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My Ascension Journey

As a way-shower on the ascension path, a pioneer of the new world, it is my honor to model the new human template of self-realization, the full birth of the divine feminine in form and the self as source and source as self.   Being my authentic self now has been the inner work over many lifetimes of training and this lifetime was filled with so much pain to overcome that it was iffy if I was going to make it.   


I do not look outside myself for answers or approval as I remember that all the answers lie within. On the journey of coming home to the truth, I have cultivated an intimate relationship with my source knowing there is no separation between us.

Many times thoughts of suicide and self-hatred were staring me in the face. The fact that I am still alive today is a miracle in itself.   It was not easy to overcome the dark nights of the soul and unify/ harmonize all the places within myself were I felt separate from my divine source.  I know that I had many angels working overtime to keep me safe, to support me in my mission in birthing the new world,  and to walk the path of mastery.

I have rebirthed myself physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. I celebrate and claim victory in my ascension.  


As an empowered and awakened woman, I have loved free every injustice and have claimed, cleared and processed the entire universe through my physical body and claimed my birthright as a child of God, a self-empowered, self-realized being claiming her universe.

We have the right to experience freedom in all forms of expression and it is my honor to live this core value. The leadership of the divine feminine in her full glory, is my passion, my mission.  Can you imagine a woman claiming her birthright in full honor and glory? Lifetimes ago we were hung and lost our lives for living our medicine and speaking our truth.  This is a lot to overcome and very courageous on all of our parts.

Never has this before been achieved where women and men have the ability to realize the truth of who they are; that is, God in form.  

Together with my twin flame in sacred union, we are individually and as a couple modeling the new sacred union relationship in the new world.  

What I want you to know there is nothing in this world that you cannot achieve.  You already have everything inside of you.  There is nothing you need to do but allow all the old constructs and limited belief systems which have previously defined you fall away, embracing the truth of who you are, knowing there is nothing outside of you.  

In your subconscious mind, you have been  programmed and conditioned negatively. The good news is that these programs can be released and changed by the choices you make and by claiming  authority over your life.  Nothing and nobody has power over you, including the negative programming by reptilian agendas and any other negative, slimy energy that once had it’s hand in your life. 

It does take work. It takes discipline and focus.  Claiming and owning  your power is what you came here to experience. Claiming your power back over your life, over your bodies, is your birthright.  There is nothing you cannot achieve including taking your life back, taking your planet back, living in freedom and standing in your truth.  

We have just finished a very long cycle of being victims in this last 26,000 year cycle by playing small and experiencing all that we are not.  In the beginning of this Aquarian age, we stand at the precipice of a new cycle of evolution in this beautiful spiral. We focus on unconditional love, the most powerful force in the universe. 

Processing and applying this love on a daily basis for yourself and all the people you are in relationship with, will heal your soul. Allow everything old to come up to the surface and fall away and embrace the love that you are. 

Powerful beyond measure, remembering that this is what this evolution is about: to return to the truth of who we are as children of God and live in harmony with nature. We stand up in the oneness of the truth of our divinity and begin the next spiral of evolution, remembering and being our authentic self, limitless infinite beings fully aware and awake, creating our reality, manifesting our new world.  

Cheers to…

Our new world living in JOY~Passion

Let there be peace on earth and let it begin with me.

Peace Love, Liberty for all.
Your beloved,