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This is November 21, 2017.

Exactly 4 years ago,

November 21, 2013,

I wrote this:

Living my core freedom,

free falling into my JOY,

looking through the eyes of my infinite soul….

standing at the threshold of a new beginning, a clean slate for source to write and express through me, I see with my knowing. I feel confident with my inner lover. This last week so much purging, so much releasing the slavery program from my body, the earth and my soul group. This has been one year of releasing and now, It is done, it is clear, feeling the release on the left side of my body, mainly my ankle and my foot.

When I look at how huge this program was for me, and how having this program has prevented me from really being able to “receive” the abundance and love, ease and grace, I see that having an energy of being a slave in any way is a direct contrast to claiming my sovereignty. How can a being who has an imprint of slavery……… feel the energy of Infinite Flow….. ??

I am now open, and open wide, to be the receiver and transmitter of unconditional love. I am the example~~ I am the love I wish to see in the world. I know it starts with me, requiring practice to continue to soften, to continue to keep my walls down, stay open, vulnerable, soft flowing, yet also strong. I know this is art, a way of being, keeping my inner windows open, feeling and being compassionate and receptive, the art of hearing as opposed to just listening.

I am a soul in wonder. I am melting into my own presence with loving awareness, so much depth so much intimacy, so much gratitude for the grace of me, I thank my body, thank you for housing my beautiful spirit….Namaste…. Beautiful. How I honor you….As I step into the beauty of Being…living my life on my terms, really clear on what I value.

My relationships mirror to me the the new way I value me, everyone in my life honors and respects and values me, because I do. Every inch of where I was not valuing me, was felt and released. I open, and I open wide, to be the receiver of unlimited love…..as I joyously give it all away…

My boundaries are clear, my energetic boundaries are clear. Everyone in my life honors respects and values me.

Everyone in my life takes full responsibility for themselves.

The dominate energy in my life is limitless love. I resonate with that.

So this is my new beginning, a New Phase. My old life has reached it’s completion. My new life is rising with great ease as I resurrect like the phoenix……

I breathe into my body. I am fully worthy and my New Beginning unfolds with success and good fortune.

I am the Mother, I am awakened, I am Ma Buddha, I am the Passion, the New Earth.

I dream, I create, I enjoy…..


All is well in your world. Are you feeling the peace inside of you, are you feeling the rebirth taking place?

the reinvention of you?

how far you have come and how absolutely amazing you are?

We are moving into a very magical time,

a very sacred time,

our true, original first source essence divine blueprint.

We are rediscovering the true essence of our being.

We are becoming,

we are remembering.

I Am ~Kornelia, unleashing my Venus.

Source Sovereign Free