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Louise Hay, the Godmother of love,
slips away peacefully in her sleep on August the 30, 2017.
She died of natural causes.

Her famous words,

“I’m beautiful and everybody loves me”,

is true,  because everybody does.

And if everybody in the world would believe that about themselves, we would have no wars, we would have no sick people, and all the children in the world would be fed.

Then—– what would we be doing?

We’d be living in harmony with our true nature

—- and with nature!

Our words cannot express the Love she brought us through the years, her many gifts so freely given to us all.

Her vision was

“I just want to help people”,

said Cheryl Richardson who worked closely with Louise .  Her work not only changed people’s lives but saved peoples lives.  The incredible impact she had on people of all ages and all cultures is astonishing.

She’s a living saint—- A women with the feminine face of God.
Countless individual lives have been touched by her love and she became a global example of the power of love. The peace she has brought has been transformative, literally created mass events throughout the world.

Because of her example, love reigns supreme in my life. Her Book  YOU CAN HEAL YOUR LIFE and the belief the very title conveys was all the invitation I needed to heal mine.

Louise, at ninety, died peacefully in her sleep.   I am certain that she chose to go in her sleep, whenever her time would come, and she would be called to leave this party.

She was the pioneer, after all, choosing her reality with her thoughts, moving into alignment with her body.  She said we aren’t afraid to be born so why should we be afraid to die.  In the spring of 2007, she wrote that one of the next subjects she would like to study is death with the chance to teach us how dying is a joyful experience, part of a natural process, not a negative one as many choose to believe. Going peacefully in her sleep was in congruence with her belief system that we are to live a joyful life and then we will automatically have a joyful death.

If, of course, we believe that.

I believe she has accomplished what she intended, showing us how to die joyfully and in peace.  She says to all of us now  ALL IS WELL IN HER WORLD.  Louise, the leading lady in love, in life and again in death,  is a powerful, courageous example that will create even more global events, inspiring people to choose to view death and dying in a natural, truthful way.

Well done, Louise, well done.  We will miss being with you even though we know you are with us always.  We will miss your courage and now we will carry on with your example— Life Loves us.  If we believe that.  Do we love and choose to love ourselves as much as life loves us?

Interestingly, both Louise Hay and Wayne Dyer, dear friends and colleagues, died peacefully in their sleep on the same month, the same day, two years apart.  These two pioneers taught us how to live with grace and ease and how to die with peace in our hearts.

You can read my article: Dr. Wayne Dyer, an inspired soul lives on.

As I write this now, I am informing the universe and my body of my choice to go peacefully in my sleep when that time comes.  We just never know when that call comes.

Living in the Now, being at peace in each moment, has been my work and is a tribute to my mentors like Louise and Wayne.

Dear Louise, Can I tell you, pretty lady, you danced so well, you played so hard and you transformed the world with your presence. I am so glad you discovered the truth about yourself and helped me to discover the same:

I am beautiful and everybody loves me.

It sure did not come easy because you, too, were just like many, most of your childhood spent dealing with  physical and sexual abuse. You overcame self-hatred and discovered that humanity’s bottom line was a feeling of not being good enough, a core wound of not feeling worthy, due to low self-esteem.

All of the shame and guilt that you felt as a child and young adult you overcame victoriously with the courage to love yourself free.

“I am beautiful and everybody loves me”
is the phrase you, Lu Lu, are known for.

You’ve also taught us to look in the mirror and say
to ourselves   “I love YOU,  I really LOVE YOU”.

If all people on earth vibrated that belief,

where would we be right now?

I remember when this inner work began for me, learning to love myself.

There was a time when I could not say that to myself without crying.

I could not say, “I love you, Kornelia”.

Can you imagine that?

Why was that so hard?  Why is that so hard for people?

Louise, the imprint and legacy you leave behind will live on forever.
Because of YOU the individual, this planet and her people, are so much more loved.  Because of you the children of today will not know what self-hatred is. You have shown us the truth. Each and every being is forever touched by your gifts. Louise Hay, my heroic queen. I love YOU, Louise.
WE LOVE YOU.  Thank you so much, Lu Lu.  Rest in Peace.

I am happy all is well.  Life loved YOU and so do WE.