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It was December 4th, 2013 when I was summoning my inner queen. 

It was then when I wrote the following post, four years ago today.

Free Falling into my JOY~~~~~Looking through the eyes of my infinite soul….

Oh yes….. how I felt the urge to MERGE in balance and harmony, living and experiencing true divine union within me. The sacred marriage of the masculine and feminine within this Sacred Union of the ~~ONE. `Hallelujah`

There was so much resistance to this merge for me~~the imbalance was clear and it was within my feminine side, I’ve been really good at taking action, but was called for here was a deeper softness a deeper willingness to allow my innocence to “Be” and to Embrace the feminine principle of receptivity all the way down to creation.

The challenge was to be willing to let go of all attachments and to allow myself to receive all the creations( intentions) I have put out, trusting that my heart’s desire is lived and experienced moment to moment. To allow it all to show up. ~Easier said than done~Ha, that’s the role of way`shower, the willingness to experience the discomfort so a better way can be lived and experienced.

My beautiful body was holding so much anxiety and fear within each cell of the past memories of lies. Many times I had to allow my anger to rise up to release energy~~ the lie, the belief, that I can’t have what I want. Releasing “effort”- as Effort interferes with the ability to receive”. This was a biggie. One by one the fears where embraced, felt and loved free.

The practice now is~Integration~as I relax into this knowing and feeling unafraid of the unknown will be a moment to moment choice.

I intend and align myself with the verse of the Tao Te Ching~

The Master acts without doing anything~

and she teaches without saying anything.

Things arise and she lets them come.

Things disappear and she lets them go.

She has but does not possess,

she acts but does not expect.

When her work is done she forgets it.

That is why it lasts forever.

I honor myself for Dreaming the big dream, for the courage to live the highest vision, to go to the depths of the water and feel every inch of it into being. I continue to summon my inner Queen, I am awake, I feel inspired, I know my truth and I boldly speak it.

Because I refuse to live in the old earth, as ordinary has never excited me, I am the new Earth, and I want ecstasy.

As I was writing the date, I realized a very very Synchronistic celebration on this day for me, It was exactly 4/8 years ago today, December 4th, 2009 when a few good friends gathered at my home to witness me, getting married.

My first wedding was my self-love ceremony to myself. And now to experience true divine union within me is sacred. I am Home, I am Free, I am Love.

12/4/13I am the Mother I am awakened I am Ma Buddha…

I am the Passion the New Earth.I dream I create I enjoy…..I Am ~Kornelia unleashing my Venus

And today the inner queen is experiencing the most amazing love with a partner that mirrors to me the love I AM.

All the inner work so sacred so valuable, living and experiencing life in the new.

After many years of living alone and falling in love with myself —-one day 16 months ago, I made room to share my love.

Being the ideal partner always begins with yourself bringing your ideal partner into any relationship is the JOY of deep intimacy. Being in a relationship with a partner who mirrors to you the love you are. When I made room for my partner and called him in he showed up 2 days later…
16 months later and we are strong in love.
one of my commitments to my self and him is to always ask this question. 

Do I want to be here in this relationship?
Is this relationship nourishing me?

AM I being met here?
the question is always on the table and every time I get a strong resounding yes.
We used to live and wait for someone to grow into their potential and I know you can relate to that too… Don’t wait—- be with someone who grows with you who meets you sharing core values of freedom and love.

The depth of love in a kiss, the inner tree, rooted strong sexy.

I have no checkmarks on the no side.
The new conscious relationship is not based on control
but the pure freedom to be with each other because we
*f….ing want to.
Lot’s of love.