Full-day retreat with Kornelia.



Saturday, November 25, 2017, from 9 am to 7 pm
Anacortes Center for Happiness
Anacortes, WA 98257

We are grounding in the codes for the new year. 2018 we will be building all relationships on our new foundation. It’s All About the Money, money is your freedom. Powerful activations and tools will be shared. We trailblaze our economy 2018.

On Saturday afternoon you will each have the opportunity to prepare and present your new 3-6 minute speech your three- six-minute presentation or elevator speech for what you do and what you are doing to make money and increase your wealth.

Making peace with 2017 ~

In 2018 we will be building all our relationships on new foundations. To be true to ourselves is the key but being sensitive and open to others and increasing our capacity to nurture each other will also figure into the day’s program as we move forward, ramping up the vibrations in full support of each other and our ideas. Our focus will be on groups, organizations and companionship.

At our last retreat in 2016, I talked about building our next 9-year cycle from 2017- 2025. We grounded in our strengths and what it means to be independent leaders in our lives. This year -2017- has pushed us into spiritual-independence training which invitited us deeper within our own being to find that which we have been externally seeking. Paradise, like peace, is always an inside Job.

We will now be grounding in the new codes for the new year as we begin the second year in our nine year cycle. 2017-2025 . There is so much more but I will save it for our retreat. You will not want to miss this one.

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I champion humanity’s sovereignty, the authority over one’s life as empowered creation. ~Kornelia Stephanie

Experience the high vibration of energy at work tapping into the true source of who you are, a new generation of women and men who are leading in their self-actualization. There has never been a more victorious time than now to claim our sovereignty, our independence.

At our last retreat in October of 2016, I had the participants take a look at the closing of the last nine-year cycle 2008 to 2016 to see how much has transformed in our lives over that period. Now in this new day, we are creating a new paradigm with every thought we think, with every word we speak. This next nine-year cycle is about creation, creating on purpose our new foundations that we are building that will have us thriving, living our new lives by creating structures that are in alignment with what we value and how we want to live. Core values like peace, unconditional love, freedom, prosperity, creation, joy and unity are all in alignment with new earth living. You will be making choices that reflect these beliefs and values.

Living in harmony with nature is the organic way and we will be called to structure our lives to experience more freedom. The quickening in energies will continue as more light is pouring into our vehicles for expression and expansion. It’s imperative that we have a clear foundation from which to take action. This 2-day retreat will support you in setting a solid foundation for the light that will penetrate every cell of our being. The abundance, the love, the joy and the freedom that we deserve is asking that we claim it from the core of our being as we accelerate with ease, transforming everything that is stopping  us from creating purposeful life.

The world we want is an inside Job, first and foremost. This next nine years really is about how long it will take to transform our world into a place that we will be happier with. with so many structures of change happening, building the new city of love will take some time. Of course, I am speaking of the outside world that is now really beginning to show severe signs of stress, structures screaming for change or structures falling that no longer hold the vibration for the new.

Who are you choosing to be?

You are not a slave. The slavery paradigm is over. It was released in it’s entirety in 2016. The structures of the old world that are of the slavery paradigm are falling.  This retreat is a bridge that we can walk over to get the tools and support we need to accelerate with ease as we move deeper into becoming an awakened human and experience self-realization, all a part of learning how to live in a new paradigm.

Remember your new life is not based on your conditioning from the past.  Let’s you and I explore this next great pioneering frontier where we discover the boundaries between work and your higher purpose are merging into one.   How do you want to live and set up your life in the new?

Why come to this retreat? What People are saying?

It got me unstuck. It helped me release negative energies I was carrying.  You should come to this retreat to give yourself a chance to step back from your life and look within.  Kornelia’s retreats will jump start and empower your life”. 

~ Robyn Pipkin, Mt. Vernon, WA

At this point, I have no words to describe what has been going on inside me since the retreat. My evaluation doesn’t begin to cover it except to say that I’m still processing. This has taken me further up the spiral and I’m loving it! It is so wonderful to see my next steps being revealed so clearly.

~ Lori Thomas 

I was glad to see half the attendees were men.  An outstanding event for men to attend. Providing insights for leadership and masculine visionary processing.  This event is a true gateway from the daily grind of emotional freedom and personal achievement”. 

~ Brian Tuscon Arizona

Kornelia has the gift of creating a sacred space that allowed me to release old negative patterns and make room for my authentic being to shine.  I was inspired to live by my purpose and passion.  The leader within will step up to speak your truth. Kornelia is a spiritual cheerleader who will inspire you to live your purpose and your passion. 

~ Katy, Birch Bay, WA

You should attend these retreats because in doing so you’re apt to discover important things about yourself, things that will inspire and empower you to lead a more exciting and fulfilling life.

~ Bob Skeele, LaConner, WA

I Loved the flow of the workshop it helped me get clear on where I AM and where I want to go in my life.  I learned more on how to be a conscious creator of my life.  I am taking the reigns and moving into the direction of my intention”. 

~ Charleen Hess, Bellingham, WA

From now on its much clearer of what is coming up for me.  I was trusting the universe now I am trusting me also.  As my skeptic companion accepted to come with me, we as a couple are completely transformed.

~ Suzie, Montreal

This retreat experience offered me the opening of getting to know myself better, to help me find the tools to become more aware of life and emotions

~ Kirk, Montreal 

I had a loose arrangement of goals and ideas of what I want in my life.  Attending this retreat made me question and confirm these goals, to put them on paper and commit to them.  Kornelia makes it easy to express that, and she makes it known that it’s ok to ask for everything you want.  You deserve it.

~ Jason Buch, Mount Vernon, WA

This retreat not only opened my senses of well being but more importantly invigorated my heart mind and soul to continually experience life fully.  Everyone should afford themselves to set aside everything you know about yourself, your beliefs, your fears, your feelings and have a new experience with yourself…..this will form new beliefs new passions which is for your greater good. 

~ Fred Eningowuk, Nome, Ak and Birch Bay, WA

I was scared and in love all the same time.  This retreat was a big turn in my life for the best.  Thank you.

~ Lori, Mount Vernon

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