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“There are two ways of spreading light; to be the candle or the mirror that reflects it.”
— Edith Wharton.

My Love Letter to YOU.

It’s hard to believe that we have six weeks before the ending of 2014.  This year has been so very powerful, so rewarding, and so intense.

I bet you can relate to that.

At the Creative Heart Retreat in March, my Powerpoint slides accompanying my talk featured the image of the horse. In Chinese Astrology, we are in the year of the horse in 2014 – soon coming to a close.   At the starting gate, all the horses are all lined up and ready to run.   When the gate opens, the horse is now ready to gallop in her or his full glory. Yet the galloping that took place was on the inside – all the places within where we needed to balance our power and our strengths. The qualities of the “horse” was what the inner relay-race was all about.

Weew!!   It’s been nonstop galloping, from the inside out.

This is also the perfect set up for our next year of 2015.  The coming Universal number 8 year is bringing us many opportunities for Balance, for Money, and for Power (more on this in the next newsletter).

I find the gifts so rewarding on so many levels, and I feel so grateful after experiencing some epic shifts in this last month/year – letting go of the old world entirely and getting “back to the basics.”  I began seeding and grounding my new foundation and structure in “GRATITUDE”.   I discovered (and still am discovering) that I am feeling gratitude in a very new way — the most amazing way, through “giving.”

Giving is not new, however in giving unconditionally, we are not attached to how the gift is received and that feels ‘new and joyful.’

Giving is a powerful way to learn how to receive.

Feeling so grateful to “Give”
I absolutely love how playful I feel when I express myself in this way. I found that by my being in a state of gratitude of “giving,” I am not looking for ways of what to be grateful for.  Being and feeling “Gratitude” is a desired and optimal vibrational state of being, the blessings are always there; we can always find many things in the present moment to be grateful for – like when someone presents us with a gift in our external world [for instance, yesterday I was gifted a helicopter ride over the San Juan Islands, and a lunch, on a beautiful sunny new moon Sunday] – and me being open to receive this huge gift is also part our receiving, and to bring ourselves into balance of giving and receiving.


Spontaneous giving is what I love
I take so much pleasure from spontaneous giving.  I will think of someone I love and spontaneously, creatively gift them something from me.  Really taking the time to show the value, the appreciation of what they mean to me in my life.

I love giving expressions of love. In the giving I am receiving the gift of witnessing another’s JOY – what a blessing.

It brings me so much Joy when people I love are spontaneously being presented with an opportunity to receive, which is what living in Gratitude is all about – aligning with the Law of Giving and Receiving in Balance.

This now has created a vibration – a field that is alive and what this love letter is all about.  Today I have decided to gift you with a special recording that I made for you.  I want you to have it from my heart to yours. Your only job is to receive – may you be filled with many blessings in your life.

Being able to receive is a very important piece, which I have really had to learn this past year – being open and vulnerable, to allow others to help me, support me, gift me, and be open to many opportunities and gifts to practice the art of giving and receiving.

How do you practice and live “Gratitude” in your life?
What are the many ways you experience the blessings of giving and receiving in your life, in Balance?

My gift to you:
The recording is called “The Pot of Gold” — the Essence is Gratitude.
Part of the reading was read from my favorite rainbow deck of cards by Mara Berendt Friendman and Trinity Harris.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving and every day,
I honor, celebrate, and thank you for being part of my experience.
I’m wishing you a very Happy, Healthy, Thanksgiving.
I am grateful for YOU.

I am grateful for

Love, Love, Love,
Peace, Joy and Light.

P.S.  You have to listen to this song too: Light the World with Love