We are being presented with extraordinary opportunities to claim our power in every area of our lives.. To choose peace in 2017 is a bold choice. In a world where fear and anxiety are the cherished outcomes of bullies and terrorists, their by-product is instability and chaos. Choosing “peace” signals your intention to be an activator of life instead of a passive bystander…”Everything is a choice and choosing peace is the only option we have. The call for action has indeed arrived. Commit to practicing peace for 21 days.

For non-profits, corporate and employee leadership, fundraising, spiritual events, and banquets:
I will speak at your event creating a special energetic talk or workshop designed for you and your organization on topics such as peace and how to heal emotional core wounding and transform mental beliefs and habits that weigh us down. Typical title might be:

The Top Three Ways for Creating Inner Peace. Claiming your Power in the Midst of Turmoil.
This topic will help the attendees learn how to access their true spiritual power by using the power of their emotions as a guide to liberation. In the process becoming the most empowered, healthy persons they know. By releasing and gaining freedom from our emotional core wounds, we are no longer victims but victors within ourselves and our relationships. Peace is always an inside job. Become a peace ambassador in your own life.

Speaking Engagements

As a speaker, Kornelia Stephanie will provide support for your training principles, inspiration for guests and clients.  She will offer practical tools that support people to feeling empowered and give them a call to action now to change their lives with her 21 day peace practice.

  • Kornelia is available nationwide for instructional and educational seminars/ workshops.
  • Rates are travel, lodging, and a $5000 speaker’s fee.

Contact Kornelia for more information or to schedule a speaking engagement.

Weekend Seminars/ Retreats

All day Saturday or Sunday seminars/ lectures are designed for individuals or groups. A typical weekend seminar consists of any of the following topics:

“The Power to be yourself!  The time has come”: How to become fully awakened and walk in your spiritual power and become the most healthy person you know.

“Your Physical Body as the Source of Change”: How to use your body as a processing tool to liberate yourself to wholeness.

“Back to basics”   You will learn:

  • Your new paradigm blueprint and how you want to create the next nine year cycle.  2017-2025
  • The power of the spoken word and how it supports your manifestation.
  • How to use the power of your emotions to heal the body thriving in the new paradigm.
  • How to spot and change limiting negative core beliefs so you can align with your truth.
  • Release your trauma cell memory and ancestory from your physical body and your DNA.
  • How to work with your shadow and love yourself free.
  • How to live in the new paradigm how to be free and be in peace NOW.
  • How to combine your feelings and you intellect to transmute matter into consciousness.

The fee for an individual seminar is $2,500.00. Group seminars are available for a fee of $500.00 per attendee with a minimum of 5 attendees.

Contact Kornelia for more information or to schedule a speaking engagement.



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