The Top Three Ways to Financial Security for all Women.
Moms-It’s time to break the poverty cycle. Don’t raise your child to another poverty statistic. When it comes to managing money the stakes for women are high. Many women struggle financially, living under a mound of debt, stressed out, sleep deprived, as their health deteriorates. Faced with this reality they feel like a failure, destined to always be broke.

Kornelia Stephanie, can identify all too well. I’ve had my own struggles with money, as a woman entrepreneur needing to create a consistent income doing what I love all the while feeling the money shame and conditioning of her past. Most women have an unhealthy relationship with money. Unfortunately, our culture has conditioned women to expect to earn less money, leaving them feeling less secure, less honored, less valued than their male counterparts. New Research finds that women leave crucial money decisions to their spouses, which puts them at high financial risk should their spouse cease to be in the picture.

The highest impact is felt among younger women between the ages of 20 to 34. Fifty-six percent play no critical role in financial decisions. Older women ages 51 and up are not far behind, with 54 percent leaving money decisions to their spouse. Ignoring money by abdicating responsibility to a spouse is not the answer. Having successfully overcome money shame, I’m is on a mission to instigate a national conversation about money so that you and your loved ones, do not end up another statistic of the poverty cycle.

It’s time for women to stop raising their children to be poor. Choosing to be financially free is the first step, while talking about money is the second step Women stay poor when they don’t talk about money. and finally building a healthy relationship with money is the third step to financial security.

In my work I help women break free from victimhood to intentionally create their vision of the future. I find that given a choice women choose feeling secure, freedom from anxiety, and freedom from financial pain, which leaves them feeling confident and on the road to financial security. Don’t raise your child to another poverty statistic. You can watch the video here for further inspiration.

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