I AM passionate about humanity’s sovereignty and maintaining authority over one’s own life as an empowered creation. ~ Kornelia Stephanie.

About Kornelia Stephanie

Philanthropist Influencer and co-creator of Heaven on Earth

As the CEO of her own coaching and consulting business, she helps conscious entrepreneurs to be seen and heard while creating a larger impact. Kornelia is a spiritual teacher near Seattle WA and is a TV-radio host with a media platform at Transformation Talk Radio Seattle Washington.

She helps people reclaim their personal power so that they can become the authority in all areas of their lives. She teaches us to embrace our humanity, offering simple, practical tools on how to live, how to heal our lives using the power of our emotions, loving the self whole. With her passionate and fun nature, Kornelia teaches people in her retreats or her private sessions and her online membership how to integrate practical spirituality into their daily lives. She helps people become emotionally healthy, with great results. She mentors people into their empowerment, which makes a huge difference in their lives and, in turn, uplifts others in their families and communities and is changing the world.

People experience massive, profound shifts leaving the past behind, moving forward, navigating the new energies with passion, purpose, and confidence. Inspiring self-healing, unconditional self-love, self-leadership, self-empowerment and returning to the basics of co-creating the New Earth in harmony with Nature.

“Do not believe anything because it is said by an outside authority or it is said to come from angels, or from Gods, or from an inspired source. Believe it only if you have explored it in your own heart and mind and body and found it to be true.”

If you are anything like me. failing in love with my life and who I am at my core was not an easy task. My childhood had me well-prepared never to acknowledge myself and to put my own needs aside. I remember a time In my life when I felt so much shame. unworthiness and powerlessness I did not think I could go on with my life and several times I wanted to commit suicide. I was always looking outside of myself for approval. When everything was falling apart around me. I hoped someone would come to my rescue. What a long and painful path it was to claim my worth and love each and every part of myself into wholeness.

Today it is hard for me to imagine that I ever had a thought that was attached to a belief that was attached to an emotion that I was not good enough and that I used to make choices that reflected that belief.

My life’s work has been to undo all the old conditioning, old beliefs. and to heal my emotional core-wounds. Through this work. I achieved a high level of self-mastery which I have been able to pass on to many others through my retreats and personal sessions. I enjoy facilitating such events so that others experience a deeper and truer connection to who they are and how extraordinary their life can become at any age.

How others’ are
experiencing results

Last summer I was suffering from a few compression fractures in my spine. Kornelia came every few days, listened as I released my frustrations, offered her heart to my tears, gave me homework to support raising my spirits and vibration. This went on for a few weeks and gradually I was able to shift out of the dark place of pain and frustration to the higher place of acceptance—and then empowerment. Through compassion and gentle guidance, her embracement of my scattered fears and emotions, she led me back to my own inner strength and courage. Kornelia has stood by me the past few years in other instances, and each time I feel I’ve grown closer to my own deep healing powers and resilience. I highly recommend her sessions – her power is being able to bring one back to the core of one’s OWN innate power to heal: emotionally, mentally and finally physically. Try her out – decide for yourself the value you experienced and donate after the session according to your own means.

Marianne Green

I’ve had the pleasure of working with Kornelia Stephanie during our 101 mentoring sessions for about eight months, and the results have been nothing short of phenomenal. Kornelia Stephanie has an amazing gift of cultivating joy, hope, inspiration, and holding space and sitting with folks while they are in the eye of the storms of change. I’ve completed the 21 Day Challenge course and was able to gain greater focus and clarity. I also manifested a job making $20,000 more then I was making in a matter of 2 weeks. I continue to have massive breakthroughs as I work with her. I’ve learned and grown so much in the short time we have been connected in this way and I’ve had so much healing. She pours so much love into each interaction. I leave feeling full, and my spirit renewed. I highly recommend her gifts and services. She is the person you want on your team, encouraging you to face deep fears, embrace truth and divine healing, and the beauty of crafting your new reality and shifting paradigms.

Latriece Love

I’ve been working with Kornelia for over a year. Every time we connect it’s like a huge energetic shift takes place. I’m so grateful for the growth! Kornelia holds space with compassion and love as she supports your Journey. Highly intuitive as she always seems to know exactly what is needed. I leave each meeting ready to take the next leap. Also…If you haven’t taken her 21-day challenge course, you are missing out. Great gift to yourself!

Wendy Welton

Kornelia, you're good at is kicking people's asses! Provoking people is maybe a better way to characterize it but you have a way of provoking people to be their best or to set aside all their old stories and old way of talking to themselves, encouraging them to see themselves in a better light. You’re really good at going right into the heart of something. Intuitively you hit on all the “hot” button issues someone has, all the stuck points. You zero in and press that point and it releases the pain or unleashes healing much like an acupuncturist or accupressurist would do.

Janet Hickox

Testimony from Charleen Hess
Empowerment Coach and Speaker

Testimony from Robert Skeele
Author of Dementia: Love’s Bittersweet Journey



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