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The Women’s Spiritual Meet Up group is meeting VIRTUALLY
Join us, every Thursday From 7PM to 8:30PM PST (10PM to 11:30PM EST)
Or Join us every Saturday From 9AM to 10:30AM PST (12PM to 1:30PM EST)
You’re Invited to join this Woman’s group


I hope you can join us – This months theme is ~

“What does Home mean to YOU” ?

Define Home in a paragraph or a visual this is what we will be discussing
End of March 2020 to End of March 2021

The Light Within

We will be bringing the religion of True Freedom & Self Awareness through Radical Self-Love. Our focus each week is on unconditional love for the self.

“Only spiritual consciousness – the realization of God’s presence in oneself and every other living being – can save the world. I see no chance for peace without it. Begin with yourself. There is no time to waste. It’s your duty to do your part to bring God’s Kingdom on Earth”
– Paramahansa Yogananda

In today’s world with so much change happening, choosing love while being faced with challenges is a practice. The face we turn to our own unconscious is the face we turn toward the world.

Carl Jung says “it’s a psychological law that what we will not suffer inwardly through conscious recognition of our shadow, we will suffer outwardly as a result of our unconscious projections into the world around us”. He thereby gives people the most awesome charge that they can possibly receive throughout their lives: the withdrawal of their projection upon others, and dealing with their own shadow themselves.

You create your own reality by the choices you make moment to moment. Knowing what our global core values are, like living in freedom practicing compassion, kindness, and offering forgiveness when first lived and practiced within that love has the power to ripple out into communities and the world uplifting all it touches.

This group is about New Thought, Unconditional Love, the Faith Within, and exploring all ways to find Greater Peace and Harmony – NOW. #Eckart Tolle, #Carl Jung, #Buddhism, #Indigenous, #Christianity, #Hinduism, #Spirituality, #Higher Consciousness, #Self-Realization, #Innerpower, #Simple Life, #Authentic, #Stay True & Honest, & #FillYourOwnCup

“What does Home mean to YOU” ?

My definition of home

The physical body is my home – it houses my spirit. It’s my responsibility to love, nurture and care for this home by thinking positive thoughts, by allowing my physical body to feel all of my emotions, releasing all old suppressed limiting feelings, and by nurturing my body with foods, vibrations, and water that support a thriving environment.

The house my physical body lives in, is a building that is a structure called “home” where I create an environment for my physical body to experience, rest, laughter, music, nurturing, honoring, peace, friendship, feeling loved and cared for, sexually alive, creatively inspired in harmony, and relaxed at home.

This building called my “home,” is standing on the earth which is also my home. It is so bountiful, so vibrant, so sensual, and so full of abundance, so full of prosperity, so full of beauty, and plenty of goodwill. This home is also my responsibility – to be a good steward, infusing it with positive thoughts and emotions, to take positive actions and spread as much peace, JOY, love and light to all. I rejoice in the embodiment of my creative soul as she expresses her infinite expressions of love, allowing her body to thrive, to feel, and create, living in harmony with the earth. All of these homes live within me, it all starts with me – living from the inside out.

Harmoniously yours,



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