write a book? Bob gave me a reason to live… I am grateful. If I share nothing, I feel like their efforts to impact the World would be lessened. There’s gotta be Divine Purpose to any disaster… good always accompanies bad… it just may be really hard to see. I know what happened 6/8/12 was like a bomb going off in Redding, CA… bringing families closer than ever… an outpouring of love, appreciating the Superintendent, Principal, 2nd Grade Teacher, Teacher’s Aid, volunteer, mentor, Mother, friend.

In honor of Candace Watson and Bob Watson, with much Love… to assist Humanity for the Highest Good… some how, some way. BIG LOVE.      Read More

June 01


The True Nature of Divine Love with Tom Lumbrazo

What is the meaning of our lives? It is about love. It’s not about making money, greed, hate, killing, etc. What is the Difference Between Love, Conditional Love, Unconditional Love, and Divine Love? In this show, we will talk about the true nature of divine love. Love is the Answer to all.

5 Free copies of the Tom’s latest book. The Magic of Finding Love and Peace. Email in the subject line write free copy please and include your mailing address.      Read More

May 31


Dr. Pat Interviews Kornelia Stephanie. YOUR Magic Wand: An Extraordinary Tool of Creation and Self- Actualization….

I Am being interviewed on the number one talk show with Dr Pat. today @10:00 am. I will be talking about How you helped change the world utilizing the number one tool in your favor. You now claim the good fortune that is yours. You make your own luck and you’ve never been more committed and dedicated to live your truth as you feel your way forward creating your masterpiece life that you came to live. Rainbows, butterflies, and magic are what you communicate everyday— inspiring others on the path to live heaven on earth now, and experience relationship heaven. Peace love and harmony to all. Watch Kornelia LIVE on Facebook! Go to: Watch the video on youtube! Go to:      Read More

May 25


Are you taking advantage of ALL the resources and guidance available to you? Seen or Unseen? with Susan Glavin.

There is a team of light beings- Angels, guides, Ascended Masters and Star Families ready to support and serve YOU! Do you have an intimate relationship with your “A” Team?      Read More

May 18


Living on Purpose, Choose your story.

It’s your life, you’re in charge. you get to re-write the script. This Friday at twelve noon Pacific time Transformation Talk Radio with Charleen Hess​. We are all here to live a life of fulfillment and joy according to our own definition. Who’s story are YOU living? Is it one you are consciously writing or one that has been written for you? In this show, Charleen Hess will be taking us through step 4 of the 7 step process she uses with her clients leading them to a deeper self-discovery and connection. We will be taking a deeper look into our unconscious mind observing our subtle actions and behaviors that show up and sabotage our efforts toward our happiness.      Read More

May 11


The Courage To Be Extraordinarily Happy with my special guest Pamela Lynch

The path to be extraordinarily happy requires feeling its contrast and few are willing to take the plunge to feel the opposite of joy. It isn’t that we aren’t courageous enough; it’s that we’ve been taught to turn away from our pain, to push it down, to ignore it, to not talk about it. The result is a feeling of unworthiness and today we shall unravel the conditioning behind this epidemic in our society.      Read More

May 04


Living a life of Inner Peace. With Tom Lumbrazo. Each of us can practice and live a life of Inner Peace

If one is on a spiritual experience, it is pretty much impossible to envision conflict and war or participate in it or advocate for it. The Nature of a spiritual experience is contrary to violence.Each of us can practice and live a life of Inner Peace. What does that mean? Inner Peace means: Remember how special you are and how special it is to be living here on a beautiful planet…Earth. Perhaps the way you live your life can make our planet even more special. It is our destiny to be stewards of this world and each of us can make that happen.Imagine a world in which each of us Loves each other each day. We help each other, we help the poor or disadvantaged, we not only love our animals but all animals, we preserve the landscape of the Earth…Our job is day is to Love      Read More

Apr 27


The Healing power of Dolphins and Lemuria and the significance for our planet right now with Jeanne Russell.

We will discuss why the Lemurian energy is significant right now; what it means for our planet, living in the 5th and 7th dimensions and the time of the gathering.

Jeanne has always had a strong connection to dolphins. Because she grew up in Brooklyn, New York, her first exposure to the dolphins came from the Aquatheater at the New York Aquarium. She was fascinated by them and even as she got older, watching the show “Flipper” on television, just intrigued her more. In junior high school, she wrote an in-depth report on the dolphins and was fascinated to learn that their brain size was proportionately comparable to humans and thus started her journey to learn more about these fascinating creatures.      Read More

Apr 20


Don’t quiet the monkey mind, get to know the Monkeys with Charleen Hess.

There is a gift in the chaos of our minds, be still, observe and see what the Monkey Mind is showing you!

This week Empowerment Coach Charleen Hess and I will be talking more about the Monkey Mind in meditation. In our last show she shared her own personal journey with meditation and how she uses it to deepen her self connection and connect to her calling.This week we will cover the next step in this process of deeper self discovery where she shares what it means to “get to know the monkeys”. She uses this process to uncover the hidden beliefs in our unconscious thoughts and actions and bring them into consciousness. We then get to choose to keep what serves us and bless and let go of the rest.      Read More

Apr 13


Where’s my Juice? Ask and it is given with my very special guest, Susan Glavin.

Have you really contemplated the deeper questions? The ones that are at the root of your true Fulfilment, Success and Joy in life? It is truly in the depth of the questions we ask where the JUICE in life grounds into our realities! Ask and it is given. What are you asking for?      Read More

Apr 06


Archangel Michael came into my life and changed everything.

Each of us is Energy contained in a physical body. We each are Vibration. The higher the Vibration or Frequency, the closer we are to purity, to the Angels, and to our Creator. If our vibration is on the low scale, we attract people that are low vibration. Conversely, if we elevate our vibration, we will attract people of that higher vibration.

Tom will be sharing his spiritual experiences over the last 16 years since that Angel visited him. You can find out more about Tom by going to and joining his Facebook page Everyone that emails will receive the picture of the divine feminine frequency along with the blessing inscribed.

Behold the Divine Feminine within and around you. Honor the Love that she brings to you. In reading this message she blesses you infinitely with her love. Feel- receive- integrate-this love deeply into your body. Live in Peace within yourself and spread that Peace throughout the World.      Read More

Mar 30


Spirit Speak Sessions with Dee Thorsen.

Friday at the noon hour listen to the show, call in and get a reading by Dee Brekhus Thorsen. If you can’t be live with us be sure to listen to the replay at this same link Transformation Talk Radio I am going to introduce you to DeeBrekhusThorsen’s famous signature prayer and spirit speaks sessions that will bless you infinitely. Be sure to click on the link to receive the blessing. Love you all and perfect for Easter. Redefining true Sisterhood. Rebirthing the divine feminine.

Changing the perception of what it means to be 70 something starting a new life, new career being led by spirit’ doing its holy work. Loving life kayaking, swimming with dolphins and offering sessions by the holy spirit’s opening filling the hearts of all who are called. This hour of Living Heaven on Earth with Dee Thorsen is sure to inspire you. Dee is offering every person who wants a spirit speaks session with her for half price that’s $45.00 for a one-hour session.      Read More

Mar 23


Unstoppable. You just have to keep showing up…sometimes with the peddle to the metal! Guest Susan Glavin

Are you aware that you are a master? Are you willing to embrace and step into the responsibility of being the master of your life? Today you will receive simple yet profound techniques and awareness, that will open the double doors to your magnificent mastery! Susan and I share the same philosophy about the power of the spoken word. We create our world with the words we speak. Susan’s signature line is your words are your wand. Join us at facebook life for this very enlivening conversation between soul sisters. Your words are your wand. What are you creating in your world with your wand? Do you KNOW that the universe, God, your beloved is ALWAYS working on your behalf? Or do you believe life is hard.      Read More

Mar 16


Stop the Noise. The many forms of meditation and how to use it to develop an intimate relationship with yourself.

In this show Empowerment Coach, Charleen Hess and I will be talking about Meditation. Charleen will share with us her own personal journey with Meditation and how she has used it to develop a deeper self-connection and to reveal her calling. She teaches this type of meditation to her life coaching clients and in her online course. 7 steps to Deeper Self Discovery and Connection. Episode giveaways: Call today and receive a free 30 minute –Coaching Call specifically to meditation. Email Charleen at She is taking new clients – contact her at      Read More

Mar 09


Ascended Living and Thriving with Kornelia. The best in you is coming out. Your new Hologram step into it.

Set your compass to your true north where love is the action and peace is the way. On Friday I will share how to create a powerful spiritual practice with the absolute non- negotiable basics you need to thrive and live your heaven on earth. There are new ways we love with faith with passion. There are new ways we communicate, with truth and non- attachement to the outcome. There are new healing modalities being born. What about money and the ego in the new world? What does it mean to be self-realized? what does it mean to have your soul embodied? What is 5d? what does it mean being the empowered feminine with her soul counterpart the divine masculine hieros gamos embodied. Join Kornelia this Friday at twelve noon pst as she shares her experience living an ascended life.      Read More

Mar 02


Remember that We are all Angels, we just need to recognize that!

Seeing the world through the eyes of an angel with Tom Lumbrazo. What is our life about? Each of us is Energy contained in a physical body. We each are Vibration. The higher the Vibration or Frequency, the closer we are to purity, to the Angels, and to our Creator. If our vibration is on the low scale, we attract people that are low vibration. Conversely, if we elevate our vibration, we will attract people of that higher vibration. The universe is the messenger continuously communicating with us. We are not alone.     Read More

Feb 23


March for our lives. School Shootings and How you can be part of the solution, NOW.

Fridays show at noon is dedicated to the students at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida. In support for the march for our lives, I will be addressing the one issue that has not yet been discussed. People act on their emotions. We talk a lot about mental health issues and fail to recognize that our emotional health plays a dominant role. Join me this Friday @transformationtalkradio replay available same link and find out how you can support these fearless brave students in 2018.

These fellow humans who recently experienced intolerable violence were seventeen people, classmates, and teachers- were killed by a 19-year-old. While these children should be taking this time to grieve they can’t because they are sick and tired of waiting for change and nothing is happening. They can’t stand by any longer and not do anything. According to every town research 290 school shootings in America since 2013. The children of today demand no more lives to be lost on their watch. They have boldly united to speak their voice, organizing and taking action. They are fearless and have said enough to being victims. These brave students have organized a march called. March for our lives.    Read More

Feb 16


Connect to yourself in all ways.

I will be Co-Hosting with Empowerment Coach Charleen Hess this Friday as she shares her unique skill set as a hair Stylist , Personal trainer and life coach to empower others to create a deep connection with themselves and step into their calling. Learn practical ways that you can begin to connect with yourself in all ways mentally and emotionally and physically starting today.   Read More

Feb 09


A Whole New World. Mastery in 2018

What are you claiming mastery in this year? On the radio Friday at noon pst. 3pm est. replay same link. A Whole New World. Mastery in 2018. I am talking with Charleen Hess about all the changes in the world today and how it takes a strong spiritual practice to surrender get comfortable living in the unknown. Having a strong spiritual practice is the root foundation of living heaven on earth. Each person is guided by their internal guidance system and learning to trust yourself and accept yourself as the authority is the practice. The days of giving our power away including giving your power away to the ego are over.   Read More

Feb 02


Reincarnation, Past Lives, Karma, and Comments from Dad now passed away still talking to his son.

If you ever wanted to talk to your loved ones on the other side. Seeing the world through the eyes of an angels with Tom Lumbrazo. He shares with us how he has conversations with his Dad who passed in 2011. There is so much more that we will cover. Past lives, Reincarnation. with Kornelia Stephanie, Living Heaven On Earth.   Read More

Jan 26


The Feminine Face of God ~ Christ ~ Source

Heaven On Earth on a global scale. All who are called to listen and access their true spiritual power from the inside out, tapping into their authentic truth and exploring the Source/ God/ our infinite power within. Heaven on Earth, Peace on Earth is here for each soul that is ready to receive it and come home.   Read More

Jan 19


There was so much so much negative programming within me. I began to question everything: Who AM I.

I was a suicidal soul, overcoming many challenges in my life, self-hatred, addictions, being a victim and feeling powerless in so many areas It’s a miracle that I am alive today. My life story has been very interesting at the root of my core wound I had this self-hatred, and I was always trying to cover up and hide.

There was so much so much negative programming within me. I began to question everything: my beliefs, my ideas, my assumptions, and my own inner truth. I had unworthiness and self-hate at the core. I have transformed every single misery in my life into complete pure love, and that is a miracle.   I have completely reprogrammed myself from negative to positive, making the unconscious conscious in every area of my life. All of my limiting beliefs – I was programmed in my subconscious, from my upbringing, my family, my conditioning, and by society – were examined and investigated for truth and what was not was rejected one by one.Gifted by life’s experiences, I courageously began to open up and willingly look at the beliefs that kept me in bondage, to perceive the miracles in my life. I am giving away my 21-day miracle course. Listen and in and claim your miracle now.   Read More

Jan 12


How to find the strength TO BREAK FREE. Living in your authority.

A return to love and peace; A return to freedom; A return to unconditional love; A return to self-acceptance LIVING HEAVEN ON EARTH. To overcome self-hatred, victim consciousness slavery, addictions, lack consciousness and separation from source with a big label of not worthy on the front and back of this body. My path to wholeness was to feel and release within my physical body the recorded cell memories of all the deep trauma of my past. Life experiences are stored within the soft tissue of the body and in the DNA. All the physical emotional traumatic wounds of the past, including the ancestral lineage needed to be consciously acknowledged felt and released.    Read More

Jan 05


The Magic of Finding Love and Peace with Tom Lumbrazo and his new book.

Get your free copy everybody by emailing Tom. No postage necessary. Episode giveaways: Tom will give away [Free, including postage] up to 100 copies of his latest book “The Magic of Finding Love and Peace.” All the listeners have to do is to email him at and include their physical mailing address. , Tom lives in California with his wife Caroline. They have been together for over 51 years. They were quite normal people like you. Tom was a professional city planner for over 40 years and Caroline worked in libraries as she loved books. Tom did not believe in Angels, but on February 2, 2001, an Angel changed their lives forever   Read More

DEC 29


The Magic of Finding Love and Peace with my special guest Tom Lumbrazo

The Magic of Finding Love and Peace is about the process of spiritual evolution or you might say the pilgrimage of the individual and his or her Soul. It is about the guidance of the Angels and benevolent Dimensional Beings through clues, synchronicities, messages and visions, and art and music. It is about discovering the meaning of life here on this planet and our individual and collective purpose to Love…to love of the Divine.   Read More

DEC 27


Rock Solid in 2018 with Kornelia Stephanie. Show up with Authority Power and Clarity

All hearts on deck as we bring closure to 2017 making peace, offering forgiveness and compassion for all the challenges life brought us. Kornelia will lead a powerful collective release process so we can usher in our shiny new blueprints on a clear foundation. There will be a guided meditation so we can build our new world on the principles of Peace, Balance, and Joy.

Kornelia will invite you to choose your highest reality you are ready to live and take action on, in practical ways, knowing full well you are the creator of your reality….. and you are not settling for anything less then the best for yourself! You are ready to manifest the miracles you came to experience and live the life you dreamed of.

Please call in at 1-800 930-2819 and share with the world your voice, what you are grateful for, and your new word for 2018!   Read More

DEC 22


What about God Christianity and Christ in the new world?

Do you feel separate from your creator? Do you feel torn about the religious dogma and the new paradigm that is being birthed? Do you feel uncertain about what religion is better? Being a Christian, Islam or a Buddhist. Join me and my friend Bob Skeele as we talk about how do you stay true to your values and discover your own authority in your spirituality. We are all sons and daughters of God and we are all gods and goddesses saving ourselves and birthing the Christ within. One lucky caller will receive a very generous gift. Be the one to call the number 800-930-2819 and sometime throughout the show we will take you live and give you your prize.   Read More

DEC 15


You’re not old at 90 it’s just the belief you have that you’re old. Loving living life at any age with Robert Skeele.

Tell your momma, tell your papa, tell your auntie, tell your uncle tell your cousin tell anybody that needs the inspiration to love your life, after loss, after illness and loneliness. If you have aging parents have them see this live show. I am so excited to introduce you to Bob Skeele a real live hero who will show you— that being 90 is the new 70. You can join is by clicking this link at twelve noon pst time. We will be live on facebook. A ninety-year-old going on 70 after 61 years of marriage suddenly faced loss and deep loneliness, with a belief that I ‘m too old and now what. Yet the universe orchestrated a beautiful scene in the movie of his ..   Read More

DEC 08


How to have the courage to face your fears through vulnerability and emotional fitness.

Redefining masculinity by honoring the duality of the masculine and feminine. Building resilience and happiness through adventure. As a Hollywood stuntman, entrepreneur, and former U.S. Marine, Steve has overcome situations that most people would find terrifying. But the scariest thing he’s ever done was face his own fears and inner demons. This journey takes true courage and radical self honesty.   Read More

DEC 01


Do you like having sex, do you feel good about your body? it’s your pleasure vehicle.

The recent me too # viral post that one woman identified with publicly has now created a mass healing for all abused women and men that have been caught in this vicious cycle of sexual abuse, money, power, and manipulation. From Sexual abuse, rape, and shame around your sexuality to taking your pleasure back, with Sacha Fossa.   Read More

NOV 24


From Chaos to Love: Using your life’s obstacles to bring you into Wholeness, with Charleen Hess.

Wholeness Coach Charleen Hess shares her journey of overcoming every obstacle life can throw you from early childhood well into adulthood. Raised in an abusive and addicted home as the 13th child, Charleen had to overcome all forms of child abuse: physical, emotional and sexual. She tells her story of how she fought obesity, addiction, and workaholism, to live a life and coach others into total Freedom Balance and Wholeness.   Read More

NOV 21


The Feminine Face of God ~ Christ ~ Source Heaven On Earth on a global scale.

All who are called to listen and access their true spiritual power from the inside out, tapping into their authentic truth and exploring the Source/ God/ our infinite power within. Heaven on Earth, Peace on Earth is here for each soul that is ready to receive it and come home.  Read More

NOV 17


Being vulnerable is the new strength.

Join me this Friday from noon to 1 pm when I bring you my special guest Sacha Fossa. We will have an open conversation sharing with you what you need to know about transcending the victim consciousness and reclaiming the gifts of your divinity. Claiming your full worth.   Read More

NOV 10


Kornelia Stephanie Coached Charleen Hess on healing a diseased organ that the Dr. recommended she have removed.

With the transformational coaching, Charleen healed herself and still has all of her organs in her body. On this week’s show, we will talk about being emotionally wealthy after processing the core wounding.   Read More

NOV 03


Kornelia and her special guest Charleen will share how they have become emotionally wealthy after emotionally processing, releasing the old earth out of their physical bodies, neutralized the emotional core wounding and are empowered authority’s in their own life.

These two self-actualized women will share stories about how they moved from betrayal to living in trust. The story of abandonment is now a past life memory neutralized through the release work. The opposite of abandonment is feeling safe and secure and connected knowing there is no separation there is no abandonment. After the core wound of abandonment is released out of the body you return to the truth and never abandon yourself again. Because you know.   Read More

OCT 27


The Top 3 Ways for Creating Inner Peace claiming your spiritual power in the “Midst of Turmoil” You will learn a practical approach to self-healing and empowerment using your body as a tool to release anger,  illness,  suppression,  and emotion.   Read More

OCT 23


Finding Your Sweet Spot and Living It with Kornelia Stephanie.

Our bodies are the vehicle for releasing the old earth, memories, trauma, suffering from within our DNA. Heaven on earth,—- is the result.   Read More

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You weren’t born to fit into the old world.  You where born to create a new one.