Racism & George Floyd

How are you feeling these days? I was thinking about you and wondering how you are processing all the sadness and trauma we are witnessing in our world today.

What I have learned through processing my Emotions and walking intimately with my shadow, and the shadow of the collective is that all must be embraced, being willing to look at what is there and bring our love too it.

Not to ignore it, or be in resistance to what is. But hold a compassionate space without judgment for healing. What I have learned is Grieving is the most powerful healing modality. Feeling to heal the imbalance and being at one with the energy is what God’ does, is what love does and is who we are. There is no separation. That has been the illusion.

It takes much presence to deal with all this pain, to deal with the many injustices that we have lived with for far too long. I am sorry that we lost George Floyd. At the same time, I am grateful that we are now forced to feel, to heal, and to take a look at the deep-seated racism that still keeps us divided as a human race.

I am grateful that we WILL NOT tolerate people being murdered in broad daylight by the people that are supposed to be protecting us. I am grateful that we are looking at ending the violence that keeps us in pain.

We, as a society, have much to make right. We need to be asking the Black race for forgiveness. THIS needs to be the conversation.

I was raised in an inter-racial household back in the ’60s in Germany. When I was a child, I could not understand why my friends from school were not allowed to play with me due to my Mother’s boyfriend being a Black man. I am so glad my mother raised me to love all people, despite their skin color or their sexual preference.

We moved to the United States in 1978. I was 13 years old and I remember thinking, “Oh good, we are going to America where black people are from. At least, I won’t be called names anymore.” Ahhh! That is when I got a very rude awakening! It was when I realized racism was far worse here in America than it was in Germany.

And that this is a root-core cancer, another pandemic called Racism that we now see & feel. We know that we are not able to heal whatever ails us when we do not even acknowledge these things.

Each of us has a natural vaccine for it already; right inside of us…

As for George Floyd, may you Rest in Peace, Dear Love…
May our planet in this year of 2020 see the beginning of the end to both racism and violence.

How are you doing? I would love to hear from you.