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The inner saboteur actor comes knocking, feeling uncomfortable and at odds with all the changes, the fear and the old habits come up for a final farewell. Shake hands, thank you self sabotage, you have served your time well. Please pack your bags, take with you frustration and confusion.  The patterns and habits of this old world have no room for expression where we are going.  Congratulations, you have been released from prison.  We will miss you. It’s been interesting being distracted with you.  

love_flower1    is exchanged.

Love loves the inner saboteur free.  Love offers patience and compassion for the habits acted out by the saboteur actor who does not feel loved.   That’s what love does. It set’s you free.

New earth, new story.


Photo courtesy Katy Obrian French

FOCUS.  Love is the Law.  We begin with compassion and patience.  The next phase is moving into greater expansion and freedom.  We see new solutions, new choices, clear steps, feeling balanced, inspired and confident.  Rewriting the story, we know that life and the environment we create is based on the energy we bring to it.  We bring Love, butterflies, magic and vision.  

We are moving into conscious co- creation with the life-force, blessing the seeds we plant with our voice, our vision and our passion.

Welcome to paradise !

Who’s with me?

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  • Marianne says:

    I love this….. Helps me with better understanding my own innner challenge at the, moment. Thank you!!!!!!!