Everything is energy

Everything is energy

Everything is energy

Emotional Core Wounding, Feel to Heal

Emotional Processing Technique (PDF)

Emotional power is everything. Your emotions dictate your life. This is the greatest gift to understand. Emotional power is your key to health and wealth. Emotional freedom is the result. We make all our decisions based on how we feel. Every day people act on their emotions. Emotional freedom is your key to the kingdom. Become the most empowered person you know by using your emotions to heal your life. A thought attaches to a belief that attaches to an emotion and we make choices on that belief. We take action. It goes something like this:

A negative thought is attached to an emotional core wound of not being good enough. A choice gets made subconsciously that reflects the belief of being not worthy. All human beings are worthy. It does not have to be proven.

Emotion and Anger, your greatest catalyst for liberation and truth

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Anger Management 101 (PDF)

I want World Peace! I am speaking for the children, and I am speaking for the earth. Peace is an inside JOB. We can help by being the Peace within ourselves and then beaming that peace out into the world. Peace an inside Job. “Although anger can be destructive, it is also a potent tool. As long as anger is not expressed in destructive ways, getting to the root of our anger is our key to personal liberation.” – from my book. “Peace, the Flip Side to Anger. How I used my emotions to heal my life and my body and how you can too”. I want to show you the most liberating way to empower yourself, to free yourself, and to use the power of emotion to heal your life.

On March 22, 2016, more than 30 people were killed in terrorist attacks in Belgium’s capital city, Brussels.

Anger is a powerful raw human emotion, and all human beings have this emotion. All Humans act on this emotion every day. Whether they project their anger out onto another person, it is harmful, or they suppress the energy in their physical body. Each action. Devastating results. For thousands of years, there have been people acting on this emotion. The keys is education on what to do with that energy that emotion. Getting to the root of our anger is the key to personal and collective liberation.


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The Radio show a platform. Anchoring Heaven On Earth on a global scale. To be an example to all who are called to listen and access their true spiritual power from the inside out, tapping into their authentic truth and exploring the Source/ God/ our infinite power within.

We will hold conversations derived from a higher consciousness that inspire and empower audiences with practical tools on how to live in the new earth. The show is about embracing our multidimensional selves, putting focus on empathetic leadership, spiritually-thriving beings, entrepreneurs/ ordinary people telling their stories and sharing their gifts with an emphasis on how valuable their contribution is, thus creating a ripple effect. The show will always be about realizing our dreams, consciously creating reality in expansive ways, moving with ease from surviving to thriving, creating our own version of Paradise.

I want the show to be FUN, passionate, engaging, helpful, educational, inspiring to all who listen so they might receive the gifts we will so openly share. I want us to be the permission slip that gives people the courage to rise above the old human and step into their highest potential. I want to give people a call to action and be the peace the love the prayer that they wish to see in the world.

Inspiration and more healing gifts for you

Choose to clear the energetic field(s)
Your Light body, A Quick EMF Clearing: Triple Grid Technique [Meditation] by Doreen Agostino

The book “What is Light Body’ was channeled by Archangel Ariel and authored by Tashira Tach-Ren.

The Lightbody is a structure of Light from the higher dimensions. Like the physical body it is a vehicle for Consciousness. Whereas a physical body contains organs the Lightbody contains various structures of Light. Energy centers, the column, and merkaba are all structures of Light. [Updated Nov 16.16]

If you are new to energy work; energy is neither created nor destroyed; it continually changes form. Your beliefs, thoughts, words, actions, and feelings are freewill consent, which is Power to transform energy.