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Memorial Day Retreat…..

Come Play with us in person or from the comfort of your

own home…… we made it possible for

Love, creative love, and more love…….

Where can you go and get this much love being right at home…. I am sending this out on my blog to offer every one the opportunity to come and co-create with us…….

Join us for the virtual retreat from the comfort of your own home…

4 days of unconditional love with people who are pioneering the way

where other than the new earth can you get a retreat… for $12.25 cents per day??  No brainer.

We are creating physical products and you are invited to create with us from

wherever you are……See you in 2 weeks….

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“The intuitive mind is a sacred gift and the rational mind is a faithful servant. We have created a society that honors the servant and has forgotten the gift.” – Albert Einstein


The Creative Heart Team Invites You to the Reatreat
The Creative Heart Team Invites You to the Reatreat

We have always been creating our reality!

But what part of us really does the creating?????

We know that when we are in touch with our sacredness, connected to Source through our heart and our higher mind, magic happens.

And  – how much space do we as adults allow for in our lives to play with real heart inspired creating.

Our upcoming retreat is an invitation to you

to gift yourself with the space to immerse yourself

in creating from your heart, playing with other ‘like-spirited’ souls

in spontaneous Source inspired creating!

 Early Bird Special $99.- till May 13th!!!!!!!!

T h e   C r e a t i v e   H e a r t   R e t r e a t

CH retreat heart May '13  

Creativity, Collaboration and Community:
An experiential weekend in Our New Earth

Thursday May 23 6:30pm – Sunday May 26 1:00pm
LaConner, WA
(or via Webcast in your own home)

To Learn more

Visit our website: http://www.thecreativeheart.org

Kornelia Dengel

Kornelia’s passion is to ignite the spark within you, inspiring you to step into your full creative potential and share your unique expression within the Whole.  In this inspirational talk I  will share some creative ideas and playful ways that we can invite creativity into our life right way.  Together we will explore what creating means to you, bringing  a new level of awareness that you will discover about yourself.   I am also inviting you to co-create a special project with me,  the virtual community is included.

Kornelia’s website is:  www.korneliadengel.com 

Marianne Green

Providing a loose structure for our ‘heart-inspired’ creations, Marianne will be leading us forward through a process of accessing an image through meditation and sacred sounds. This image (or perhaps oracle cards for those who have difficulty with inner visions) will provide the basis for personal and group ‘stories’, which will then be expressed creatively through different media (art, an ebook, a video, voice, music and movement improvisations, for example). Space will be honored for inspirations from Source. We will continually be supported (by the team – physical and non-physical) to allow our hearts to guide us, as joy and depth bubble to the surface from the infinite creative life force. Individually, and as a group, we will be creating 5D. The embodiment of this experience is transformational!

To learn more about this process, please visit my website, in particular: http://www.sphericalimprovisations.com/workshops.htm#66426299

Janet Hickox

Astrology and numerology intertwine in this presentation designed to help participants identify and then release their blocks, limiting thoughts, shadow self, and wounds that prevent them from being their true creative selves. Each participant will have their chart done and their basic numerology profile to work from.  As we get to anything that may be standing in the way of your being creative, Kornelia will assist you in releasing any emotional blocks and or feelings that are standing in your way of moving forward in your life and in your creative expressions.  Be sure to include your birth date, birth time, birth place on your registration questionnaire in order for us to have an astrology chart prepared for you.

Janet’s website is:  www.living-astrology.com 

Kevin Doheny

“Sound is a carrier-wave for consciousness,” so Kevin will have his keyboards and sound gear on hand to play and transmit consciousness through the physical medium of sound. When he’s not playing the keyboards, Kevin will have on his “techie hat” as he manages all things technical, including sound, the webcast, and interacting with the “virtual retreat” attendees. During Kevin’s time to play on Saturday morning, he’ll also give a brief presentation on manifesting and creating, and then take people through an experience of connecting to their heart’s passion while he plays.

You can learn more about Kevin and listen to some of his music at http://www.soundmindbodyhealing.com/kevin.htm

Cleo Bouffiou

Taking you into a deep meditation connecting you into the depth of your heart space. Creating an energitic space connecting to your Soul/Higher Self. From this point taking you on a journey where you will meet those you have believed to be the authority on how you feel and who you believe yourself to be. Through Soul conversations you will have an opportunity to see patterns not just from the illusionary authority you meet, but how these beliefs are passed from one generation to the next. Then providing divine support cutting the cords energetically freeing you up to live in your higher aware nature.

To learn more about The Soul Talk Technique please visit www.inner-vision.net

Roger Wetzel

Roger will be kicking off the retreat with an introductory games night. How often do we walk into events being a bit reserved or shy? Have you ever noticed that on the last day of an event that there are a couple of people you did not meet? Not to worry: the goal with game night is to get everyone fully engaged, fully present with not only themselves but together with all of the participants.

Kristina Sophia

We express who we are and what we bring to the world through our voice. Often we hold back verbalizing our truth, even though there is a deeper part that is longing to be expressed. Opening our body, mind and soul to 100% freedom of expression releases blockages, gets our creative juices flowing and energizes us to be who we came here to be.

For the last 15 years Kristina has helped people free their voice. She will create a safe place for us to express, sing and create musical experiences. Everyone can do this. Those of you who believe you can’t sing will especially benefit, and those who do sing will access new realms of musical creativity.