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Free Falling into my JOY~~~~~

Looking through the eyes of my infinite soul….I am LOVE’S Universal moment.

My Vision is to embody, express and radiate the fullness of my being. I am a leader of Universal Consciousness of the New Earth. My Mission is Self love and Self Acceptance. Embodying my Divinity and being this example of healed and whole living. This a role that I have chosen to take on with deep honor and appreciation. My sacred journey, requires that I live in a state of surrender to allow myself to sense the will of the divine to express through me. I control my thoughts and my actions and I release the need to control others.

It takes a huge amount of courage to embody ease and grace in all areas of my life, through my devotion to only see love and beauty this is now possible. My Heart leads the way and I don’t look back. I leave behind the past, the lies the blocks and the limitations and my His`story’s challenge, as I break free from past restraints and boldy step forth now without delay. I surrender my spirit and my ego in balance. This week I am embodying the zero point of trust~ in each and every now moment.

I ~Intend and I trust my Hearts desire is lived and experience in each and every now moment. The practice is letting go of all attachments to how I think, things should be, and surrendering to accepting and loving what is. There is a huge amount of freedom in this. I love, love , love my heart, I love the choices I make, I love myself, I love my new innocence, I trust the new path before me. I am so grateful for this now moment, to have the courage to be the magnificence.

It is so fun and exciting to know that all is possible, that fear is not real, that all has been worth it. I live in adoration and honor to live the sacred circle of life, expressing my integrated JOY for the greater good of all. What a beautiful “Adventure” one of the virtues that I value deeply.

I am the Mother I am awakened I am Ma Buddha…
I am the Passion the New Earth.
I dream I create I enjoy…..
I Am ~Kornelia unleashing my Venus

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