Supreme Membership Level ($21.00 per month or reduced rate of $234.00 per year)

It’s about to get funky physical!

At a very high frequency, vibration confers the power of Instant Manifestation of Thought.  You are at this place now and are ready to take responsibility at a higher level.  You understand Instant Manifestation requires pure thought and pure emotion, living in complete surrender to Divine Will.

This advanced Level is for YOU, the self-realized, the ones who know they are 100% living and experiencing their divinity.  You are at soul / source embodiment vibration and as a group will co- create in harmony with nature. Much of our co- creation will involve our physical body. This is a call for your greatness, your willingness to stretch beyond any limitations, going for the ultimate experience of living and creating your life in freedom.

Are you ready for pure, conscious creation?

Are you ready to experience pure alchemy in the garden that Source/ the big bang intended for us in the beginning?

We’ve purified our thoughts and neutralized out emotions. The good thing about this is when we focus our passion on the wealth of abundance that is here inside each and every one of us, we are focusing on the organic template of the Universe, its Infinite abundance, and wealth. As within, so without. As above, so below. The planet has shown us the contrast, the opposite of what we needed to release within ourselves. When the old programming of lack consciousness, illness, disease and, of course, all the emotional core wounding, is once neutralized – to feel it is to heal it– the self now vibrates with the harmonic resonance of the infinite. This day, this week, this moment, we focus on the wealth of abundance that is within us, projecting that energy onto the holographic template.

Because we are expanding by the speed of light, what we focus on will manifest in our reality more quickly now, making our lives easier. When our emotions are in harmony, our desires manifest at the speed of light. Being in the right mood with the right feelings is the guiding force in taking right action. To up the ante on your highest expression, I urge you to begin your 2017 with a clear slate, leaving behind all the unnecessary, heavy baggage that may be distracting you from feeling emotionally happy and healthy and in alignment with your new life.

What we do for one we do for all. The good you’re doing for yourself and the good you’re doing in the world is benefiting us all. On the behalf of the collective, thank you so much for being you. I may not know you personally yet you are on my email list and I thank you for being there.

You are the radiant ones, the conscious creators, the divine alchemists who have done the work and are ready to experience pure alchemy. You know that you are here to build the New Earth. You know you are Source energy and are ready to express that fully.

This Supreme Membership and experience is very infectious and magnetic. It will keep you focused, disciplined and devoted to your path. It will keep you on track and will inspire you. In this ever changing environment with so much falling away, it will stretch you into your greatness, allowing your best self to emerge.

  • We meet bi-weekly in a teleclass
  • Year long mastery program, intensive, committed to the path.
  • modeling the new human template.
  • New coding, activations, living and applying pure alchemy.
  • Group experiences, pure alchemy in manifestation.
  • Conscious co-creation together with you on the leading edge.
  • Living your life beyond belief and beyond limits.
  • Group energy, growing your tribe.

Supreme Membership Level ($21.00 per month or reduced rate of $234.00 per year)


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