Session with Kornelia

Session with Kornelia

Session with Kornelia

Session with Kornelia

Session with Kornelia

Session with Kornelia

Session with Kornelia

Session with Kornelia

Session with Kornelia


Experience Vibrant Health, Financial Well-being,
Purposeful Career, Amazing and Fulfilling Relationships.

I see you as Source Energy, as the magnificent whole being you are. These sessions are for your divinity opening to the truth of you. They are about bringing you home to you, calling up the light from within you, aligning you with the deepest part of yourself. You will discover your mastery in reclaiming your authority, and your unlimited power as a sovereign being who lacks nothing. You are powerful beyond measure. Sessions will activate your light-body, illuminate any lower limitations, and shift your reality now. Spontaneous healing can occur. I love what I do and it’s my honour to assist you on your journey of self- discovery.

I AM ready for my liberation session


  • 2 Types of Sessions

  • Individual session 60 minutes

  • 3 month — Your New Earth Blueprint. Turn your life around program. Release old earth template. 12-60 min sessions

  • Format: Via Skype (video or audio) or telephone in person.

I AM ready for my liberation session


~A soul reunion, coming HOME. I will help you achieve your goal. Are you feeling powerless, not sure how to move forward? or maybe you are not feeling at peace with all the changes that are happening and would like support whether it be physical, emotional, or spiritual. Some may feel the need for spiritual healing, the healing of the heart? Could it be you’re releasing anger, having relationship issues, deep blocks, or ancestral wounding and would like resolution? Most health problems are caused by lack of harmony, emotional suppression, or unresolved issues of past or present.

To return to full power with yourself as love. We focus on the area that is important to you right now. I work with people and help people change their lives who are ready to accept their mastery. You know you are the creators of your life, and are ready to claim your sovereignty and re-claim your universe. YOU, want to be “FREE” from any and all limitations and live to your highest potential. Your core value is freedom, freedom to express the truth of who you are. In one to two sessions you are fully grounded in, flying high, and are aligned with your divinity, your greatness, bringing your best self in relationship to all, shifting your reality now. It is my honor to assist you in meeting your best self. What does living in freedom mean to you?

In this session, it is my honor to open and create a sacred space for you. Pure unconditional love and profound healing can take place as we bring resolution, love and understanding to any area of your life that is in need of unification. Anger, deep blocks, limitations, patterns, anything that is restricting you from living your truth can be released. The results of the session will raise your vibration. You can expect to feel lighter, to feel more aligned with your truth. It will allow you to be more receptive to experiencing peace and prosperity in your life now. Expect to be empowered. Live your highest potential now. You deserve your best life.
Pricing for a 60-minute Individual Session is $244.

Thank you for a most eye-opening session! I appreciate your wisdom & intuition and know it was just what I needed at just the right time. ~ Aloha & Blessings

– Andrea
Kauai, Hawaii

I am deeply grateful to have had Kornelia Stephanie guide me through a transformational Activation session where I uncovered my core issue holding me in limitations. It was a deeply profound process that Kornelia lead me through yesterday, and today I am overjoyed by possibility, understanding, and love. Kornelia is a healing Master who recognizes the Master in others and her gift is to bring us home to our true self in order for us to offer our unique and magnificent gift to others. If you are standing at the doorway to re-discovering your own Mastery, I highly recommend Kornelia to facilitate this journey with you.

– Pamela Lynch
Business Growth Coach

My session with Kornelia aligned me fully to the deepest part of myself that IS awakened. Her steadfast connection, and pure embodiment of Divinity carried through her essence and voice, into the deepest layers of what I needed to shed. My eyes opened wide to the clarity of BEING perfection already. Healing happens instantaneously within this container of sacred affirmation, and intention, that she exquisitely nurtures and provides.

– Sacha L. Fossa
Sacred Sexuality Educator, Holistic Healer
Orgasmic Abundance Coach
Rockport, Massachusetts

Your New Earth Blueprint


~I will teach you how. It took you all your life to be where you are now and in 3 months you can undue the past and begin to live your best life.

  • You will be given practical tools to deal with your emotions. Emotions, beliefs, negative habits that are in the way will be released, and transmuted back to the universe.
  • You will integrate and align with what is true for you today and that requires inner work with lot’s of love and compassion for healing.
  • You will learn how simple it is to change limiting core beliefs into empowering beliefs that reflect who you are today.
  • You will learn how to process fear, becoming an empowered creator of your own reality. Each reality either empowers or dis-empowers. You will walk through your own portal to freedom.

3 months—— Your New Earth Blueprint.  Turn your life around program.  Releasing the old earth template.  12- 60 minute empowerment sessions. LEAP INTO YOUR POWER ZONE WITH Your Spiritual Stimulus Package.

Are you ready to be the New Human?
Reclaim your power with a clean slate. Let go of the old story and build your new life on a foundation that has you thriving in joy and abundance. Twelve 60-minute sessions, plus a one year membership of daily positive messages in MP3 format are included in the price. What you will learn and receive in our sessions.

Use the body as a tool for transformation. I help people change their lives by taking ownership of their emotions while releasing the negativity and density out of their bodies. We work with the inner body, and in order to feel the release, we must release the deep-seated feelings that cause the disturbances, I will teach you how. We transform any negative habits, outdated, sabotaging, limiting beliefs into empowering beliefs that support the truth of who you are. From the quantum perspective, all that we create comes from what we believe, whether we have access to the belief system or not.

Let go of the old story. We make choices based on our beliefs and IF the belief is set in fear, then of course, we will create more lack, more fear, and live from that subconscious belief that is “running the show”. In working together, we unravel the NEW ROAD of creation in your life. We are in such a time of change that you will find it supportive to work with me one-on-one. In this powerful time of letting go of old relationships, dealing with career changes, and pioneering new directions, there is nothing stopping you from creating your best life.

You are the healer. What could be better than to claim your personal power, experiencing self-healing and self-love. I will help you step into the truth of your being and release your fears now, so you have a clear path to walk. In truth you already are a healer. Your body will be doing the healing. I am providing the space, the mirror, the compassion, the tools, the love, holding you steady and witnessing you in your vulnerability to be free. Imagine the confidence you will gain in healing yourself and what that will do for you as you live out the rest of your life. You can’t put a price tag on this precious time.

Watch below the video of Steve Chang who so beautifully shared what can happen for you.

Life review healing and forgiveness.

  • clear out all past programming
  • release any suppressed emotions, anger, and resentment
  • release all doubts and fears
  • release separation, implants, imprints, negative thought forms
  • release negative patterns of the human ego
  • forgive yourself and everyone else from the past
  • release the victim by taking powerful steps forward
  • transform negative habits into positive actions
  • process your anger into truth
  • gain emotional freedom
  • receive the tools to build a sustainable energy field
  • identify your deepest hidden beliefs
  • change them into new empowering beliefs
  • acquire all the tools you need to stay positive
  • experience divine empowerment

Results are unlimited:

  • trust in your intuition
  • wake up happy
  • have more energy
  • learn how to manage your energy
  • know yourself
  • discover what’s true for you
  • honor yourself and honor the earth
  • experience relationship harmony with greater intimacy
  • embody unconditional love
  • stand and speak your truth
  • experience health and vitality in your body
  • thrive in joy and abundance
  • align with the self healing template
  • embody peace within
  • love yourself like you never have before
  • reclaim your power, and be the authority in your life
  • manifest effortlessly
  • Be emotionally healthy/ wealthy

When I contacted Kornelia for help I was at a low point in life. I was unhappy in my job, my girlfriend had just broken up with me, and my son had run away from home and had expressed the desire to kill himself. I was feeling “not good enough” in so many ways, but especially around being a parent since my son had recently dropped out of high school. I had the hope that my son would be open to talking with a “life coach,” even though he would not talk with a counselor. Needless to say my son would not talk with Kornelia, but I figured I could use a “turn your life around” program.I do not know if I can adequately express the value I have seen from this program. Even though the basics of my life are unchanged, (I still have the same job and my son is still struggling), I now have totally different feelings about what is happening in my life. I am now in charge of my emotional response, or at least aware of the causes of it, and able to heal it when negative emotions come up. Thoughts that had paralyzed my actions have been addressed at a very deep level. I now have the tools I need to address whatever comes up in life and a base to help create the life I want. I am pursuing another job in line with my personal values. I am communicating boundaries with my son and helping him turn his life around.I am excited about life’s potential, and meeting some wonderful women.If you would like to talk with someone who has turned their life around, feel free to contact me.

– Ellen Karl
Seattle, WA

Before working with Kornelia, I was in a very confused, stuck and dark place. I had completely hit an emotional bottom and came to a realization that I needed some guidance — someone who I could trust and completely be vulnerable with. Someone who could lay the path for me, hold the space and allow me to begin to find my deepest truths. Kornelia did that for me. I can’t say that the work I did with Kornelia was easy. I cried a lot, had moments of wanting to give up but never did. She allowed me to fully let go and look at the feelings, thoughts and energies as just that. They no longer had the grasp, the power over my life. I was able to finally FEEL again, wanting to feel again. I don’t think I could ever imagine not doing the work with her, it has changed my life immensely. If I could pick 3 improvements that the work with Kornelia has made I would say:

  • Embracing the dark experiences in my past and bringing them to the light.
  • Loving myself and paving a road to allowance and acceptance.
  • The courage to feel and create the life that I dream of.

Kornelia is a woman of integrity, honor, and she created a beautiful, trusting space for me. I would highly recommend her and would love to answer any questions you may have regarding my experience.

– Anonymous
Portland, OR

Your Spiritual Stimulus Package Plus a one year membership included in the package.

Click here to read what the daily membership is about.

3 months—— Your New Earth Blueprint.  Turn your life around program.  Releasing the old earth template.  12- 60 minute empowerment sessions. LEAP INTO YOUR POWER ZONE WITH Your Spiritual Stimulus Package + Receive a one year membership


We work each day to turn “negatives” into positives. It is all a matter of perception. Our challenge at this time is to remain intensely positive and focused on the world we wish to create and live in. We did not come here to “fit” into the old world, we came to create a new one. Let the dream you created long ago come alive within you by claiming your power back. For one year, you will grow and reprogram yourself positively and be the authority in your life.

Catalyze your rebirth with your voice daily in a safe environment. It’s good to have a tribe or community which offers a safe place to express, create and nurture each other. Kornelia’s newest creation, an online thriving membership portal- Creative Light Vibration – is an innovative catalyst to assist all to become acutely aware and embody, through their own experiences, the power of the spoken word to speak our new world into being.

Get Ready Because your Life is About To Change

$3072.00 VALUE FOR $2172.00

Making a financial investment and personal commitment in the self is by far the greatest investment we can ever make.
The returns are infinite.



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