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Being Love in Action

Did you feel the wave of love this morning that was being sent your way,  I love you so much there are no words to express how deep.  In my meditation this morning you where all in it,  every being, every animal and every plant, in harmony and beauty.  My heart is overflowing with love to express, and  being love in action.  What can you do today to love yourself and others more?   I want you to go to the mirror today  put your right hand over your heart look at yourself deep in your eyes and say I really really  Love you Sweet.

Everyday, not just on Valentine’s day we have a wonderful opportunity to love ourselves even more. Through loving and accepting ourselves we are more loving and accepting of others whom we share relationships with.  I had that experience the night before last,  with a friend whom I love very much, I observed how I felt after we got off the call,  I did not feel very good about my behavior towards him, this came down to recognizing an old pattern I did not like in myself, and that I was ready to release and let go of. The first thing I did was notice this for me, then I chose to be compassionate and understanding towards myself and the next thing I did was apologize to my friend.  His response was perfect I wanted to share it here……

First, your apology is accepted.  You observed your actions later and have re-aligned your focus.  I was the vehicle to allow this learning for you.  Congratulations, you learned the lesson! I did not have any negative feelings toward you as a result of the call.

I love this experience that I created for learning and how loving and easy it was.   You see, there are times when you are feeling really good and everything is awesome and joyful it seems really easy to be in that loving feeling sharing and expressing your love space.  What about the time when you are not feeling so great, when you are still noticing that you are being very hard on yourself or not kind enough, or placing expectations on yourself that  when I accomplish this then I will be more loving.  This is how an intention to being more loving with yourself comes in perfect support to show you in your experience where you are not being that, and shifting it. Remember, Love is not judging yet we do it all the time some parts of ourselves that has felt not good enough. Love is not jealous, not conditional, not pessimistic, not greedy, not controlling or manipulating.  This is when to really apply love and when you are called to surrender and let go of the thoughts the judgment and emotions that are part of the old.  To have more compassion like you would for a friend, you are your friend you are someone’s friend.

When we set an intention there will be blocks and limitations that will come up, that will make you want to quit because you may not feel good enough to continue and say yes to your hearts desire, or you may believe that you will not get what you want.   We know now that we can move through our limitations and change our beliefs thus transforming and creating a new reality.   This is what embracing our true magnificence is all about, loving ourself back to wholeness…  I always seem to teach what I need to learn.  I love being the student and the teacher.

I am really enjoying how creating this blog is really helping me in embracing my true magnificence.

One of my Intentions for the year of 2012 is to allow unconditional love to lead the way in my life.  What this means to me is to embrace the challenge of “being” unconditional love in each conscious now moment.  Taking full responsibility for my emotions and how I respond, as you know that each emotional trigger is always something from your past, wanting to be acknowledged and felt.  Taking responsibility for watching and observing my thoughts to not judge myself or others is the best way to practice being and living my intention.

Our intentions are so powerful if we write them down and articulate them very clearly, then we have to fuel our intention with pure desire, passion and belief without a doubt that you can have, be what it is you are intending.  The last step in the intention practice is to surrender 100% to the universe to practice where your faith and trust lies,  as the universe is your assistant and appreciates you.  What part of you do you want to embrace and love today?

Happy love,  everybody.  Big juicy love in 2012

~ Kony

Children our our Future,  By Whitney Huston

Enjoy the following text from the science of mind magazine…..

Nothing to Hide

“Love Makes your soul crawl out from its hiding place.”
Zora Neale Hurston

Love is the most powerful force it the universe. It lives as a burning desire inside you, demanding your soul’s fullest expression.
It will not let you rest until you fully reveal your unique self.
Love will not allow you to hide or to live in fear.  It will broadcast your true thoughts and feelings in a million different ways so that others will eventually see.
You cannot hide your real self. Inevitably who you are must come out.
Love breaks all boundaries and overcomes all prejudice. It has its own sequence and time.
It cannot be scheduled or manipulated.  It will not be organized or made convenient.
Love is not difficult to demonstrate in one’s life.  It’s simply a matter of building a consciousness of love each day working to realize the value of your own unique contributions.
Be sure you are sending out only what you want to receive in return.  If you are seeking honesty, are you being honest?
If you are seeking financial stability, are you financially stable? Give what you want to receive.
In the short term, you may be able to hide who you are or pretend to be something you’re not.
Inevitably, your authentic self will be revealed.  So stop hiding. Show everybody the real you.
You’ll be surprised how anxious people are to see who you really are!

Every day is a new opportunity to love. I am grateful for all the love in my life…..

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  • Lorna G says:

    Hi continue to appreciate the “reminder” that what I see “out and around” is a reflection of “myself”…..the opportunity to embrace and bring into the light of truth, patterns and beliefs. To appreciate the role they play….played.

    • konyd says:

      Ahhhh so very well spoken Lorna, yes everything is in perfect support for you to experience the real you come forward to embrace, love and experience. Thank you for your beautiful reflection.

  • Lauren G says:

    HI Kony – this is a beautiful expression of your heart! Congratulations on your new blog and that you are sharing with the world! I wish you much success and yes, I felt your love today! Blessings to you sweet and beautiful one! Lauren G

    • konyd says:

      Dear Beautiful Lauren, thank you for your loving words and thank you so much for your beautiful voice I hear on your webinars, you are very soothing and a perfect compliment to Suzanne. I love how you two are with each other/us. I look forward to continuing growing my soul with you. Love kony

  • Charleen says:

    This is Beautiful! Thank you so much for sharing! I Love you! Thank you for loving me! You ARE unconditional Love.

    • konyd says:

      Thank you Charleen, as you are my beautiful friend. Because of you I am a better person. Thank you for being you pure love, and thank you for sharing that beautiful article with me about Love.

  • Bryan Flowers says:

    Thanks for the loving honest open hearted call to all, To Wake up to our highest self. Your blog is a roaring success it is helpful, innovative, fresh and real. It inspires me to hug myself each morning and stand ready to  greet others with the same kindness. Consider this your morning hug. Bryan

    • konyd says:

      Oh Bryan, thank you so much for your comment. You are an inspiration to many. I thank you for being you and showing yourself to the world. Thanks for the hug, Bryan.

  • Kelly Beane says:

    I am really enjoying your blog. I’m learning so much more now that I’m not afraid of teachings that aren’t ‘christian’. What you call ‘the universe’, I call ‘God’…but regardless of what we call it, we both believe it is love, and that we can trust it. I’m looking forward to reading more of your life story.
    Thanks for sharing
    p.s. for anyone wanting to read my story of why I left ‘the church’, here is a link to my blog. http://kellbell-justmythoughts.blogspot.com/

    • konyd says:

      Dear Kelly, It really takes courage to speak your truth, and be authentic in your knowing. I am honoring you and celebrating you, for embracing the parts of you that have been afraid in the past, and sharing of yourself, with others giving yourself permission to be. I look forward to share more with you, and inspire you to fly.