The Grieving Human
The Global Dark Night of the Soul
The Soul… Knock, knock…?

No matter where you are, there you are
Whether you’ve been on the path for a long time, or if you are just now awakening, our collective experience can sometimes feel like a “Global Dark Night of the Soul”.
So many people are feeling such deep discomfort and being challenged by old beliefs in relationships, perceived limitations, lack of freedom, or simply not feeling happy inside.

Who are you? How do you want to live your life?  
Many people are challenged health-wise or have been activated by their dwindling resources with money becoming tight. The Soul is talking to us. People are feeling a collective grief.

We, as a collective, are completing a paradigm of poverty, war, competition, struggle, enslavement, debts, dis-ease, lies, injustice, limitations, doubts, fears, and all kinds of distractions that have kept us from living our greatness.

Please feel the sadness of your losses. You cannot rush grief and you do not want to.  
The whole world is in deep mourning. It is grieving itself and the loss of a dying world.  

Allow yourself, once and for all, to feel to heal; to feel the deep sadness of loss… the loss of a world you once loved and of relationships that fell apart because they haven’t honored the truth of who you are.

Stop expecting yourself to put on a shiny face so that you don’t make someone else feel uncomfortable when they see you grieve. Being “Human” means allowing yourself permission to “feel”. Grief is a natural part of life and is a very liberating experience for the Human Soul. There is something empowering when allowing oneself to feel like ****, to feel comfortable when licking your own wounds and to live with your heart broken open.

Remember this, you cannot rush grief. 
It’s even ok to be grieving for long periods of time. Please do not rush yourself through this process or put “I shoulds” upon yourself or expect yourself to be “over this by now”, because one thing is for sure.
Grief has its own schedule and it does not rely on what anyone else thinks.

By being vulnerable, naked, and fully capable of embracing all the cracks within your Inner BEing (with nothing to cover up and hide), you now have the courage to transcend all those fears by passing from grief into liberation and to make peace with your past.
Forgive all of the places and everything within yourself where you may feel that you have failed. Allow yourself this natural wonder of grieving that your body feels when all of the wounds and all of the grief have naturally moved through.

At the core of your being is love.
Now you get to bring that unconditional love into all of those open cracks.

Nature is a wonderfully healing salve for grief.
Go out into the woods and allow our Great Mother Nature to heal and nurture your grieving heart.

From my own experiences of contending with many “Dark Nights of the Soul” I have gotten good at grieving and realize that this is just a part of being Humanfeeling deeply all of the feelings that we, as humans, get to feel… the pain, the suffering, the bliss… all of it!

This has been a huge problem for many people who are using alcohol or food to numb up the pain; or who are on anti- depressants and prescription medication. These folks always seem to be in search of covering up something that is a natural part of our humanity… the allowance of emotions and feelings, as opposed to being labeled as depressed, bi-polar, or some other dis-ease.

Write yourself your own prescription and let the people in your life know. 
I’m Grieving… Please Be Kind to Me! 
As a grieving human with a broken heart, I know that my heart will heal. However, I am so exhausted from all this bull****. I am going to take my time and allow all of this to move through me, so please don’t rush me. I will take many naps and allow myself to go for lazy walks in nature. I will give myself permission to take my time to grieve. I will give myself permission to allow my body to move in harmony with nature.
Be sure to let others know.

Feeling it is healing it.
The storm will pass, I promise. You will feel better. Once the grief passes you will feel lighter, so please don’t be in a hurry. You have more time than just today.
You will feel like participating in life again! I promise!

We become what we focus on. We become what we believe.
Living within and holding yourself in the 5th-Dimensional consciousness of Heaven on Earth with the divine feminine and sacred divine masculine in balance…
BE this energy in unity and sovereignty, with compassion towards yourself.
This is the landscape of the New Earth.