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We all have the need to belong, to feel vulnerable, to be loved and to share our love in open communication with each other without competition, without the need for control.

We all want to be naked and free moving into a new paradigm.

Our yearning is to feel safe, to ask for what we need in times when we need help.
When we feel so exposed to ask a stranger or someone we know, “I could use your help…”.

But we have to be willing to be vulnerable and ask for help.

It’s in the asking we see the shining spirit of humans helping each other succeed and thrive in the short term and long term.

When Bob and I were on the Airbus flying back to Seattle from Dallas -Fort Worth, we saw that the plane was full.and with our seats near the rear (seats number 30 e and f), I started thinking about our arrival in Seattle and how we only had 20 minutes to get to the shuttle to take us back to our hometown. Unless we got off the plane first, we had no chance of making it on time.

So I asked the flight attendant ,Simone,
What she could do to help us.
She said they could possibly make an announcement asking the passengers to let us get off first but she said there is no guarantee that they will listen.

I told her that didn’t matter. All we could do was ask. I was willing to ask my fellow humanitarians on the plane to allow us to get off before them so we could make our shuttle.

That takes boldness and courage….
and a willingness to experience an outcome that is not guaranteed, a willingness to possibly experience the disappointment or rejection  of people not rising to the occasion

—–or a willingness to experience success, an outcome where victory has played out.

Nothing in life is guaranteed. We have to be willing to live vulnerably, to be open to experience all of what life is offering us.
I felt so good about asking and I was also curious to see what these fellow humanitarians would actually do.

the plane stopped, the lights turned on and people stood up. I got up and lifted our overhead luggage down and asked Bob to walk before me. He observed that the people weren’t moving, I said to tell them to move.

All of a sudden, everyone stepped aside to let us move pass them, cheering us on the way and wishing us luck in making the connection. It was such an awesome feeling to be so vulnerable and to say “Thank you. guys, thank you, thank you” as we proceeded up the aisle and hear them say “I hope you make it”, “Good luck”, “WEe are cheering you on”, “Go, go,  go”….

Bob and I were walking down the skinny aisle of the plane being cheered on by our fellow humans who also had agendas and connecting flights and who stepped aside to let us go first. The people on the plane felt good to be of service and they felt good to help us out….

that’s what it’s about.  It’s about feeling good in the asking. it’s about feeling good in the giving .it’s about feeling good in the receiving.

us asking for help gave them the opportunity to feel good….

Can you imagine if they had known that Bob was 90 years old and that they actually helped us far beyond what they knew?

Fellow humans,

be vulnerable,
have courage,
identify your needs and
be willing to ask for help

without being attached to the outcome.
Be in amazement of the human spirit shining through.

My faith is renewed.

I have faith/ trust in humanity. I have faith/ trust in humans as we rise together and build our new world on a foundation of peace, unity, trust, and love.

We all share the basic need to see each other thrive, to see each other succeed.

a desire to belong, to come home.

Tap into this portal of community of unconditional love, of unity, of knowing that you are our sister and brother.
we believe in YOU.