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From Rags to Riches with a little help from my friends.

I was not prepared feeling so vulnerable to take action but there it was I had to show up and I had to show up big if I wanted to change my life.  This was about standing up for what I value/ myself and what I wanted to bring into my life. There was a deadline I had 2 days to deliver and shine my light as bright as I can and bring my best foot forward even though my vulnerable self wanted to stay hidden and undercover.

Yet at the same time, I knew we were a match made in heaven.

“Come On Baby, Light My Fire”.
I hit the Jackpot with this experiende  and I’m gonna share it with you in more ways than one. 
They wanted a storyteller.
The ad read——  Best JOB On The Planet.
Best Job On The Planet
$10,000 / month
Blog, Write, Photograph – Best Job On The Planet!

  • Travel the world, while staying in multi-million dollar luxury vacation homes. Pays $10,000/month plus all travel expenses for a 3-month period staying in up to twelve (12) of the most luxurious homes. Your travels will take you to some of the most desired resorts and homes across the globe.   
  • Must have the ability to understand and appreciate luxury and share your experiences with the world via blogging and vlogging along with other social media outlets.
  • Excellent writing skills
  • Candidate can be located anywhere in the world to start. 
  • You must be able to travel the world for three months!


  • Experience in social media, writing, blogging, vlogging and the ability to tell a great story and promote our brand through eloquent words, pictures, videos.
  • Luxury connoisseur with an appreciation for the finer things in life and a clear understanding of the hospitality industry.
  • Experience with international travel. 

Qualifications for the role:

  • Valid Passport/visa, drivers license, no fear of flying, no criminal record. Ability to travel well.
  • Must be at least 18 years of age
  • Pets are not allowed 
  • Must be available for travel from late summer to late fall.
  • Must be able to able to travel for 3 consecutive months


  • Here is A contract position that pays USD$10,000/month plus all travel expenses for a 3-month period for the individual who is chosen as the finalist.
  • One travel companion allowed at any given time to accompany the finalist during their travels. (THIRDHOME will not pay for travel expenses of companion)

To Apply:

  • Please send us a one-minute video telling us why you are the best candidate for the best job on the planet to: bestjobontheplanet@thirdhome.com 
  • Applications without a video will not be considered.
  • Application deadline is March 30, 2017.



There was something attractive about reading this ad. It pulled me in.  

Isn’t that what we all want, work that is meaningful, that pays well and is alignment with what we value, expressing our passion and doing what we love.?

It’s our divine birthright, after all.

The more I kept reading, the more it made me feel like a huge vortex portal was opening up and I was now being drawn in, spiraling up into limitless possibilities, feeling the feeling, the emotion of what I really wanted to experience.  I was feeling this in my body, all my senses were drawn in.

They hit all my passions, blogging, writing, traveling the globe, communicating my JOY and living, if even for a short time, in luxury homes across the globe. There was not one part of me that did not feel in alignment with that prosperous experience.  

Knowing the wealth that I feel inside of me, my love, my value, my intelligence, an infinite wealth that has never been matched ‘yet’  in my outside experience, that my true worth and wealth has never been attached to a bank account yet, I know, at the same time, that creating and living in luxury is something I love.

Transcending the lack consciousness on my planet has been a full-time JOB and I certainly have not been paid my true worth for doing this kind of work on the money scale.  It takes a lot of courage to live without all the things that your ego thinks it needs to have the space and time and experience in the reality to transcend the energy.   I have always known there is a huge purpose for not having the money flow in… because you can’t take anything with YOU anyway going through the eye of the needle you have to come naked and that is what I signed up for.  

To know the true meaning of value in the moment.  To know my true value can never be measured.

To bring the prosperity consciousness back to where it belongs in truth.  The new earth has been visioned for a long time but has just now been birthed.  In this next 9 year cycle, we are just now beginning laying the new foundation.  

Being paid my worth.  Now.  After all the years of transcending lack consciousness inside of myself and that of the collective, it’s time on this spring equinox to bring the financial equation into balance —— the balance of the spiritual being matched to the physical to bring the material wealth to the light workers.  What about the women who have never been paid their true worth equal to men?   We need to bring into balance the feminine( receiving ) with the masculine( action) creating a new world balanced from the inside out.  We know that the rags to riches storyline are first and foremost always an inside Job, just as peace is an inside job love is an inside JOB and as I said many times before the world is an inside JOB.

As I was reading each succulent word of the ad,  the sweetest of nectars, the more excited I became. This experience is lighting my fire in more ways than one and now I have chosen a new reality …..

I have created the best JOB on the planet because I claimed it and I  took action and applied for it.  My inner cheerleader was screaming “yes, yes, yes” to staying in multi-million dollar luxury homes, being paid thousands of dollars to help this company promote its brand, coming “home” on earth is what this life experience is about for me, coming “home” to my true authentic self.

The joy I am feeling with this opportunity and what it will offer me to put money down for a new home for myself..,….pay off some personal debt and of course invite my partner and some special  friends that have supported me over the years to come and spend a week with me in one of the fabulous places. 

And so it is.

As a pioneer and conscious creator, I am always pushing the envelope to reach higher and make a better life for myself/ for the greater good of all.   My friends always tell me they love the value I bring to their lives because my presence makes them reach higher to be better and be their authentic selves.  

We had a new moon in Aries the first new moon of the spring equinox seeding new beginnings in this next 9-year cycle. 

We came here to enjoy life to live in abundance and every single one of us deserves the best to the extent that we emit that frequency feeling our abundance from within and so without as above and so below.

Yet at the same time my multi-dimensional self-was at a point in my ascension experience where I am giving birth to newness and during the labor period I am feeling so uncomfortable, insecure, and uncertain of my beauty and the paths laying before me.  Clearing past life dreams/ regressions also leaves me feeling vulnerable in my skin …

and yet the universe was asking me to rise up now and claim my space, to shine my light and be who I came here to be regardless of the way my vulnerable self was feeling.  This experience brought me the perfect opportunity to be strong because being vulnerable is the new strength.  Being vulnerable is the new pretty.

Having been at this for a while, consciously transcending the density/ the shadows, the negativity, through every experience now I AM using this experience and the feelings this invokes in me to create a new reality. 

I made a call out to the universe. I called my team. I called the company of heaven, the mother, the father, the ascended masters, the angels and the Elohim, the builders of form, and asked for support that I shine my light to be a great example of truth, prosperity and beauty for myself, and for us all.  

This experience was way beyond this job. It was about fully standing in my authentic self as a creator and to honor my truth.  Into your hands, I give my love my life my soul, that I MAY be like you, infinite love, Infinite light.   Giving receiving “loving” the expression of sharing my authentic nature.

From the depth of my soul, I knew after all the heavy ascension work that has been done this was about claiming, creating the life I want to live and that is to live in harmony, in beauty, and in peace on this planet.

I had so much fun,and right from the beginning I kept checking in with my body to see anywhere within my being … 

did i feel to be a match to this kind of miracle, luck, abundance, luxury, JOY…whatever you want to call it….

and from my expanded self the “energy” this experience brings is  A Match Made in Heaven.

I only had a few days to send the company a video as to why I AM their best match,  thanks to my friends Marianne Green for her video skills and to all my friends who engaged with me on Facebook giving me their support as to why this company would benefit from contracting me.

They had thousands of applicants apply for this job and with my vulnerable self I showed up for myself regardless of what my lower ego mind wanted to tell me…to stay in my comfort zone and stay safe, there’s to many people you will never get it and blah blah blah….

Here is my submission.


My name is Kornelia Stephanie
I had so much fun with this experience.
Here is my 1minute video why I AM your best choice.
Hope you like it.


Click on the picture to see the one minute video.

I just checked 4/7/2017 the company will let us know within the first weeks in April who made it into the next part of the application process.  I will keep you informed.

For me it has been the JOY I feel in creating the life I want to live.
This is what this experience is all about and if believe that anything can happen it will.
The other good news is…… If it’s happening for me it’s happening for you.
( the ripple effect in process. )

What we do for one we do for all. and so it is.

Cheers to walking each other home.
We know that the rags to riches storyline is first and foremost always an inside Job.
Do you feel like…..
Act Like You Have Nothing to Lose When You Have Everything to Gain.”
Do you make choices in your life like the infinite multi-trillion crystal diamond you are?
If not why not?
why not.

Life is supposed to be fun. You said, “I’ll go forth and choose. I’ll look at the data, and I’ll say yes to this and yes to this and yes to this; and I’ll paint a picture of the things that I want, and I’ll vibrate about them because that’s what I’m giving my attention to. And the Universe will respond to my vibration. And then I’ll stand in a new place where a whole new batch of yeses are available, and I’ll say yes to this and yes to this and yes to this.” You did not say, “I’ll go forth and struggle into joy,” because from your Nonphysical Perspective you know it is vibrationally not possible. You cannot struggle to joy. Struggle and joy are not on the same channel. You joy your way to joy. You laugh your way to success. It is through your joy that good things come.

~ Abraham

Excerpted from the workshop: Los Angeles, CA on August 02, 1998

Peace love and liberty for all.