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Free Falling into my JOY~~~~~
Looking through the eyes of my infinite soul….

Wow, so much stretching and purging for me this last week as I wobble, trying to find my balance living and experiencing true divine union within me.
This sacred marriage of the feminine and masculine within.

I knew the “practice” was going to be the integration period.
“Trusting” the flow of the Divine Feminine within.

Moving deeper and deeper into my feminine side of receiving. I open, and I continue to open wide as I take another leap into the unknown to integrate my balance here.

Letting go of all attachments and how I think things should be. My ego was having such a challenging time with this, the ego wants to know it is safe. Our conversation went like this, the ego said, you mean to tell me that you are just going to stand by and not do anything, you are just going to trust that everything is going to work out and you are just going to allow it all to fall away? I said yes my dear, I understand your fear and I have compassion for you, I will stand by to allow all the mistrust, the insecurity, and the feelings to fall away to allow a new way of being to take over. You are just going to have to trust me here. We are going to give this a few weeks and let me remind you that I am not powerless here and that I can change things in an instant. I love you so very much.

Then I observe myself in another experience this happened a few days ago, when I found myself demanding to know the answer to something very important in my life, can you imagine that? Demanding to know, the answer now!! The divine in me was having a real laugh with this one.
After having this experience and being the observer in it, I noticed this old masculine energy of force is not in alignment with my new receptive feminine side of trust, attraction and magnetizing soul/heart intentions.
~~~ Breakthrough~~~

Therein lies the key, in the not knowing the answer, living in the void allows the divine to express through me in the moment. This is where the magic happens, this is how we are living life in the new. It takes unspeakable courage to trust the pure radiance of love to shine through and be the example of a badass warrior Goddess of LOVE!!

The Integration continues~ as we lead humanity into UNITY~

I am the Mother I am awakened I am Ma Buddha…I am the Passion the New Earth.
I dream I create I enjoy…..
I Am ~Kornelia unleashing my Venus

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