In truth, you are already whole. Embracing your wholeness is about realizing and living the truth of who you are. Embracing your wholeness is about choosing a consciousness to love all fragmented parts of yourself back into wholeness. All unloved parts that have been broken are an invitation waiting for your love. It takes a tremendous amount of courage to face and bring radical self-love to anything within your physical body/reality/ experience that has never seen the light of the day or experienced your amazing capacity to love. Embracing your wholeness is about honoring your daily practices taking into consideration the spiritual body, the mental body, the emotional body and the physical body. Embracing your wholeness is the self-realization that you have never been separated from your creator and that you have within your physical body the ability to heal any imbalance that has caused you to feel pain and isolated from your creator from yourself and others. Embracing your wholeness is about being active with our love, by choosing unconditional love for yourself first and foremost to applying love without condition or judgment as you practice living, and building your new foundation from a place of wholeness love, and peace. It’s your divine birthright.

Ascended Living and Thriving

Part of the change and evolution that is taking place for every human being on this planet at this time is happening no matter what.  Anything that defines you is being stripped away, this is helpful in your evolution to release and let go of old conditions, old beliefs, old habits SO that you can align with the truth of who you are.  We are ascending/ the planet is ascending into higher vibrational ways of living and being.  The Ascension journey is not easy but’ it’s very simple it requires a technique of learning to let go and release everything you thought you knew was true and it’s asking you to examine what you believe is true for you today.  Ascending into higher states of consciousness requires for you come home to the truth.  You are a powerful creator fully capable of co-creating a peaceful world with your unique authentic essence.  If you have not made peace with your past it is still part of your present and you will make choices based on those beliefs and emotions that will create your reality today.

Make peace with your past.  Create the life you dream of.

Once you begin this process of loving the self-whole.  You will find it does not have to take years to leave the past behind.   The energies in our evolution today support us to have spontaneous healing, clearings, and new beginnings.  You were not meant to fit into an old dying world. You were born, to create and build a new one world with you at the helm.    In letting go and making peace with your past you are lightening your load.  All the heavy baggage that has caused you suffering and keeping you in pain will soon be a distant memory.  You can choose now to get unstuck and live your best life.  You are more powerful than you know.   With your intent to heal, release your karmic past you will move into your truth.   Living the truth of your being is liberating and empowering.   You can experience great relief and immense peace now.  Having a strong spiritual practice is the key to your well-being and that will be part of your daily practice in taking care of your physical body.

My childhood had me well prepared, to never acknowledge myself and put my own needs aside.  What a long and painful path to claim my worth and love each and every part of myself into wholeness. My life’s work has been undoing all the old conditioning, old beliefs, and healing my emotional core wounding. Through this work, I achieved self and life mastery. Because of my own transformation – having emotionally processed the entire Universe though my physical body – it is my hope and desire to share my awakenings, my wisdom with others so they too can heal awaken and live their truth. Today it is hard for me to imagine that I ever, ever had a thought that was attached to a belief that was attached to an emotion that I was not good enough, and that I used to make choices that reflected that belief.

We must learn to be masters of our emotions

Healing our emotional core wounding of feeling betrayal, feeling not good enough and feeling like we are victims is the release of the old human. The opposite of betrayal is trust and the events happening in the world in your relationships are triggering us to release the old so we can reclaim our inner power and embody trust.   If you don’t trust yourself/ your creator and the universe how can you experience trust in your relationships? The world is an inside job, Peace is an inside job.  Love is an inside job.

YOU are the one that can make a difference and together we are building a world that is rooted in love peace trust and unity consciousness. Claiming our inner power is being spiritually mentally emotionally responsible for ourselves as sovereign beings this is our call to action now.

With the global dark night of the soul playing out in our personal lives, family, and business relationships all are about deep change & growth. From politics to our inner communities new foundations are being built, old ones are falling away. We are in trying and challenging times. While all these challenges seem overwhelming they don’t have to pull you down. Yes, Change can be difficult yet — Change is the only constant and the truth is you are stronger than you think you are. These are perfect opportunities to re- claim your inner power, and be the authority on your own life.   If you have charged reactions to the events in the world such as frustration, fear, anger, judgment or jealousy these are all old suppressed feelings coming up to the surface so you can release them once and for all from your physical body. These energies have been stored suppressed in your DNA based on our conditioning from the past. When these energies were stored they were strengthening the victim consciousness archetype and the emotional core wounding of the old suppressed human. The activated human is now releasing this old energy reclaiming empowerment.

It is important to not repress or suppress the energy yet at the same time, it is equality important not to be projecting these issues onto others. How do we do that? ——First.- Remember you are stronger and more powerful than you think you are.  All this change is happening for your empowerment and your freedom. Use these energies to liberate yourself. What are your relationships, events of the world mirroring to you? In making peace with the opposing forces that are at war within yourself. YOU are being the change you want to see in the world. Peace is an inside JOB. We must master the emotional waters of our body. Taking the trigger inside alchemizing your trigger into wholeness. Be willing to examine what is being shown to you and transform the core wounding, powerlessness of negative beliefs dysfunctional patterns and habits into pure empowerment.

About the Release Process

The physical body carries the load for everything and is also the densest and also the most neglected. The release process is about Your releasing the old energy’s the old experiences and memories of the past the karma the density the dNA the old suppressed emotions that have been stored inside the the body’s cell memory are coming up for purging and release . The light that is coming in is assisting with the purging.   It’s happening no matter what with the evolution of our planet and us ascending/ moving into higher vibrational ways of living and being.

In turn what will be going in it’s place is light, leaving you feeling vitality, health, radiance, energetic youthfulness.  You will no longer be a victim to your body and you will no longer be mistreating your body but come from a place of having a new relationship with your body.  An honoring from you.  Always listening  with what you body needs and what it’s communicating to you. The physical body is the place where we are either experiencing health and vitality and feeling whole or we are experiencing the opposite.   Our focus is bringing our bodies into a higher vibrational state of vibrating if you will so that you can vibrate and emit a frequency of love, joy and abundance, instead of vibrating and emitting a frequency of fear, sadness and survival and lack consciousness.  The release process will offer this to you, a form of freedom like you have never felt before.

Another reason to clearing your body of the past cell memory and why it  all can seem overwhelming is because our physical body is experiencing the world through our emotions and as sensitives, we also pick up the emotions of others that are around us. Staying emotional neutral keeping your body happy and feeling good is a full-time job.You are responsible for your physical body.

You are ever only releasing and letting go of all the illusions and separated parts that have never been loved into wholeness and unity. The old human identified with a consciousness of not good enough or feeling abandonment or betrayal or self-hatred these are all emotional core woundings that are waiting for healing.  Each time you release and old thought, an old belief and the emotions that are attached to that belief you are loving yourself free.In the releasing and letting go you are allowing parts your yourself to fall away that are not in alignment with your truth.

When does the pain stop? after you feel, release the old energy, layer by layer the pain stops. You move into a neutral space with your being. The wounded child, the one who has been crying for your attention all your life, has now been loved and nurtured by you. The wounded ego has learned to let go of control and trusts the higher self to be lead from the heart. The victim after many lifetimes of dedicated service work and slavery has been retired and is now free. The addict is no longer looking for something to numb or fill a void, as the addict now has chosen to fill itself with radical- self-love, nothing else will do. The wounded child, The Wounded Ego, The Victim, The Addict are no longer playing parts in your movie.  Through connection and deep intimacy…with this process  you are mastering the human condition with your unconditional love and letting go of the old story.

You will  bring your physical body into a higher vibrational way of living and be so that you can vibrate an energy of harmony  Peace, JOY, abundance, Unity, Unconditional love, faith, success.   (Become a wholeness Practitioner click here for the next step in the process.

Self discovery Empowered and On Purpose

We are the creators of the universe and our vision is to build a new paradigm on the foundation of unconditional love and empowerment.  We are an international community of awakened beings, guides, mentors and coaches who are committed and devoted to loving the self and each other, raising the consciousness of the planet.  In the course of the 3-day retreat, you will gain experience in empowering each other with what we have learned from the basics of energy work.

There is nothing more powerful than learning about the basics of emotion and how to be an emotionally healthy person.  Learning how to respond to life from a place of emotional empowerment will be a skill that you will get really good at as well as the skill of learning to undo the outworn subconscious beliefs that have been programed into you since childhood.  Having a skill set that will assist you to navigate the changing world while at the same time uncovering what’s true for you so that you can build and co- create a world that is in alignment with you and your essence, is a major aim of the program.

Be part of the empowerment network, a new generation of women and men who are leading in their self-actualization, Spiritual growth can take place when you are open and ready to learn and receive . As an empowered human, you will experience true spiritual power and greater freedom in your life than you ever thought possible.  Your heart will heal from the suffering of your past and you will feel encouraged and excited to build a foundation that has you in charge of your reality based on what is true for you now. Living in the reality you wish to create, you will experience yourself soaring in your spirituality with vibrant health, harmonious relationships, financial peace, and the passionate work you love.

The less self-mastery and sovereignty we possess, the more apt we are to give our power away to outside forces. This has been a long-ingrained pattern and can show up in the subtle ways we give our authority away in our personal relationships or the group collective, most of the time out of fear. In raising our consciousness step by step, ,we are grabbing the opportunity to self-actualize.  This is empowering  energy work, tapping into the true source of who you are, a new generation of women and men who are leading in their self-actualization. There has never been a more victorious time than now to claim our sovereignty, our independence.


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