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Today is 12/12/12 a very special day on this planet for all the beings who know this and for me personally on so many levels. This expression of love and gratitude goes out to all the path pavers, to all the way showers, to all the role models, and to all the healers, who are being the examples and believing in the birth of a new earth. To all the Lightworkers, for their continued willingness to clear and hold the new frequency of light so we can birth the new — this path has not been easy and goes with out saying how many times we have been brought to our knees and surrendering ourselves to spirit. I want to thank you for not giving up, and not allowing anything to stand in the way of you claiming your sovereignty and freedom. It has all been worth it every bit of energy which has been devoted to it! One of my role models Angela Pergola had a wonderful affirmation written in this mornings Blessing and I am sharing it with you.

I Kornelia, affirm and declare I am a host for the Host of Love, Intelligence that assembles within the heart of every man at this blessed time of the year. My consciousness spreads wide with the gift of divine connection — so wide that it’s very presence engulfs and transforms even the smallest atomic particles within my domain. I am the true gift of Spirit this season and I am grateful for the infinity of opportunities to be such a carrier medium on this day and every day. One by one, love touching love, we move into the Higher image and likeness of Source Intelligence.
You can check out more of Angela’s work on www.angelaperegoff.com

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