Never Underestimate the Ripple Effect During the years of 2009 – 2015, many voices of the unexpressed feminine were meeting in private circles to express our vulnerabilities and to expose the darknesses we all faced. Our voices all had trembled due to the fact that our activated DNA was present, remembering the days that we’d lost our lives for speaking our truths and when we had been tortured for sharing our medicine. We remembered when we were looked upon as weak, just because we were women.

We sat and we cried, offering non-judgemental space to one another so that our souls could heal. We offered each other compassion for all the pain, all the injustices, and all the tortures that we, as humans, have endured. We cried many tears for our beautiful Mother Earth. We vowed to raise our vibrations and to use our wisdom, not weapons, to lay down the new laws of the land.

Each week we would meet on phones and in our private homes, giving birth to our divine blueprints and to acknowledge one another’s pain for the purpose of calling in our prosperities and our abundances; in order to help heal each other and to nurture our souls.

Through our Sisterhood, and with our learning of how to love ourselves and each other, we gave birth to a new world that first had to be desired. The new world is here because of that Ripple Effect, make no mistake. All birth comes through the feminine.

The voices of truth being spoken out in our world today are the causes of that Ripple Effect. Many are standing strong and refusing to apologize for who they are. The energy ripples out and inspires many more to say #Me too!

Our new world, here in 2020, is the year of Mastery and the #22 is the number of the Master Builder. We are now building our new world from the fertile ground up, with every thought, action and deed. In the community and for the community because love is the action and peace is the way. Set your compass to find your true North (the direction of your higher power) where love is the action and peace is the way.

Allow the old worn-out systems to be examined and released so that we, as new Earth pioneers, can build sustainable foundations for the upcoming thousands of years. Giving birth to a new paradigm takes tremendous courage and audacity! Never underestimate the power of the Ripple Effect because of the private inner work that has been done. The global dark night of the soul can now be faced, as there is a new way and we are all walking each other home.

*The Hundredth Monkey Effect*
If it’s true that the effects of one person ripple out to the world by clearing and releasing the core wound(s) of the past, by healing separation from Source, by bringing love into one’s own darkness, and then the darkness being mirrored to us by the outside world, is loved free.

At the same time, unconditional love would have us release the self from the prison, the inner prison, mirrored to us by the outside world and releasing the dense old energy, the enslaving toxins from the physical body while evolving the new consciousness. The “Hundredth Monkey” is now reflecting to you a homecoming to your soul, a freedom that can be experienced with love, dedication, and commitment to loving yourself whole.

*From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia: the “Hundredth Monkey Effect” is a purported phenomenon in which a new behavior or idea is claimed to spread rapidly by unexplained means from one group to all related groups once a critical number of members of one group exhibit the new behavior or acknowledge the new idea. #diamondconsciousness