Every Friday, the Kornelia Stephanie Podcast, features two shows and two co-hosts. What is the information shared with you? Take a look at what you can learn listening in. Kornelia and her co-hosts are excited and dedicated to offering you practical tools on living in the new earth, being debt-free, being disease-free, being financially free, and being empowered to co-create Thriving Businesses online.

THE KORNELIA STEPHANIE SHOW-Wake up to love. Your call to action. Join Kornelia as she empowers others to Live Heaven on Earth. Kornelia teaches listeners how to be the authority over yourself, embracing your inner guru. Feel yourself uplifted into limitless expansion, integrating ease and grace in a changing world. This show covers topics such as unconditional love, your physical body, How to be in extraordinary relationships, create financial and emotional wealth, embracing entrepreneurship in the new earth. ARE YOU READY? After two years and just getting started.

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