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Dear Wayne,

Welcome home — the angels, father and mother God received you home. A reception for you, a huge celebration, a soul coming home. The adventure continues — an inspired soul lives on. It is a very big surprise for us to have you off on your next adventure. What this world will be like without you here — we are left with the memory of an amazing soul, light, shining bright, coming home. Your cell memory implanted in the soul of mother earth and the hearts of millions.

My dear Wayne, you have made such a difference here on earth. A soul is coming home to the truth of who you are.
The example you lived, showing us what is possible, living in the light of God, Source, the I AM will be forever in our hearts. YOU have created so many miracles here — the millions of people you touched whose lives are changed, are influenced positively because of you, and the gifts you brought with the power of changing our thoughts.

The footprints you left in our hearts will comfort us when we miss you. You are an example of the most authentic human being, of showing us the possibilities of changing our minds to the power of positive thinking. You have always shown us the way. Even still with your passing in the night, you telling your family that you could not wait for your next adventure to begin, and you had no fear of dying. They said, “Our hearts are broken, but we smile to think of you of how much our scurvy elephant will enjoy the other side. We love you forever Dad Wayne.”

I thank you, my brother, for a life well lived. Even still in your passing you are showing us the way of living life with no fear. YOU truly are fearless soul. I remember when reading The Power of Intention, I highlighted the entire book. With this farewell, my friend, I highlight your life, and I will see you again. Thanks Wayne, for coming, for dedicating your life to selfless service of showing the pure heart of a man who can be like GOD. Thank you, my brother, I honor you, I celebrate you, I love YOU.

You where my dad too, my teacher, showing me what is possible, so I can be the authentic human being I AM — you touched me. It is my honor to do you proud.

I AM shining bright, I AM sharing my gifts, and I AM and will sing the GLORY of the Divine for all the days of my life.
Here is to you, here is to us, here is to home.
Big Love,