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Aloha –Kauai speaks, My body is not a storage facility, my body is sacred land.

Aloha –Kauai speaks, Nature uncensored through Kornelia Stephanie

My body is not a storage facility. My body is sacred land.

As you all know—
Kauai water—I feel backed into a corner. I have nowhere to go. I can’t go outside. I am stuck, the water is accumulating. I have nowhere to go, the thunder and lighting keeping me hidden.
It’s not safe to go outside.

The roads are flooding, animals are being trapped and the people have no food.
They can’t go outside.
When will you listen?
When will you hear me?

I feel not honored, I feel punished, I feel not respected. Where is the courtesy, where is the sacred honoring for the body, the land you live on?

Your body, my body the same,
made of water.
I came here to be free,
to flow,
not to be raped, trapped, trampled on, disrespected.
I came to flow.
i came to share my beauty with you, my abundance.
I came here to live in freedom.
When will you make time for me?
When will you honor— and process the water (emotion) that is within you?
When will you communicate with me?
I am suffocating
I am drowning here.
This is not a storage facility,
this is is sacred land.
Do you honor this?
This land is your mother, your home, your mother earth.
When will you communicate with her? When will you make time for her?
You have the power to shift this,
each and every one of you have the power to shift this.

Process your emotions, your water, and stop walking on eggshells around me.
Own that you are the steward of this land and that you and I are connected.
Don’t be afraid of your power.
Stop giving it away to your ego or to any source outside of yourself.
Don’t be afraid of me, cleansing myself and speaking my truth,
Don’t be afraid of my water, don’t be afraid of my fire, don’t be afraid of my wind, this is the way I clean myself.
The earth elements are what make you and I the same.

You are afraid of your power
You are afraid of your fire.
You are afraid of you water( emotions).
you are afraid of your air

You hold back your communications.

It’s safe for you to
articulate your beingness,

Watch me,watch what happens when you let things build up.
There is a flood, a cleansing, or a fire, or storm.
I have to honor my body. I have to cleanse myself
from all the abuse.
I am just doing what must be done organically,
won’t you join me?
I know you are preoccupied with your inner child
or is it your ego keeping you in fear?
Honor this process and feel my love.
You came here to connect with me.
You came here to flow and to live in abundance.
You came here to honor me and now is the time.
We are rising to another beginning,
won’t you hear me now?

You are strong, you are confident, you are powerful, you
are able.

Because of you processing your emotions,
the sun( son) came out today
so he can dry the land,
so he can shine that light, the masculine
action of shining with no judgment no matter what.
The sun/son….
the son in you, shining, healing, loving, confident, able,
healing the wounds/ the water/emotion, the mother, the feminine with his light, his warmth. Thank you, beloved, for your light. Thank you for seeing the sun, for seeing me, for feeling me.

Because you released, because you surrendered,
the ones that are trapped
will receive the support they need.
Each of you have the power
to release and surrender and let go of anything that is no longer serving you. Call out your feelings, create a safe container to be witnessed in your release.
We have been backed up for centuries and now
the time has come to balance the scales.
Your feelings, they matter.
your body is water like me. Express your water and heal yourself and in turn
you will heal my body—together we are one.
Namaste, beloved being.
Mahalo Mahalo Mahalo
It is my sacred honor to give you a place that you call home for the time we are here together, sharing experiences.

I am returning to my true divine nature.
You came to join me, to return to the root of our divine essence,
living in harmony with me.
I am the mother/ matter, nature.
Hear me, listen to me, communicate with me,
honor me. That time is now.

If you want to move in harmony with me
visualize blue sky,
calm waters.
Blue sky,
calm waters.
Blue sky, calm waters.
When the shift happens as it did yesterday, my body will respond to your body.

“My body is not a storage facility, my body is sacred land.
Your body is not a storage facility your body is sacred.”