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In every now moment with each and every one of YOU…

It’s our time to SOAR.  It’s our time to know that “anything is possible.” It’s our time to trust the flow, and to trust the amazing miracles that are showing up for you.   Have you noticed the ease taking place in your manifestations, and have you noticed that the other shoe is not going to drop, the bottom is not going to fall out, and that the ground in the New Earth has been prepared and the CONCRETE is about to be poured. The building has begun in earnest.

Last year was such a huge pivotal time for US, and for me, personally.  Writing my book Peace the Flip-Side to Anger was to experience my own liberation to peace on earth.  The book is not published yet, but the job – the inner job – is done.  The inner peace I feel within myself (my being the Vibration of Peace on Earth) has been all worthwhile, in order to feel and then release the inner war, the inner fighting within me – releasing all the anger and all the powerlessness within me, realizing that we can’t force others to change (I can only change myself), that we don’t fight war with anger – we release the powerlessness within us, bringing our love and compassion and understanding to each other.  All the places within myself that where at war within myself, have been brought into harmony.

In my experience I created, “to meditate with millions of others who knew the urgency of the moment, when we all came together to bless the land, meditating with millions of people around the world on September 21, 2014 (International Peace Day).” That day that changed the world – my world – forever.  What an honor to have shifted this planet into the path of Glory and Peace.

Then, later the next month, I remember October 2014 – releasing the old world entirely and seeding the new ground (the new foundation) with seeds of “Gratitude” – feeling so grateful to be part of the magnificent plan, to be here now at this most auspicious time on this beautiful planet.  I am conscious and aware to know that it all begins with each and every one of us, collaborating and co-creating in Unity with each other, building “Cities of Love” everywhere. The ground is seeded with “Peace on Earth” along with seeds of Gratitude and Integrity.

This last past month, Integrity has been a stern teacher, showing me where I was still out of my integrity, then seeing it and making the changes – not judging myself for those old habits where I used to get away with stuff, or allowing myself to get away with stuff.  There is no need to get away with stuff.  The beloved ego was really having a hard time with that one.

Seagull Sunrise 560

It’s a new dawn, it’s a new day, it’s a new year, with so much consciousness, so much love, so much pure energy – and it all happens in each and every present moment.  The heaven and earth merge is finally here.  Happy New Year to all of you – may this be the year where you experience the truth of who you are, with so much ease in your creative endeavors, so much fun, and so much romance and intimate connection in all your relationships.  Let me not forget the amazing wealth and abundance that is continuously flowing your way.  Can you open to receive more of your true divine inheritance right here, right now, and can you bring your confidence, your love, and your positive high frequency, as you are becoming and remembering your truth?

Ahhh… It’s not business as usual. There are new ways of doing things, with more ease and more fun than we have had in the past.  We are becoming Flow Masters, masters at creation, mastery in the physical, and mastery in our expressions of Love.   Many of us are making contact with our star lineage, and new ways of communication are being experienced.

The weather in the Pacific Northwest has also changed – it feels like it’s spring time.  Just a few weeks ago, I heard the birds – the spring birds – singing in concert like they do in the spring time when flowers are about to bloom.  It does not feel like we are in the middle of winter at all, so there are huge changes afoot.  I hear that 2015 is the Year of True Wealth, Vibrant Health, Financial Prosperity, SOARING Spirituality, Fulfilling Purposeful Work, Supportive Loving Relationships and it all begins with YOU having the confidence to be your highest potential.

A friend of mine (who is a football fan) was so very CONFIDENT that the “Seahawks would win the game is sending them to the Super Bowl.   Even though I am not a football fan, I affirmed them winning.  I affirmed it because I wanted my friend to succeed in her confidence with how passionate she believed in her team.  She said it was not possible that they cannot win, that there is just too much positiveness and love for this team, and she said it with every ounce of her being.

What is it that you believe in and are you willing to back that up 100 % with your Confidence?

Are you willing to bring that confidence into each and every now moment?

Share with us here on the blog and we will affirm your success. We want you to succeed and achieve what you are passionate about. What’s your hearts desire?

Are you willing to back up your belief with so much confidence that there is no way you cannot succeed?

Are you starting a new business, or are you looking for new work?  Are you getting ready for your true love, or experiencing more health, healing, and abundance than ever before?

Are you ready to FLY?

Are you ready to Soar?

Make 2015 (the Now)  THE year where you will succeed at everything you place your conscious focus on.

You deserve it – it’s your turn.

We are rooting for you.  We want to see you thrive!

All the best,
Your cosmic Cheerleader,

Unleashing my Venus