How Love LOVES Away The Fear

Are you up for a challenge? Transcending your fears into love. Bringing your love into the present moment, Turning the emotional triggers into liberation. Releasing suppressed emotions. Crying, grieving, feeling, being sad…..and more. Tending to your feelings, Turning your Anger into creative fuel.

You are choosing positive thoughts through your optimal mental outlook! Claiming your power when feeling really scared. Facing your shadow with love, Walking your talk, Helping yourself, and others, heal. Focusing on what brings you joy, Focusing on what brings you pleasure. Bringing love into the present moment, Being present sitting with all your feelings now.

This free webinar is designed to empower you to not allow stress to take over your body and do what you can to strengthen your own immune system, while taking pressure off our overtaxed medical system. Heal YOURSELF and YOUR community with YOUR LOVE!