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Thank you.  2015 thank you for all the endings and all the new births.

cloudmountain_sliderLetting Go, Integrating Unity, Remembering God is the story in 6 words.

The theme for the year continued in Letting Go.  From October 2014- releasing the old world entirely after walking in two worlds became too much.  I had to take the plunge and finally let go and allow the holy spirit to carry me.

Letting go releasing the old world entirely and seeding the new ground (the new foundation) with seeds of “Gratitude” – feeling so grateful to be part of the magnificent plan, to be here now at this most auspicious time on this beautiful planet.  I am conscious and aware to know that it all begins with each and every one of us, collaborating and co-creating in Unity with each other, building “Cities of Love” everywhere. The ground is seeded with “Peace on Earth” along with seeds of Gratitude and Integrity.

As the months passed in 2015 and experiences unfolded I was asked to surrender everything and let it all go.  It was hard to believe that after all the letting go of the last seven years that there is still more to purify and surrender.

As I look back now, I see that to truly be free I had to release all attachments to what I was still trying to control.  The home I was living in the lease was up, and now it was time to move.   A friend offered me two rooms in his bed and breakfast while I manifest my new place.  It was the perfect time to sell all my belongings in a garage sale and let go of the past entirely.  Only bring what I love with me into the New Earth and start a brand new life.   Getting adjusted in my new place with less stuff feels good and liberating.   Then came the next round of letting go when my website was hacked on 9/11.  I right away started processing the energy and to let go of the site.  This brought up all kinds of issues for me around my identity Kornelia Dengel. com.   Kornelia Dengel was taken completely of line nobody could get access to the site and contact me.  It took us one month of working to get it back up.  Shortly after that, I had computer issues and took the computer in.  The battery was done and they don’t make that battery anymore.  Letting go of my old Mac to get a new one.

Next I heard spirit say now surrender the creative heart group that was started 3 years ago.  I remember sending the email I felt a huge release in my solar plexus. This is I was still holding on to control.  Now in November, I was faced with another challenge with a huge dental issues, that now need to be faced and dealt with.  The beauty about all this letting go is incredible there are so many new births that also have taken place and will continue to unfold for me.  It was a very special year of lessons of non- attachment.  I hear my guides tell me that now the kingdom of heaven is yours.  Allowing everything to flow through me.  I show up like a divine actor that can play any part without attachment.  Letting go is the art of the new human and the gift we receive is unification with spirit, aligning with our truth.

The art of embracing my humanity in 2015 has become even more graceful and powerful.  My realization is that I own nothing and do not want to own anything. Everything flows through me and  I give it all for the greater good of all.  Walking the spiritual path has not been easy it’s has been well worth it.

2015 the most powerful year of Pure love and Freedom and  for this girl.

Welcome to heaven on Earth,  Welcome Home.

The miracle of Unity consciousness transcends all fears and overcomes all obstacles with a wondrous result; an experience of pure love and freedom.  The miracle of unity consciousness remembering God.

The point of power is always in the present moment.  The conscious, present, now moment! With no consciousness (energy in the past), because YOU have released all the past from your physical body and from your experience!.With no energy in the future which does not exist. In the future, you’re always looking for something that you think you will get when you get to there.  When you get to the future, you’ll be happy, you will have succeeded, you will have your relationship, and you will have your abundance.  You keep projecting the energy into the future, which is an illusion and keeps you from experiencing the absolute truth, that can only be experienced in the PRESENT MOMENT.  Bring it all into the NOW moment — this is the place for Freedom, JOY, Abundance, Power, Creation and Manifestation.  Bring your conscious awareness into the NOW moment where you merge with your humanity (earth) and bring your divinity (heaven), and you have met YOURSELF.  Now do that every conscious now moment and you are “Heaven on Earth.”    –Kornelia Dengel