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From my soul to your soul. I am gonna get right to it.  You’re finding yourself with issues that are coming back whether they are health challenges, relationship challenges or unhappiness with your job… or you may be a self-employed business owner who is just getting started in a new direction and you are not sure how to increase your income.

I want to remind you of the big picture ——
you are laying down your foundation, you are laying down a new gird for your new life in the new earth.
It’s you– that is doing it.
You are making choices each and every moment that are based on what you value.
Living  Heaven on Earth is about making choices that reflect freedom.
Being free is a Core Value. Feeling uncomfortable is normal.
when you don’t know the outcome of the choices you are making you must trust, embody trust.

The opposite of trust is betrayal, a Core wound.
Release that energy once and for all and bring trust to every choice you make.

You can never go wrong in choosing love.  you can never go wrong in choosing freedom.  Freedom in how to think, freedom in how to work, and how to earn money. To live in financial freedom is your birthright. You even have the choice to give birth to yourself right now. When you freely choose to bring your physical body into the self-healing vessel that your body is and allow the miracles to happen, rebirth has occurred.

A close friend of mine was finding himself in despair with a returning health challenge.  His energy was down — he was going down the rabbit whole feeling fear, not knowing what to do.  and frankly, he was frightened.

I reminded him that this issue is coming up for resolution now and that the way he chooses to approach and respond to this situation is key.

The truth is, love has the power to heal all.
When we approach a situation, any situation with fear, we are tight, closed off and in total resistance to the miracle that is waiting to overtake your body, your life.

YOU are your own Shaman. You are the one that is birthing the new paradigm shift with your consciousness and with your choice.
instead of choosing to feel fear and worry and doubt – which are low vibrational feelings for your body –
and why would you want to feel that?

I want you to lean into the miracle. I want you to lean your physical body into the solution that is already there just waiting for your love, your management, your direction.

You have to be open to it. You have to choose it.
you are the Shaman, the healer and the facilitator.

First, you must.
accept where you are.  Acceptance of what is ——accept the challenge, feel the feeling of your acceptance.
Include the challenge into your experience.  Include —not exclude, bring your acceptance to it. YOU may not like it
and that’s ok but—-the big picture is for the healing to happen for the miracle to happen.
when you take this action (which is a response to love), the healing can happen,
the miracle can happen and the solution can make itself known to you.

Second…be open

For the miracle to happen, for spontaneous healing to take place, for the perfect healing modality coming into your experience.
What is it that your body needs?
What is it that your body wants?
Do you value your body?
Are you making choices that reflect that truth?
(meaning choosing love over fear.  bring your physical body into a state of non-resistance).

Be open for the miracle, learn into the miracle. For accelerating healing to happen, speak the words out loud:

“I resist nothing”
“I accept myself as I am”.
“I accept the situation as it is”.
“I am open to spontaneous healing”.
“I am open to the miracle”.
“I am the miracle”.
“I am willing to see the solution that my body needs”.
“I am so grateful”.
“I am so free….and I
feel the difference”.

Are you ready to be your own Shaman?
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Live your life empowered -abundant-  wealthy and free.
Live your life as you originally intended before you were born
to live in paradise, heaven on earth…. free to be.


The celebration corner.
The new relationships.
In- to- me -you- see.  True Intimacy. Divine Union.

I am back home now from Kauai. It has been an incredible month living there learning about the island of Kauai and her people. It will take me a while to integrate all that took place there. With the recent flood that took place my life, as Kauai’s, is forever changed.

My sweetheart joined me on the island the last week I was there for some romance and to look at our relationship and talk about where we want to go from here.

Many new love relationships are unfolding and other relationships are changing.  Each person in the relationship is being asked to be true to his/her core values and bring those values to the relationship.  The most amazing love relationship you have is with your self and when you bring that authentic self and truth to your most intimate relationships with others, you will experience a love greater than you ever imagined.

One thing I love about being in a relationship with my beloved is how we both stand strong and true to what we value without compromise, being true to self at the risk of losing the relationship, not settling for less than what our souls want to experience. We have developed excellent communication skills over the last 2 years and we are closer now than ever.  I am noting here that I am happier than I have ever been and it is not dependent on my partner, yet he is mirroring to me the love that I feel and that I  am.  I am also celebrating being in a relationship that is not co-dependent. We are together because we choose to be, in love and freedom.

Here is a text that he wrote to me after I expressed my vulnerability to him and telling him how much he means to me and that I don’t want to lose the relationship.

Good morning dear Lover
thank you for your wonderful heartfelt communications
please trust that I am reading every text you send
and working to keep up with your creative productions
I appreciate the ownership and the emotional vulnerability you expressed
in Kauai and now with these messages.
trusting tender truthfulness
comes to heart from recent contemplation of our intimate experience
on the jungle island.  thanks for being such a wonderful mirror for my life.
please feel my closeness to you now
and know that I am loving YOU.

We met 30 years ago.

On my way from Kauai to Seattle, I  had a 3-hour layover in Maui and created a reunion with a long time best friend from back in the day.  We met 30 years ago and this was a special treat she met me in baggage claim and whisked me away to a nearby restaurant where we got caught up with each other.   It was wonderful to meet my soul sister again.  Of course, the time flew by so fast and we have since had many hours of communications on the phone and many more to come.  My friend at this time is in deep grief as her beloved partner in a marriage left this plane of existence and now she is trying to pick up the pieces and go on with her life.  She shared with me a special gift that I want to share with all of you that are building your Instagram pages.
5d- business tips this is from planetjanet.

Great keywords for # tags on Instagram for your page (of course you will also come up with many yourself).

  • Always put a # before your keywords because these are words that people use in searches. And THIS is what will get you followers… Especially on the posts where you have a guest on your radio show talking about a specific self-help topic. (hint – add some of the words to hashtags that you use in your photo for that airing)
  • Remember, no spaces on multiple words and no space after the #, but you will add a space for each word(s)
  • And spelling is VERY important. Check your words. Typos get no views.

Here are some good examples for you to get you started. You will start to notice more “likes” and get more followers. Also, you can keep a master list and paste them in your post so you won’t have to keep typing them all in. But you can also add to your list for specific posts.

One more tip – I would go look at the keywords from other people/pages I follow and look at their keyword lists for their posts. * Huge tip – when you first type in a hashtagged word, a list will come up – ALWAYS choose the one with the most used (the word #love has like 180,000,00). There will also be additional words on that list that you can click on and it will add to your post.

# empower # self-healing #peace #love #selflove #lawofattraction # intuitive # consciousness #intuition #loveyourself #serenity #playful #laughter #heavenonearth #paradigm #attraction #tranquil #goodvibes #passion #truth #your truth #inspiration #respectyourself #beautiful #amazing #loveit #positivity #positivevibes #confidence #heart #authentic #honesty #happy #courage #connection #change #kindness #innerbeauty #growth #mindfulness #faith #transformation #selfrealization #inspiration #balance #universe #harmony #light #joy #motivation #healing

Okay, I think you get the idea. 😊 And I won’t charge you for my awesome Marketing skills… 😉

Here’s a little homework –

  1. Go to a page you like, click on a post and look for their hashtag words.
  2. It will take you to a page where all those posts that used that word.
  3. At the top, there is a number (the bigger the number, the more that word is being used)
  4. Look around to get other ideas for keywords.

Happy Mother’s day.  You are your own inner parent.

In deep Honor and Gratitude
For all the Goddesses and Mothers on Earth and Beyond.
Happy Mother’s day to our Beautiful Mother Earth our nurturing mother loving us, and gifting us with so much beauty so much abundance and life.
Everything is growing a new
New Births to Birth new creations to create and form.
New passions, New love, New consciousness, New Earth
New babies, New Relationships.Deeper love.
Richer Intimacy.
Deeper Nurturing
More love for self.
You as the Child as the mother or father of the Divine are worthy of so much love….
Happy Mother’s Day to all of us divine parents.

From my soul to your soul.
From my empowered self to your empowered self
cheers to our victory
your success is my success
my success is your success.
you’re beloved
Kornelia the ultimate relationship guru~