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Happy Chinese New Year! February 19th, 2015 begins the year of the wooden sheep in Chinese Astrology.

We just ended the year of the horse – the qualities of the horse are all about power and strength. All the galloping that took place though was on the inside (all the places where we needed to balance our power and strength from within) – the places within where we feel powerless, thus activating our anger so we can release the victim consciousness and feelings of powerlessness.   What a perfect way to find our balance now, welcoming the energy that is represented by the year of the wooden sheep. I am sure that we are still clearing out subtle energies of anger and powerlessness as we begin this most abundant magical year of the sheep.   In our perceptions it serves us really well to look at what is possible. How can you perceive things in a new way?

sheepThe positive qualities of the sheep are:

  • generosity.
  • strong and steady path to bring your high visions and goals into practical step by step form.
  • really walk your talk – be your greatest self and live fearlessly.
  • stand strong in your high moral principals, choosing peace and love as we build our foundations, being gentle, yet kind and compassionate are all positive traits of the sheep.  Teamwork and collaborations of all kinds are magical elements that are bringing people together, building communities of like heart and mind.  There is so much beauty and creative energy that is inviting us deeply to connect and express ourselves intuitively and creatively, taking daily action steps and trusting our inner guidance as we perceive our new world into being, taking care of our inner and outer home, being  responsible for our environment, and spending as much time as possible out in nature is perfect as we bring our creative expressions living in harmony with the earth.
  • The sheep feels strongly about home.  Our home is our physical body, our physical house that we live in and our earth home.  It’s important to honor, and make choices that reflect high values, such as peace, joy, compassion and trust in taking care of our homes.


The physical body is my home – it houses my spirit.  It’s my responsibility to love, nurture and care for this home by thinking positive thoughts, by allowing my physical body to feel all of my emotions, releasing all old suppressed limiting feelings, and by nurturing my body with foods, vibrations, and water that support a thriving environment.

The house my physical body lives in, is a building that is a structure called “home” where I create an environment for my physical body to experience, rest, laughter, music, nurturing, honoring, peace, friendship, feeling loved and cared for, sexually alive, creatively inspired in harmony, and relaxed at home.

This building called my “home,” is standing on the earth which is also my home.  It is so bountiful, so vibrant, so sensual, and so full of abundance, so full of prosperity, so full of beauty, and plenty of goodwill.  This home is also my responsibility – to be a good steward, infusing it with positive  thoughts and emotions, to take positive actions and spread as much peace, JOY, love and light to all.  I rejoice in the embodiment of my creative soul as she expresses her infinite expressions of love, allowing her body to thrive, to feel, and create, living in harmony with the earth.  All of these homes live within me, it all starts with me – living from the inside out.

Harmoniously yours,

Unleashing my Venus