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My soul is yearning for a sacred space a platform, for authentic self-expression, a space that allows me to speak my truth, be vulnerable, powerful and fully self expressed.  A Universal Love Space, to grow my/your soul, evolve and expand beyond any limitations of my/your beautiful, brilliant mind.  A space for intimacy,  to witness and be witnessed,  transparency  is so beautiful and freeing.   By shining our light as bright as we can we give others permission to do the same.  The time has come to embrace the magnificent beings we are and inspire and uplift each other to move beyond fear (illusion) and claim our true birthright of Joy and Abundance.   This space will evolve with a life of it’s own, I have no idea, how that is all going to look, this space is set up for me/you to come in and express.  Transparency is key, and through collaboration we are stronger together.  Are you willing to create, and make 2012 the most delicious year of your life?  What is it that you truly want to create in 2012?  More to come on this soon, be prepared to send in your intention as we collaborate together and let love lead the way on this Universal Love Train.

Mad, Crazy, “Big Love”  in 2012

Awaken to our own inner Power and be our own Authority


My intention here is to offer you simple yet very effective tools, techniques, and resources that you can use to empower yourself with. The tools and processing techniques are the same ones that I use on myself and my clients for the last few years. I have found that we can transform and move through our issues very fast these days if we are willing to be conscious and feel our emotions (energy) fully, and accepting responsibility for our own feelings.

Under the “Resource” heading you will find a lot of useful information, including the people that are raising the consciousness of the planet, and the information that I use to empower myself with.

Changing with the times
Our Planet and our World is changing and we must be willing to change with her.  We are at the end of a cycle of time and our old conditioning and old ways have to be released so we can allow for the birth of something new.  There are many different predictions out there that claim that the world is going to end, but what does that really mean?  In my interesting point of view, the world as we know it is ending, a cycle is ending; and it needs to end to make way for the new way of being. We are no longer going to be able to ignore the changes that are beckoning us to “Wake up and Claim our Power”.

We are finding this in all areas of our lives; in our careers, our finances, and our relationships. Outside circumstances such as your company downsizing, losing your job, not being able to make your mortgage payments, losing your home, longtime relationships ending, and people leaving your life may be showing you a different life path. Or maybe your own inner voice is asking you questions like, why are you here?  What are you doing?  What is your purpose?  How are you supposed to make it?  And what can your contribution be when you feel like everything is falling apart around you and nobody including the government or the authorities are doing anything to help you?

We don’t have the luxury of time and space to be complacent or passive; if you want to make these changes a little smoother for yourself, you need to be courageous and step up and accept responsibility for yourself.

All these changes can be very scary to deal with if you are an emotional wreck. It takes tremendous courage to ride this wave and be conscious of your feelings and emotions (energy).  I have found that with the amount of change that we are experiencing now, this is also how fast we can move through our issues if we know how.  I am giving you simple tools and techniques that will assist you to navigate through these uncertain and challenging times.

Emotion is energy; in fact it’s energy in motion. (e-motion)
Through our conditioning, most of us have learned ways to repress, hide, or set aside our emotions. However, emotions trigger our thoughts, which trigger more emotions; an endless loop that is easy to get caught up in.  When we suppress our emotions (energy), those very emotions are amplified through this continuous feedback loop.

Use your Emotions (Energy) as a tool
One of the most empowering things you can do is how your respond emotionally to what is happening in your life.  This is really the only thing that we have control over. How we respond to what happens. If you are being triggered emotionally by something , (you are upset, hurt, angry, depressed, withdrawn), you will now have the opportunity to clear this emotion.  Anytime that we are being triggered by something emotionally it is always something from our past, never from the present moment.

Every event is basically neutral …………….if you get triggered it is
always something from your past that needs to be cleared.

So what to do with Emotions (Energy)
Do you hide your feelings and emotions?  Do you feel like it isn’t safe to share your feelings fully and truthfully with others?

You have to be willing to go in and feel it. Feeling it is healing it. You have to be willing to feel the discomfort.  When an emotion is expressed, it naturally moves through and creates space for new things to come into your life. If you are willing to take ownership for what you are feeling, you will empower yourself right before your eyes.

Responsibility meaning the ability to respond…
When we stop judging others, and stop blaming and pointing the finger at them, and when the people that you are in relationships with do the same, we can experience the freedom to share all of ourselves in a non judgmental space.

We have infinite possibilities?
What are the infinite possibilities for you to experience a:

Breakthrough and Break free?
Transformation and empowerment?
Awakening to your own inner authority?
Allowing and trusting yourself in this unfolding.?

Are you ready to really get how powerful you are and claim responsibility for your life? 
Then, get ready because your life is about to change from being a victim to a powerful co-creator.

What old conditioning do you need to let go of? What do you need to release and process from your past that is causing you to feel victimized and powerless.  What is causing you deep pain?  Let’s get conscious and break free and break though.  You really owe this to yourself.   Can you afford not to?   You have nothing to lose but fear!

“Your task is not to seek love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”     Rumi

Are you willing to make 2012 the best most delicious year of your life?

If you are still reading this, there are no mistakes, this may be for you, or you may want to support this work by shining your light and forwarding  this on to someone you know that could use support.  A lot of what I found out there in working with my clients, that there a lot of men that have never given themselves permission to feel.  Our society has taught our men that they had to be strong, be a man, don’t show your feelings,  as that would make them appear weak.  Nothing is further from the truth,  it makes you human and opens you up to be vulnerable, approachable and letting love in.   Then of course there  are the Women,  who had to suck it up and get on with it.  Suppress their emotions and put food on the table,  taking care of the kids, the cycle never ending until now.  I know from a deep place within,  if each and every person accepts responsibility for their own life, together one heart at a time we are raising the vibration of this beautiful planet.  And through this collaboration we are stronger together.

Why would someone have a session with me?

I open up a non-judemental safe space, where great healing can take place.

You want to feel lighter more balanced and have a clean slate to begin.  This could almost be described as taking out the trash.

You want to get to the truth of a pattern that keeps repeating.

You are sick and tired of feeling anger all the time enraged and enslaved by your emotions.

Your blaming, projecting and judging others, reacting in an endless cycle.

You feel numb, depressed, and are suppressing your emotions.

You know what you need to do but are still unable to move forward.

You want to manifest your dreams but here are still a few things in the way.  Don’t let deep childhood wounds or hopelessness stand in your way.

Did you know that suffering is a choice?  When are we going to stop learning our lessons through pain?   When we choose to!  There was a time when suffering really served us and is now converted into fertilizing soul growth.

I will leave you with this wonderful possibility to contemplate.

I watched a wonderful video of a woman giving birth to a baby in water, as she was moving through the contractions moving her hips from side to side, allowing herself the choice,  she discovered that she did not need to experience pain, as she moved into the contraction she expanded into bliss and she had the baby in the most natural blissful state, she experienced an “orgasm” while giving birth. Wow!    Imagine the life of that child, being born in bliss. Imagine that child being YOU!

What is your highest JOY?  How much are you willing to receive?