Discovering the Body Tune up. Vibrate peace and harmony with the body tune-up and become a wholeness practitioner Now.

All our life we have been victims to our bodies- until now. Your body is capable of self-healing and self-regeneration. This is the truth. Feel into that statement. Your body needs a tune-up just like our cars. People spend more money (on their cars then they do for their bodies—– until now. Everybody is going to see that they no longer want to be a victim to their body but the driver of a well-oiled, self-healing, self-regenerating machine in service to you. Practice living in wholeness with a body tune-up.

You owe it to yourself to give your body the gold tune-up, liberating the body into a higher vibrational way of living and being The Physical body is a stargate, the body that houses your spirit. The house where God livesis your home.

  • How do you treat your vehicle?
  • How do you talk to your body?
  • Do you respond to your body with the utmost love, gratitude and appreciation?
  • Or you fault your body for not doing enough for you?
  • What type of relationship do you have with your body?

Practice living in wholeness and achieve fulfillment in your life with your body in full service to you.
The four bodies that are part of your spiritual existence need to be in harmony and balance to live beyond the human condition of war, illness, dis-ease and disharmony.

The mental body —was programmed in negativity —”not good enough”, “separate from source”, “you’re too much”, “you’ll never make it”.
The emotional body holds all the pain and trauma of emotional suppression, all the pain from this life and lives past.
The spiritual body is the place you connect with your higher power, your higher self, with the image and likeness of the One.
The physical body houses and expresses the other three bodies every day.

We need to heal, to integrate, to bring wholeness and harmony to the physical body, addressing all the other bodies in order to live in our true authentic nature. We need to practice living in wholeness so our automatic pilot will be rooted in love and harmony with all bodies simultaneously. Move beyond the all the past traumas.

Bring your physical body into a higher vibrational way of living and being, deliberately creating a new world, your new world, your heaven on earth, your version of paradise with you as the authority. Get back to the basics with Kornelia’s wholeness retreat and online classes, all of which are designed to assist you in self-healing, nurturing and healing the wounds of past so you can step into your greatness feeling whole – feeling holy – powerful and wealthy from the inside out.

The Physical body is the temple. The sacred vessel housing your spirit. Take good care of it.

Become a Wholeness Practitioner. Begin Online with six classes of the “back to basics” on your wholeness journey and complete with a 3-Day Certification Retreat.

The Empowered Human – Six online classes plus 3 day retreat.

How to apply spiritual/emotional power and become the most empowered, healthy person you know and how to live your life healthy, abundant in body, mind and soul are vital issues. The power of the spoken word, the power of emotion and the power of belief all emit a vibration and frequency. Everything is vibration and we are here to raise our vibration and emit powerful frequencies of love and harmony. You create the reality you want to live in.  You are the transmitter.

Radical Self-Healing and Self – Regeneration all begin with the physical body.

Back to the basics:  with Kornelia Stephanie. Your body is your foundation, the home that houses your spirit. The six classes are designed to help you to use the power of the spoken word and the power of emotions to raise your vibration, to self-heal and release illness from your body as well as to prevent illness.  We will also look at the power of your mind to change limiting negative beliefs into empowering knowings of what is true for you today.  The entire universe is conspiring to support you.  We will activate the self-healing template in your body.  The results are emotional healing, self-regeneration and liberation.


The Power of the Spoken Word!  In the beginning was the word.  We speak the world into being with the power of our words. Words are more powerful because they carry energy, sound and frequency.  Everything is energy and vibration.  Do your words reflect the highest truth?  Do your words match the integrity of a powerful creator?


The Power of Emotions to Heal the Body! Healing core wounds by using our emotions as a clearing tool is a simple, powerful technique. Core wounds are Abandonment, Betrayal, Unworthy/Not Good Enough, Shame, Survival needs, Victim/Savior, Separation from God/Source.To clear ourselves we must let go of all emotional charges, returning to our neutral state.


The Power of Emotion and Anger to Release Suppressed Feelings. Why is anger important in our healing? We have been suppressing it in our physical bodies for a long time, causing illness with devastating effects.  Anger is an emotion, a very powerful one,. Although anger can be destructive, it’s also a potent tool.  Getting to the root of our anger is the key to personal liberation,inside and out.


The Power to Change Limiting Beliefs. What do you believe?  That you have the Power to heal yourself is a belief.  That the universe is always conspiring to support you is a belief.  Unless you were raised with that belief, you are making choices with the limiting belief that you are not supported in the universe.   Our beliefs are just thoughts that we think over and over again. Thoughts themselves are powerless unless we believe them.  Our beliefs and our emotions determine how we shape our reality.  We manifest our desire through our emotions and our beliefs.


The Power of Working With Your Shadow. In this class you will claim the power of projecting. Carl Jung says “its a psychological law that what we will not suffer inwardly through conscious recognition of our shadow, we will suffer outwardly as a result of our unconscious projections into the world around us”.  He thereby gives people the most awesome charge that they can possibly receive throughout their lives:  the withdrawal of their projection upon others, and dealing with their own shadow themselves.


In this class we will get really honest with how you feel about money and illuminate any limiting negative beliefs around the energy of money.  Do you have shameful feelings around money?  do you believe money is dirty?  This class will have you feeling great about money so that you can experience a neutral, healthy, love relationship with it and create the wealth in your life that you desire.

Next, come to a 3-day retreat with Kornelia
Become a Wholeness Practitioner.

Putting it all together.  Congratulations on the completion of the basics online classes.  In this 3-day retreat, Kornelia will  teach how integrated beings live in wholeness. The retreat will make use of practical exercises in the integration process as the participants work with each other, applying the principles learned in the online classes in addition to practising unconditional love for themselves and others. Without judgement, they will be working at mastering the human condition, loving all parts of themselves back to wholeness. They will bring with them a deep commitment to loving themselves free and will have adopted an attitude of seeing themselves as the magnificent beings they came here to be.

  • The entire course will support you in creating your thriving new world.
  • Be sure to check out KorneliaStephanievip and sign up for her daily messages and join the global online tribal community.
  • Six Saturdays of online classes. Each class is 90 minutes and includes a 30 minute Q&A and a private Facebook conference..
  • Plus a 3-day Wholeness Practitioner Certification Retreat for one Early Bird Payment of $2500.00
  • Your responsible for air fair, lodging and getting yourself to the retreat.
  1. The online classes begin on Saturday, May 5th and end on Saturday June 9th.
  2. We take a two-week break and then the 3-day Certification Retreat begins on June 29th, and ends on Sunday July 1st.
  3. It’s Recommended that each person fly in on Thursday and fly out on Monday or Tuesday after the retreat.
  4. In order to hold your spot each person must sign up for a one year membership with KorneliaStephanieVIP You will love the daily practice.
  5. In addition send an email to to request the online form and to have a dialog with Kornelia
  6. Regarding program details, including the retreat, and to discuss your core values and commitment in living this practice.
  7. The online classes will be recorded but it’s best for you to be live with the questions and answers.

Read FAQ about classes, retreat and online membership.

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Thank you for having the courage to embrace and love all parts of yourself back into wholeness and now being the example of that divine love for others. You are making a huge contribution to this planet. Thank you for shining your light.  You are loved beyond measure.


Kornelia Stephanie travels the world modeling inner peace. She teaches people to embrace their humanity, offering simple, practical tools on how to live, how to heal their lives using the power of their emotions, loving the self whole. With her passionate and fun nature, Kornelia teaches people in her retreats or her private sessions and her online membership how to integrate practical spirituality into their daily lives. She helps people become emotionally healthy with great results. She mentors people into their empowerment which makes a huge difference in their lives and, in turn, uplifts others in their families and communities and is changing the world. People experience huge, profound shifts leaving the past behind, moving forward, navigating the new energies with passion purpose and confidence.

Your true north the direction of your higher power guiding you in building your new world with every thought action and deed in community for community because love is the action and peace is the way.


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