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DivineMotherMother Earth,

The Divine Feminine in all of us,

Happy Mother’s Day, every day, to you.

Female and Male alike, honoring the energy of nurturing, Love, Trust, Faith in the Mother, Faith in the Divine, trusting the inner Goddess, come alive, supporting our growth, our dreams, our visions, our hearts. Moving into the sacred heart of the divine aligning the higher mind of God.

All eyes on you, the Divine Feminine — what will she do?

How will she rise… how will she be honored?

We bow to her in honor and full glory, full support of the Divine Feminine, we thank you so much, for your beauty, for your grace, for holding space for all the children to feel love and be loved. For all the children to be fed, and nurtured, to play and play and play like children do on a summer’s day.

We bow in grace and honor celebrating you, the fullness of you, rising in equality, balance, beauty, and strength, you are the mountain, you are the powerhouse in full passion.

She, You are open, receptive, relaxed, feeling at peace within, solidified and harmonized. She, You are trusting, even though you can only see the next step, you are tending to your inner garden, it is beautiful, full of new growth, full of new blooms.

You know that the divine masculine is there, ready to enter your womb, to do the dance in sacred union, so delighted to be with you, he is ready, focused, honoring, waiting for your JOY, waiting for your move.

He has stepped back to allow you to rise, and feel, and speak. All eyes are on you. What will you do, in your full passion, your fire totally ignited?

She, is rising.
You are rising.
She is celebrating.
She is dancing.

She is singing, laughing so hard it’s infectious.
She is resourceful.
She is moaning, her JOY making all kinds of sounds
like whales do when they send us their hello.

She is fierce, she has come full circle
she knows things
she is a knower, she is a seer,
she is the medicine.

She is YOU.

She has released the victim, for once and all the victims… she is not,
she has released the victim for all,
the ancestors she cried, she grieved, she shed the lies the limitations, she said.
She is the Goddess of the underworld
rising up in scared beauty… she can’t be contained…
she can’t be denied.
She is all empowered, she is unstoppable.

She is a Woman of honor.
She is a Woman of her word.
She is the word as it was intuited in the beginning.
She is FIERCE.
She is Gaia.
She is YOU.
She is the GARDEN.
She is EDEN.

At the highest spiritual cosmic level, this is the power used by the God-like beings at the close of a cosmic cycle in projecting the basic formula, “The Word” which will start a new Universe.
Dane Rudhyar

In the beginning was the word and the word was with GOD and was God. All things came into being through the word_what came into being was life – the light of all people. And the word became flesh. John 1:1-4 (calling the Christ the word).

I stand open, ready, receptive, celebrating YOU. Bowing to you.
All my love,