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April 27, 2014.

I AM the One, I AM the Whole, I AM LOVE, I AM God,
I Embody the Grace of ONE, who knows the truth of Who I AM.
I AM SOURCE ENERGY~ Expressing through Kornelia.

The time has come for me to express my authentic self and speak these words out loud — for not speaking them would be a dishonor to the truth of who I am.  It would be a dishonor of my knowing, not accepting  responsibility,  and frankly I can do nothing else but speak these words.  Once you know the truth you can’t go back; I can’t stay silent for the truth must be spoken; I can’t hide out of fear that of what others may think,  or stay in hiding of what I have done in the past; I can’t cover it up so it may not trigger others and make them uncomfortable.  I can’t dim my light, or stay small, for I have allowed it all in.  I can’t NOT transmit this energy as that would, as withholding it would be to go against life itself.

On February 15, 2014.

“I am God, I am Source,” was the morning writing. It has taken me two more months to embody and have the courage to speak this.

I AM that, I AM.

I expand and I release, I experience infinite potentials in every moment I choose.  I create what I choose and I create my own reality.  I called forth Freedom and Abundance in all areas of my life and I now allow it all in.  I embody my mastery and have released the old paradigm and released the ancestry from my physical body, with much love and appreciation.  I allow my light-body into my physical body.  I am taking my own biological freedom.  I accept with great honor and full responsibility, creating the freedom — true freedom — in my life.  True freedom to me means not having to rely on anything outside of myself — it all comes from the inside.  I release all programs, thoughts and limitations that are a distraction from this call. I am making the unconscious conscious in my life, and I now embark on a deeper level of evolving consciousness and cultivating my relationship with the Divine.  I cultivate a deeper experience of sensory awareness with deep compassion and love for me. I know that the darkness within me is my divinity; I accept and love all things about me without judgment; I know I am God through my experience, and it is so.

I have experienced much interference from other energies this last past week — if you can imagine that, in addition to my own resistance to speaking these words from my throat (the place where things can get stuck when the truth is not spoken).  We know the throat is connected to all the language we hear inside of ourselves.  The time has come to share and give voice to the God within me.  I know the truth of who I AM, to the depths of my embodied soul and my conscious knowing.

On April 14, 2014.

I experienced my first day of freedom on this planet, in this body, in my conscious knowing.  This knowing and experience is so humongous — so vast — that I tread a little lightly, that my body is still in shock to know what to do with all this freedom I feel from within. I am in a state of openness, wonder and curiosity.  It is such an honor to be here now and experience the vastness of Freedom here on Earth. (I will speak about the birth and bringers of Freedom in another broadcast.)

I know that I am a glorious radiant being of light, birthing and grounding in a new consciousness, living in total Freedom on this planet.

The Freedom — the Knowing — the Expression of Source… through me.

I bow to the Divine in me,  I bow to the teacher in me, and I bow to my spirit for the courage it takes to stand in my knowing and my conviction of speaking my truth.  When my teachers have talked about courage, and to be courageous, and to shine my light — to not hold back — I never knew to what extent they meant, until now.  I have always had the courage to go the extra mile, to walk the road less traveled, and to be the lonely rebel.  It takes so much courage to expose my true nature — to honor the fullness of my being — yet at this time of now, I cannot do anything else.  Reclaiming my power of God — my authentic organic blueprint of the New Human expressing myself as God, as Love, as Source — this is my divine birthright.

Every bit of this energy has been embodied, claimed, cleared, and allowed it all in.  Claiming my infinite and eternal light, accepting and claiming my greater responsibility to shine my inner sun, as a self-sustaining self-generating beacon of light. To co-create this new world together with you is an honor and a huge celebration.  We have done a lot of work to get here.

This is my service to the world. Seeing life through the eyes of God is my evolutionary path and is also my conscious knowing — to be of service to the world for the greater good of all.  Building a new Earth together with you — many of you who are also claiming your sovereignty, embodying Source energy, claiming your GOD SELF.  The journey has been treacherous and many times I did not think I was going to make it, many times I wanted to give up. Yet this physical incarnation has experienced many miracles and much healing of the physical body, the emotional body, and the mental body, and I am practicing and embodying my divinity — having released the contracts, the limiting beliefs, the ancestry, the emotional wounding, the slavery programs, the lies, the limitations, the judgments, and mostly the resistance to the truth of who I am.

My outside reality would still have me wait to say this — to own this, to have proof of the physical manifestation of prophecy — yet this conscious being in me knows I am the creator of my reality, expressing my authentic self in the interconnected ONENESS of all life.

I have taken full responsibility for my own healing, for my creations, and loving myself whole and home.  I am not separate from Source for I am source, and I see all beings whole and free.  My gift of expression is offering myself as an example, as a teacher, by showing the way and serving those that are suffering to be free of disease.  Seeing them as whole — regardless of what labels have been put upon them or whatever their diagnosis is.

I am Source energy expressing through Kornelia, to help uplift and elevate Humanity to a higher place.  With my head in the clouds and my feet on the ground, I know the truth of who I am.  There is so much coming and so much change, there is so much more being revealed and unveiled. It is so amazing to be here, it is an honor to be me, free to be me, the freedom to express myself as love — the truth of who I am: love in its fullest expression.  My greatest conscious desire: to be the greatest love of all.

I have and continue to have so many great teachers — my beloved teachers all of you.  I would not be where I am without you — for which I am eternally grateful and thank you so much for showing the way — for reminding us, of the truth of who we are. I thank you for your contribution in my life, thank you for all the tools, for showing me the way in to claim and be my own authority, to be my own guru. I thank you for all the channels, all the beings that gave the transmissions of higher way of being. Thank you to the teachers that have triggered me out of my greatest sorrow to allow the highest potential of love — I have released all attachments, and I humbly stand before you.

I claim it, I speak it, I know it, I am being it.
I am devoted to you.
It is done and so it is.

Deepok Chopra (one of our greatest teachers) states:
“You are God having a human experience. Anything shorter than that is a compromise.”
And so it is and so are “YOU.”

Blessed Be