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  • Are you interested in topics on feeling Empowered through Health?
  • Weight loss and emotional eating?
  • Invitations to get into Nature and feel inspired and renewed?
  • Strengthening your spiritual foundation and live in alignment with your success?
  • Raise your gratitude with “That Gratitude Guy in 2021.

In this podcast, I introduce you to my clients who bring you their best you can check it out right here.

The Kornelia Stephanie Media Show hosts are excited to bring you conversations derived from a higher consciousness that inspires and empowers audiences with practical tools on how to live upon the new Earth. The Mission. We are anchoring Heaven On Earth on a global scale. To be an example to all who are called to listen and access their true spiritual power from the inside out by tapping into their authentic truth and exploring the Source/God/Our Infinite Powers Within.

The discussions are about embracing our multidimensional selves, putting the focus on empathetic leadership. We are spiritually-thriving beings, entrepreneurs, and ordinary people telling our stories and sharing our gifts, with an emphasis on how valuable our contribution is, thus creating a ripple effect.

The shows are about realizing our dreams, consciously creating a reality in expansive ways, moving with ease from surviving to thriving and creating our own versions of Paradise.

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Kornelia Stephanie show is about building our new world. When remembering our multidimensional selves, we come home to the truth of who we are and live life as the incredible humans that we are, while at the same time we’re expressing our highest divine selves. In the spiral of evolution we just completed a 26,000-year cycle of living and experiencing everything that we are not. In our new cycle beginning now, we are living and remembering everything that we are. The replayable radio broadcasts are bound to take you on a quantum journey as you release, surrender, and let go of all that no longer serves your evolution today. We promise to inspire you and empower you as you find yourself rising to the next level just by being a witness to this new way, as we communicate our humanity.

We share our experiences of navigating this unchartered world, where we examine in depth, the ties that bind us and share our insights into releasing ourselves into the unknown, aka..freedom. We have been told it is scary, a place to be weary of…yet the alternative is living half dead. If you know there is more to life and are not sure how to access it…this is for you, come be part of the change to release the chains and reclaim the magic of life that is right here, right now and available to all…no matter what your story is…

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