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The point of power is always in the present moment.  The conscious, present, now moment! 

  • With no consciousness (energy in the past), because YOU have released all the past from your physical body and from your experience!.
  • With no  energy in the future which does not exist.

In the future, you’re always looking for something that you think you will get when you get to there.  When you get to the future, you’ll be happy, you will have succeeded, you will have your relationship, and you will have your abundance.  You keep projecting the energy into the future, which is an illusion and keeps you from experiencing the absolute truth, that can only be experienced in the PRESENT MOMENT.  Bring it all into the NOW moment — this is the place for Freedom, JOY, Abundance, Power, Creation and Manifestation.  Bring your conscious awareness into the NOW moment where you merge with your humanity (earth) and bring your divinity (heaven), and you have met YOURSELF.  Now do that every conscious now moment and you are “Heaven on Earth.”    –Kornelia Dengel

We are rewriting our history and beginning a brand new paradigm.  A brand new consciousness, with no attachment to past programing, limiting beliefs, or story lines.  WE the pioneers of a NEW consciousness — focused on our Holy Missions.

Do you realize what an honor this is?
Do you realize how far you have come?

Please acknowledge your journey, acknowledge how dedicated you are to being the love you are, and how much pain you’ve released and let go — just when we thought we can’t go another step, the whole opens up to more than we ever thought possible.

I have been blogging and talking about heaven on earth for the last three years and now, and finally the time for the physical manifestation is here.  We had to embody it layer by layer, brick by brick, and breath by breath.  Persevering time and time and time again, we had to feel it in every cell of our being, in every conscious now moment within our physical body, and here we are at this most exciting exhilarating time on earth.

What we are doing here has never been done before — not like this.  Ladies and gentlemen, it’s about to get very interesting, and you have to be on your game.  YOU have to step up into your best self and not hold back.  YOU have to shine on, and get on with it — playing full out — the way you knew YOU would upon coming here.

If you are challenged right now, the first order of business is to cut yourself some slack.  If you need to take some time out, or take a few days off from work, call in and take the time to nurture your spirit and love yourself.  If you need healing work, whatever it may be, get yourself feeling good and mostly know this — that the secret really is in the present moment.  Bring all your consciousness to the present moment, stop projecting into the future, and do yourself a favor and let go of the past.

Remember, you did not come here to fit in… to the old world

YOU came here to be your “Greatest Self and do it fearlessly.”  WE ARE DOING THIS.  Beam your light brighter.  Be your authentic self.  Our birthright is abundance, vibrant health, prosperity, and freedom — and that is what I stand for, and together we are going to rock this world FREE.  I am, We are Peace.

(In January of 2012  I was inspired to write this paragraph.  It came from the depths of me and now I have fully embodied it into my physical body — living it, and it’s about to get even more juicier.)

You/Me/Oneness ~
My soul, yearning for a sacred space, a platform, for authentic self-expression, a space that allows me to speak my truth, be vulnerable, powerful and fully self expressed.  A Universal Love Space, to grow my/your soul, evolve and expand beyond any limitations of my/your beautiful, brilliant mind.  A space for intimacy,  to witness and be witnessed — transparency is so beautiful and freeing.   By shining our light as bright as we can, we give others permission to do the same.  The time has come to embrace the magnificent beings we are, and inspire and uplift each other to move beyond fear (illusion) and claim our true birthright of Joy and Abundance.  Transparency is key, and through collaboration we are stronger together.  Letting our hearts lead as we collaborate together,  love leading the way on this Universal Love Train. 

— Kornelia Dengel, January 31, 2012

Are you willing to create, and make 2015 the most delicious year of your life?

Peace, love and joy,