My wife purchased some coaching sessions with Kornelia several months ago and raved about her experience. She urged me to get coaching as well, so I decided to give it a go. Right from the beginning I felt a very loving and supportive energy. I’ve worked with coaches in the past and recognized that this was different. The nonjudgmental and supportive environment she provides allowed me the safe space to face some of my inner demons and heal emotional wounds that were ignored and suppressed for years.

Coaches are suppose to be supportive and nonjudgmental. But unless they’ve worked out their own issues, they may unconsciously judge clients. Trust me, I know because I’ve experienced that. This is what makes Kornelia an effective coach. She provides that nurturing and supportive environment that is necessary for deep healing. She is 100% present with you the whole way. Kornelia walks her talk. Since working with her, I feel emotionally lighter and happier from the healthy processing of suppressed emotions that were buried in my subconscious. That kind of healing is priceless. I highly recommend Kornelia’s coaching.

Steve, Vancouver, Canada

What we don’t often hear, is that Kornelia is very skilled in Emotional Processing. If you are in need of some assistance in this area, I would highly recommend you check her website and tools out to see if they resonates with you. Please note that Kornelia is a specialist in Emotional Processing and, although sometimes she recommends other people’s tools (including mine) during her sessions, it is her own developed techniques she will use to assist you with.

Inelia Benz, Sacramento, CA

All of my life’s trials and intense hardships that I have overcome have prepared me to create this course to support 8 amazing women. I am so blessed. Thank you, Kornelia Stephanie for being my mentor, life coach and friend and walking me through my transformation.

Charleen Hess, Life coach fitness trainer

Before working with Kornelia, I was in a very confused, stuck and dark place. I had completely hit an emotional bottom and came to a realization that I needed some guidance — someone who I could trust and completely be vulnerable with. Someone who could lay the path for me, hold the space and allow me to begin to find my deepest truths. Kony did that for me. I can’t say that the work I did with Kony was easy. I cried a lot, had moments of wanting to give up but never did. She allowed me to fully let go and look at the feelings, thoughts and energies as just that. They no longer had the grasp, the power over my life. I was able to finally FEEL again, wanting to feel again. I don’t think I could ever imagine not doing the work with her, it has changed my life immensely. If I could pick 3 improvements that the work with Kony has made I would say – 1. Embracing the dark experiences in my past and bringing them to the light. 2. Loving myself and paving a road to allowance and acceptance. 3. The courage to feel and create the life that I dream of.

Kornelia is a woman of integrity, honor, and she created a beautiful, trusting space for me. I would highly recommend her and would love to answer any questions you may have regarding my experience.

Anonymous, Portland, OR

I am deeply grateful to have had Kornelia Stephanie guide me through a transformational Activation session where I uncovered my core issue holding me in limitations. It was a deeply profound process that Kornelia lead me through yesterday, and today I am overjoyed by possibility, understanding, and love. Kornelia is a healing Master who recognizes the Master in others and her gift is to bring us home to our true self in order for us to offer our unique and magnificent gift to others. If you are standing at the doorway to re-discovering your own Mastery, I highly recommend Kornelia to facilitate this journey with you.

Pamela Lynch, Business Growth Coach

Thank you for a most eye-opening session! I appreciate your wisdom & intuition and know it was just what I needed at just the right time. Aloha & Blessings.

Andrea, Kauai, HI

When I contacted Kornelia for help I was at a low point in life. I was unhappy in my job, my girlfriend had just broken up with me, and my son had run away from home and had expressed the desire to kill himself. I was feeling “not good enough” in so many ways, but especially around being a parent since my son had recently dropped out of high school. I had the hope that my son would be open to talking with a “life coach,” even though he would not talk with a counselor. Needless to say my son would not talk with Kony, but I figured I could use a “turn your life around” program.

I do not know if I can adequately express the value I have seen from this program. Even though the basics of my life are unchanged, (I still have the same job and my son is still struggling), I now have totally different feelings about what is happening in my life. I am now in charge of my emotional response, or at least aware of the causes of it, and able to heal it when negative emotions come up. Thoughts that had paralysed my actions have been addressed at a very deep level. I now have the tools I need to address whatever comes up in life and a base to help create the life I want. I am pursuing another job in line with my personal values. I am communicating boundaries with my son and helping him turn his life around. I am excited about life’s potential, and meeting some wonderful women. If you would like to talk with someone who has turned their life around, feel free to contact me.

Ellen Karl, Seattle, WA

After working with Kornelia I had gained so much clarity of how my pre-programming was running my life and I wasn’t. I met with her on a regular, consistent basis both in a couples format with my husband, and on an individual basis. I was growing so rapidly! After working with Kornelia, I will say I am a completely different person! I have a totally different life. One that I couldn’t have even conceived of at the time! I am not done either. I keep in touch with her at least once a month to keep me on track. Kony always challenges me to “get real”, know “what is this about”, to “Ask THE Question”, to “go inside” to “BE where I am”, and to DREAM and CREATE! Accept NO limitations, and be aware of what is an old belief and a new belief. My life is not without pain, sadness, challenges, trials, or pitfalls. The difference is now each experience I have teaches me what I need to learn in that moment and propels me to my higher self, and at lightning speed! I live in each moment; I have all of the joy and love I have been searching for all my life! I found it inside of myself! The “thing” that I was looking for out there…. Is always inside of me! Meeting Kornelia, doing “The Work”, listening to my heart, and being present has given me life! I AM LIVING!

Thank you, Kony, for leading me, for holding me accountable, believing in me, for SEEING me, for loving me, and being my friend! Through you I have found Joy!

Charleen Hess, May 2012

As an experienced Life Coach and Emotional Energy Specialist I am trained what to look for and how to process the things in our lives that continue to cause grief, pain and feeling “stuck.” That being said, I am still human and often too close to my own personal issues to uncover and process what needs to be processed. I’ve been doing this work for many years and I am particular about the people I allow to assist me with my own personal issues. Kornelia Stephaniel is one of those people. She was quickly able to get to the places in my own life I could not get too and walk me through an amazing process she calls Emotional Processing. Our work is very similar so I can identify someone who truly has a gift and a talent for this work. I would not hesitate one second to recommend Kornelia Dengel in helping you uncover and process the areas of your life holding you back.

Susan Turnbull, Transformational “Beliefs Coach”
– Emotional Energy Specialist, Spiritual Intuitive, Human Design Specialist, Bio-Kinesiology Facilitator

Before I called Kornelia I realized a core picture coming up that I had held onto since I was 2. I had worked on it by myself and with other healers but I knew I wanted more help. I read her web site and liked how she presented herself. I intuitively knew we would be a great match.

The value I received from our work together was life changing. The release started to happen immediately at a very deep level. I was able to see clearly past the picture I held about myself, to who I truly am. Kornelia showed me how to process emotions in a very easy way to be released. I’m now much more aware as feelings come up. Instead of brushing them aside or stuffing them, I invite them to come up and move out. I am changed in not being resistant to the world around me and stepping in to my power.

The most significant change I feel since our work together is being more present in my body. I don’t have the chatter in my head that kept me down on myself and distracted. I have focused intent and a strong will to bust past anything in my way. Fear doesn’t have a strong pull as it did before. Kornelia said my life would open up in new ways and it certainly has. I loved the gentleness, ease and passion she offered in her work. I’m very thankful for our work together. I’ll be happy to talk to anybody about the value of your programs.

Susan Grice, Citrus Heights CA

Kornelia’s skilled intuitive sense honed in on my elusive piece, “It seems you’re being the spiritual good girl, keeping everything positive and not expressing those feelings when you feel doubt, lack of confidence, anger, or when frustrated. All of it is just energy. It is a part of you that needs to be acknowledged, expressed and moved through the body. You need to have your own practice of how to do that and you will by the end of the session.” Wow, spot on! And by the end of session I did. There was something else she said during the session that struck a chord in me: “We are either releasing or creating.” So if I am not processing/releasing these emotions of doubt/ lack of confidence, etc., I continue to co~create the environment that supports them.

At the end of our session, I knew I had new tools to work with to clear my energy bodies. I gained deeper insight how to relate/communicate, in new empowering ways, to myself, my partner and all relationships. I also gained new knowledge in how to develop concrete steps for my new business. I have consciously been on my ascension/inscension life path since about 2005. As the various parts of me heal, integrate, become illuminated, and be let go, I’ve gradually gained more clarity about myself. It’s, seemingly, a never ending process and there always seems to be fine tuning to do. I am, like we all are, a dynamic Being, never static~ always changing, the nature of life. If someone is considering coming to you but would like to speak to someone who has experienced your approach I’d be happy to speak with them.

Helen Lisle King, Vermont

I am very excited to share with you that, in the field of counseling or coaching someone in emotional pain, it no longer has to take months or years to find relief. After one session with Kornelia Dengel, I was delighted to find that she is not only a very gifted guide through “rough patches” but a forerunner in the field of transforming pain into power by using love. I highly recommend her.

Kristine N, Washington State

Dear Kornelia, I sincerely want thank you for the work you have encouraged me to do over the past six months. It has been an incredible wake up call for me. What I didn’t realize was how fear based my beliefs were. My mind was recreating all the negative beliefs I had in the back of my mind. I am amazed how you can see the Truth and so clearly express it. I see now that this is a process and time takes time to change. It doesn’t just happen. It is a process. I didn’t realize just how powerless I was. You kept repeating I “had to claim my power”. I can now appreciate your ability to show infinite compassion and challenge my dysfunctional beliefs, guiding me to look closer and realize for myself just how useless these old beliefs actually were. I had to see the deeper fears causing my inability to feel my emotions and get in touch with the underlying beliefs, touching the core of my being. I realize now it goes beyond reality and is a new paradigm we are living and being.

You have been an incredible guide leading the way into the new paradigm. I can’t thank you enough for the miracle of this higher consciousness. I am very grateful that you have been the wayshower and the light.

Bruce, Mount Vernon WA, July 2012

My name is Stacey, I am a 28 year old single father of one beautiful little girl and son of a wonderful mother. Until recently, I felt like I was in touch with my emotions, and had control over my life. After pushing away someone that I truly loved, I finally came to the very painful realization that there was something else inside that I have up to that point been unable to address. I was given Kornelia’s number and with her help, I came to the conclusion that there was a pattern in the choices I was making in my life that was based on fear. We were able to unearth the root of all of my fear and refocus my thought process in the world. I was able to understand why I made certain decisions in the past, and how to take a different approach going forward, so as not to make those decisions again. Working with Korneila, I have seen some amazing changes in my life, including the feeling the I am strong enough to stand on my own to feet and create my own destiny, and finally was able to look myself in the mirror and say “you are an amazing person”. I know my journey is not done, and look forward to continuing my work with her, but the amazing progress that I have made in such a short time is somewhat unfathomable, when I look at where I was before.

Stacey, Feb 2012

My work with Kornelia aligned me fully to the deepest part of myself that IS awakened. Her steadfast connection, and pure embodiment of Divinity carried through her essence and voice, into the deepest layers of what I needed to shed. My eyes opened wide to the clarity of BEING perfection already. Healing happens instantaneously within this container of sacred affirmation, and intention, that she exquisitely nurtures and provides.

Sacha L. Fossa, Sacred Sexuality Educator, Holistic Healer, Orgasmic Abundance Coach Rockport, MA

Before my session with Kornelia I was hung up. Yes, I had done a lot of work but clearly my work had not included facing the darker feelings hung up inside that were preventing me form moving on, especially in my former relationship, that clearly had ego attachments. I thought I had shifted my beliefs about the relationship but I was still stuck.

I hadn’t yet processed the deep rooted feelings associated with the pain. Kornelia takes someone right to the pain….. where the habits stick, so you can experience the feelings associated with the pain, and move on quickly. I now give myself permission to stop and really focus on the very important feeling piece that is associated with my situation so I can give myself permission to heal and move on with a clearer focus. And forgiveness, for me, and for others.

Eileen,  Portland, Oregon, May 2012

To have Kornelia as a life coach during this transition time in my life, was truly a blessing. I was a few months pregnant at the time, and I knew I wanted to become the best Me possible for my baby and his future. She helped me see that I was in charge of my life, and guided me to follow through with major descisions in my life, like delivering my baby naturally at a Birth Center, and not to circumsise my baby. One of the first lessons that I learned during our sessions I used to give my power away to every person I met and I did not know what being empowered meant. I stared to learn how to work through what we called my “judgments”. Through doing this work, I realized that my world truly was what I created it to be and that any judgement I had toward another, no matter how big or small, was actually a mirror of how I was feeling about myself. (It’s true!!!) From there I started to reclaim my power. The most important thing that I am continuously learning from Kornelia is that it’s possible to be a joyful person. No one has to rest in pain. I am so proud of the progress I have made empowering myself! Kornelia is a true visionary and a path paver, she is helping to raise the consciousness of everyone around her. Namaste!

Robyn,  Mount Vernon, WA, May 2012


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