With Kornelia Stephanie

19th to 26th October 2019
Absolute Twin Sands Resort & Spa, Phuket, Thailand


Are you interested in deep, lasting transformation, rather than short-term inspiration?

If so, read on.

Your higher-self is guiding you to this special retreat where you will experience a deeper level of authenticity; own more of your creativity; embrace all of your power, in order to be your own authority in your precious life.

You are the person who is ready to rise, rooted in spiritual and material abundance.

Your life is your art, be extraordinary!

You are NOW ready to build an inner foundation of worthiness and receiving.

What can I expect?

Wealth is in YOUR Health Retreat will liberate the physical body, allowing you to experience optimum health and well being. Our Physical Body, our Emotional Body, our Mental Body, and our Spiritual Body are the four energetic bodies which are part of our human and spiritual existence.

Fulfillment in our lives is achieved through our physical body, our best friend, and the beauty is that this physical body has the innate capability to heal restore and rejuvenate itself. In our retreats, our participants learn how wise their bodies are.

Think Mega RX Retreat for the Body!

We will focus on Our Wealth is in Our Health— so we can have a happy, healthy physical body and enjoy a long healthy life. We make hundreds of decisions every day that affect our lives. The key to this is having positive emotions, matched with positive thoughts, matched with positive core beliefs! Throughout the retreat, we will learn to love, we will understand how to let go and release all that no longer serve us and which prevents us from living in harmony and wholeness.

We will learn that we already have everything we need right inside us, we just have not known where to look. Our body is our best friend. The value of knowing and accepting this is priceless. In this retreat, our participants learn that they can choose to redesign the DNA and live a life with a mindset that serves their higher plan. We will install more empowering self-talk with a belief that says “Life supports me in every possible way.”


We are the architects of our lives, and will be creating masterpieces and legacies that inspire us all.

Being emotionally healthy means being in harmony with our physical body. As we learn to release toxic, suppressed emotions, our physical bodies will feel healthier, lighter and more energetic. We will learn techniques and tools for emotional processing and how not to act on negative emotions, rather, how to use them to liberate and empower ourselves in the moment.

What we call our Mental Well-being determines how we feel affects the choices we make and the thoughts we think, building a mindset that serves us, with a belief that says, ‘Life supports us in every possible way.” Participants will be making choices on that belief, repeatedly, for the rest of their lives. The brain is programmed in negativity, limiting beliefs, not good enough mindset, and sometimes even in low self-worth. Thoughts themselves are powerless —unless we believe them. Our beliefs and our emotions determine how we shape our reality. We manifest our desires through our emotions and our beliefs. We will build a mindset that serves the authentic-self, while mastering the art of releasing negative limiting beliefs that are causing stress and anxiety in our physical bodies.

Spiritual Well-being, is when you are at peace at the core and connects us with our power, and our higher-self. We will learn to make peace with our past. We become peace pilgrims of the moment, thus creating an environment in which our physical bodies thrive.

So join us on the island of Phuket, Thailand and leave home with these wonderful learnings:

  • We leave with the feeling of a deeper connection to our bodies and our spirit.
  • We have new life-skills, helping us practice emotional well-being, perception; mindset-skills enabling us to feel healthier and more peaceful, regardless of what is happening in the world.
  • With peace at our core and a deeper level of self-love, we won’t be surprised when people see and say to us, “I want what you have!”
  • On an inner level, we will feel so good knowing we have the tools to navigate through any world challenges and struggles that life may bring.
  • We are empowered emotionally, spiritually and mentally— with our bodies in service to us.
  • We, the participants, are now equipped to manifest and create the lives of our dreams with knowing, feeling and believing WE CAN.

Who Is Kornelia Stephanie?

Kornelia Stephanie is respected as a leading edge revolutionary for personal transformation, leadership, and the birthing of the consciousness of the New Human.

Kornelia is passionate about humanity’s sovereignty, the authority over one’s own life as empowered creation. A multi-dimensional master, her journey has led her to walk intimately with her shadow, and in healing the emotional wounds of the past, she has embraced her divinity. Her deep understanding of the primary relationship between her physical body and her Soul/Source is the foundation of what she teaches others: embodiment of the Divine in the physical. As a way shower and an ascension guide, her role is to demonstrate how it’s done and share the experience along the way.

Kornelia is the published author of the book Peace the Flip Side to Anger- How I used my emotions to heal my life and my body and HOW YOU CAN TOO. Her life’s work has been undoing all the old conditioning, old beliefs, and healing her emotional core wounding.

Through this work, she achieved self and life mastery. Because of her own transformation – having emotionally processed the entire Universe though her physical body – she is now free. She leads empowers others into their authentic expression as sovereign beings.

She specializes in emotional health and created the Universal Wholeness Program Heal Thyself. She helps others establish their own self-healing practice in becoming wholeness practitioners. Kornelia is a passionate speaker, regularly organizes and facilitates retreats on empowerment. She founded the Empower Network; a new generation of women and men who are leading in their self-actualization.

1 SATURDAY Arrival and check in / transfer from the airport
Kornelia will be there to greet you as you check in
09:00 AM Breakfast together
10:30 AM Opening Ceremony as we learn to become Body Wise, Vibrant and Healthy at any age.
12:30 PM Lunch – not included
01:30 PM Nova, Nutritionist and 180º Wellness Program Manager will come and meet you all and introduce the Bliss Package to you
07:00 PM My Life is my Art. Fun project… then free time for maybe a beach walk
Dinner at resort – pre organised Thai Banquet
07:00 AM Yoga – Thai Tea Ceremony
08:00 AM Breakfast
09:30 AM Cultivating the Inner Self. Connect with your soul. Enhance your wellbeing.
12:30 PM Lunch
02:00 PM 2 hour spa treatments
06:30 PM Dinner then free time to go into Patong beach
07:00 AM Yoga – Thai Tea Ceremony
08:00 AM Breakfast
09:30 AM How to feel emotionally wealthy and what is emotional freedom, how to leave old emotional blocks behind us
12:30 PM Lunch
02:00 PM 2 hour spa treatments
06:30 PM Dinner
07:00 AM Yoga – Thai Tea Ceremony – Breakfast
10:00 AM Make Peace with the Past. Peace is an inside JOB. Self Love and self Acceptance.
12:00 PM Lunch
01:30 PM 2 hour spa treatments
03:30 PM Optional visit to the Big Buddha
07:30 PM Dinner
07:00 AM Yoga – Thai Tea Ceremony – Breakfast
10:30 AM How to Build a Mindset that Serves you. Discover the Power to change limiting negative beliefs stored in the subconscious. Install more positive self talk.
12:30 PM Lunch
01:30 PM 2 hour spa treatments
06:30 PM Dinner
07:00 AM Yoga – Thai Tea Ceremony – Breakfast
10:30 AM Re-write the Story Create your Best Life. Leave a Legacy that Inspires you.
12:30 PM Lunch
01:30 PM 2 hour spa treatments
06:30 PM Final celebration dinner and closing ceremony
Dinner final – lets celebrate what we have learnt over the week with our last dinner together
8 SATURDAY 09:30 AM Breakfast and Departures

Package Prices & Inclusions

The package price is outlined as follows

Thai Baht AUD USD Euro
Participant Single Room – Studio ฿98,800 $4,240 $3,197 €2,697
Participant Shared 1 bedroom ฿90,897 $3,899 $2,797 €2,497


  • All accommodation in a single share Studio Apartment at Absolute Twin Sands Resort & Spa
  • Transfers to and from Phuket Airport
  • Complimentary transport to Patong Beach
  • 7 Breakfasts, 5 Midday Meals, 1 Thai Banquet and 5 Evening Meals
  • The Retreat Specialists™ Welcome Gift
  • All workshops with Kornelia throughout the retreat
  • Participation in the 180 Wellness Bliss Spa Package as outlined on the 180º, Wellness website – valued at $3393 AUD
  • Five x 2 hour spa treatment at 180º Wellness
  • Daily detox (gentle) yoga
  • Thai Tea ceremonies
  • Daily energising juices and wheat grass shots along with Thai basil seed drinks
  • Full use of infra-red sauna and gym
  • A 1:1 consult with the Spa Manager to consult about Body Metrics
  • All workshops
  • Pre and post retreat contact
  • A 180º Wellness Spa Welcome Pack
  • Free shuttle bus to and from Patong Beach


  • Flights and any additional accommodation outside of the retreat dates
  • International Travel Insurance
  • Tips to staff
  • Extra spa treatments

About The Retreat Specialists™

The Retreat Specialists™ are formed of 26 years of experience in the retreat industry and brings together a range of Resorts with a wide roster of Retreat Facilitators curatated by the Retreat Specialist Liesel Albrecht.

All Retreat Facilitators are experts in their field and bring together a unique program of expertly crafted retreats in a wonderful range of worldwide resort settings, providing those on holiday with a wide choice of well-being experiences, tailored to their needs.

The Retreat Specialists™ work in close collaboration with the resorts so that, together, we can provide guests with an unforgettable experience.

About Absolute Twin Sands Resort & Spa, Phuket, Thailand

Absolute Twin Sands Resort & Spa is a stunning resort with panoramic ocean views, contemporary apartments, outstanding dining and well-being opportunities and five-star service, all in a spectacular peninsula setting minutes from Patong on the stunning island of Phuket. Nestled between two perfect white sand beaches, every one of the 185 apartments and penthouses, available as studio, one and two bedroom, combine the best of contemporary design, architecture and furnishings to create a comfortably chic holiday retreat for couples and families alike.

About 180º Wellness

180º Wellness welcomes guests from all over the world who benefit from our nurturing, fun, educational and effective 180º Wellness programs. On a program with us, you will reap the benefits of a range of health, well-being and detox programs, the delicious nutritionally balanced cuisine consciously prepared by our in-house Nutritionist, our relaxing spa services, our carefully curated Yoga and Meditation programs, inspiring conversations and discussions on the principles of well-being, all in the comfort of our home, the stunning Absolute Twin Sands Resort & Spa, positioned between two fabulous secret beaches on the west coast of Phuket island.

Frequently Asked Questions

We are often asked a few standard things when people come to Thailand.

1. Will there only be Thai food to eat?

No, each program has a consciously curated menu under expert Nutritionist supervision. We offer a great fusion of foods at the resort restaurant and can cater for any dietary or allergy requirements.

2. How will I get from the airport to Absolute Twin Sands Resort & Spa?

When you book the resort will request your arrival and departure times and they will organise transfers. You will be informed of how to find your driver when you come out of the airport closer to the booking.

3. I won’t know anyone so I am a bit nervous

The beauty of these retreats are that you don’t have to share a room and the group will bond really quickly – we guarantee it – you will have 9 or more new friends within the first hour!

4. The program looks pretty full will there be any free time?

We will make sure of it. There are shuttle buses to Patong Beach that leave regularly and there will be plenty of time to lie by the pool. There will be lots of time for napping, chatting and shopping!

5. Can I stay longer?

Yes of course when you are booking let the resort know and they will book you accordingly and if you want to travel anywhere else in Thailand The Retreat Specialists™ can help with this.


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