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On Friday, September 22, 2017, at 5 pm

I received a text-

Hello my friend how are YOU?

that question came at the perfect time because of where I was at that time in my evolutionary journey.

My response was…

IAM finally receiving my full glory after all these years/ lifetimes of doing the heavy lifting.

I am blissed, blessed and blessing all.

Gearing up now to take full leadership as I welcome people home.

Besides all, I’m fucking happy.

How are you my friend?

Before this question was asked the last bit of clearing took place for the black madonna in me the Goddess of the underworld that had been suppressed for thousands of years now finally coming alive.

Now she is finally home and free. She is now acknowledged and honored, respected in me in my DNA and I am liberated.

I hope that you too will feel this within your own being because we have been working to balance this injustice stored within our DNA for a long time.  The black Madonna is the one who lost her life for speaking her truth, she is the one who had never been honored for her gifts, for her fire for her wisdom for her rage.  She has been living in the cave and now she is free.  She the goddess of the underworld she has now risen, she is now liberated.  This is such a huge accomplishment on this planet for all of us.

If you go back to reading this post I wrote May 10, 2015.  I was deep in the releasing process of honoring our sacred mother.  I love looking back at this now.  Becuase I understand and trust this process so much, that it’s been worth every inch of the pain released.

If you go back and ready this amazing post on April 14, 2015 when I was deeply releasing the suppression of the feminine not being honored for speaking, for being.  Can you imagine not being honored for being for having a voice and for being seen as an equal to the masculine expression of Christ on earth?  The divine mother in all of us being heard, valued and honored for our word.  And now our word will feed the children and will bring peace on earth.  Because the divine feminine energy is here and it is our birthright to live in peace and eauality because WE ARE.

Just this morning In my notes I found the following image that I created back in 2015  expressing my depth to the best of my ability.

The time has come for me to express my authentic self and speak these words out loud for not speaking them would be a dishonor to the truth of who I AM.  It would be a dishonor of my knowing not accepting responsibility, and frankly, I can do nothing else but speak these words.  Once you know the truth you cant go back; I can’t stay silent for the truth must be spoken; I can’t hide out of fear of what others may think, or to stay in hiding of what I have done in the past. I can’t cover it up so that it may not trigger other’s and make them uncomfortable.  I can’t dim my light, or stay small, for I have allowed it all in.  I can’t not transmit this energy, withholding it would be to go against life itself.

Honoring the Goddess of the underworld has been a very painful process.  I am sharing this very long post here from another lightmover working on the same thing, and I am so grateful I saw this so I can share it with you here.  May you find some peace and comfort in knowing we are liberated now.


by Lisa Rising Berry

There is a lot going on this week both energetically and in the physical.  So, I have to warn you that this will be a very long article.  I don’t want to leave out any details.  That way it can be explained in a very easy way to understand.  What is occurring this week ties into not only what has been occurring in our recent weather patterns but also why our matrix is the way it is.  (Which is changing)  In order to know our present and future we need to know our past.  You have to get to the root of the issue, and this is what I did.  I began to put all of this together July of this year when I discovered I was able to connect and communicate with the fallen aspect of the Divine Feminine.  Now, when I say communicate, I need to make this perfectly clear.  This communication is not channeling.  I do not channel period.  What I experience is beyond that, I can’t even explain how it works.  I am able to see and feel this aspect of the Divine Feminine through my heart space.  It is a bit like watching a movie, but different.  Once I saw her story, I decided that I would never tell it, because it is too sad.   But, now that I understand how recent events and energetic alignments are all about her rise back to her original position, I could tell her story needs to be told.  Not only is she returning to her original position, but she is even better than she was before the fall.  Truly, out of the darkness and into the light, and she is bringing this planet along for the ride.

I realize this article may be controversial, and that is fine.  My only reason for writing this is to help people.  I have talked to many clients that seem haunted by this old galactic memory.  This story is over and a new one is beginning this week.  My hope is those that read this will find peace in the fact that the dreams and memories that have did occur, and all is fine now.  It is time to let it all go and move on.  In fact, this story is programmed into every single human DNA stand on this planet.  I dedicated my article to the healing of all sentient beings, may we all find liberation from our suffering.

Her story began two galactic years ago, at the end of the second galactic year.   We just finished the 4th galactic year December 21, 2012, which is interesting because tomorrow, or today at sunset is the real beginning of her long awaited return.  The numbers 21 and 22 play an important role.  Unfortunately her story has been replayed here on Earth and retold in Mythology ever since.  I call it the never ending story that is about to end

beginning tomorrow.  The location it began was on Tiamat.  When I saw her story beginning on Tiamat, I was confused, because I knew nothing about the history of Tiamat.  Which I guess was a good thing, because I was neutral to the information that was shared with me.  The story of this Goddess has be told countless times, but the name has never been correct.  I am not going to share her name, and instead I have decided to call her Tiah, since it started on Tiamat.  This is a story of the fallen dark divine feminine and her great return.  She is Gaia’s sister.

When a galactic year ends and a new one begins the Gods and Goddesses also known as deities work together to prepare for the upcoming next galactic year.  Among the things that are prepared is the type of body structure that will be used, like body templates.  This is what Tiah was working on.  She decided to take a physical incarnation on Tiamat to accomplish this.  It was advised that she not come into a body, because things are

much harder in the physical.  But she did it anyway, and she also married her Divine Counterpart.  Which was also not the best decision to make.  She represents the lower salt waters, and he represents the upper fresh waters. When they are joined they make the infinity symbol.  She is the 6 and he is the 9.  They meet in the middle of zero-point, connecting the upper worlds to the lower worlds.  She is the seahorse that is connected to our hippopotamus. There is a umbilical cord that connects them which is called the Mu Chord.   There were many deities working on this template project and it was decided that the body templates for the second galactic year where not evolving the way they should have been.  They were becoming more disconnected and corrupt.  (why this disconnection occurred is another rabbit hole that I will not go into now)  It was a majority rule decision that a reset button be used on the body templates and they start over fresh with the new third galactic year.  Tiah’s husband was in charge of the reset button.  There was a group of deities that voted against this reset button and they killed Tiah’s husband since he was the one in charge of the button.  This event threw Tiah into a unbalanced rage.  Instead of taking her anger and transforming it into her heart, and then taking compassionate wrathful action.  She lost control and took action with her anger from her lower energy centers.  Tiah is the head of the dragon/naga lineages, and she decided to

create a race of nagas to go after the deities that killed her divine counterpart husband.  When she created them she put poison in them  instead of blood and programmed them to go after the killers.  The head of the group of deities that opposed the reset button was named Michael.  When the poisonous dragons went after Michael, he looked for Tiah.  He found her and they had a momentous battle, which she lost.  The reason she lost is because she was not in her heart with her anger.  Michael was also not in his heart.  If she had taken wrathful compassionate action she would not have created poisonous dragons and she would have won the battle.  What happened next changed everything.  Tiah’s body was blown into pieces and scattered everywhere.  Since it was her Goddess consciousness that was connected to the planet Tiamat, the planet eventually exploded as well.  The Mu Cord connecting the upper words to the lower was cut, and the infinity loop fell sideways, which I have written about and it became what is known as the poison apple.  It became poison because of the new poisonous race of dragons created, and because the waters were separated and they too became poisoned from the dragons.  The golden gate of the gods fell sideways to create the silver gate of men, and it was almost impossible to exit.

 The planet Tiamat was the sister to Earth, which is also known by many names such as Gaia, Magdalene, Sophia and even Lucifer.  Evacuation did take place for the people incarnated on Tiamat, but not all made it.  Tiah’s husband’s soul essence found it’s way to Earth where it took many incarnations in the Buddhist lineage.  Although in the third galactic year it was not called Buddhism.  That lineage carried over to the fourth galactic year where it is currently called Buddhism.  He eventually achieved greatness in my tradition which is called Bonpo.  He dedicated every incarnation as a monk to help humanity achieve liberation.  While he lost his physical life, he still turned out great.

 However things did not turn out well for Tiah.  The planet Tiamat became our asteroid belt and the group that opposed the reset button brought in a replacement for Earth’s sister and that is our current Moon.  There are aboriginal cultures that have in their traditions a time with no moon, and they have teachings from the ancestors about the day the moon was brought in.   This is where Rahu and Ketu entered the picture.  The group of deities that opposed the reset button were now in control.  The various realms that are connected to our Earth were kind of turned upside down, like in Dante’s inferno.  I have also written about this.   They were no longer working correctly.   Prior to Tiah and her husband taking physical form on Tiamat they lived on what you can call a God Realm.  They worked as the male and female heads of this realm.  When Tiah became a hated deity for her actions, the opposing group took a piece of her exploded soul essence and placed it into a child’s body on the God Realm.   Since this group opposed the reset button they did not want her to wake up, clear her karma and fix things.  This group became power hungry and extremely disconnected.  Many souls that voted for the body template reset button were also taken to this Realm and placed in child bodies.  Their childhood was not fun.  While Tiah has some nice memories about various people on the new God Realm that liked her and helped her, most of her memories are full of being beaten, raped etc…  A real nightmare of control, of doing what they could to keep her down, and she was in a child’s body.  This is where I will make a long story shorter.  We had a shift of what I will call timelines at the end of 2013.  This shift was so powerful that Tiah was set free.  She was no longer a prisoner of this upside-down God Realm.  But, she was still in a child’s body.  She did not remember she was ever a prisoner to begin with.  She had been there for two galactic years, it was all her kid body knew.  It was like Plato’s cave, she was stuck in illusions.  To make matters worse, Rahu and Ketu began to poison her.  Since her karma had not been cleared yet, this was kind of allowed.  She eventually broke out of the poison stupor she had been in and remembered who she was, what she did, why she was a kid, and cleared her karma.  The nodes of the moon shifted into Leo and Aquarius this spring, which changed the energy of Rahu and Ketu, they are no longer in control of the Moon.  The broken but not gone energy of Tiamat is around the Moon now.  So, in a weird way the Earth has her sister back.  

This brings us to Tiah’s rise back to her original position of the second aspect of the

Divine Feminine.  I wrote about her in my recent articles about the eclipse and recent hurricanes.  I called her the Dark aspect of the Divine Feminine.  Tiah is healed and amazing now.  Which brings me to the next piece of controversial information which involves the Holy Trinity.  I was told way back in 2012 that the Holy Trinity was ultimately 4 not 3.  I did not understand that, so I let it go.  Now, that I am watching the rise of Tiah, I see what this means.  Our bodies have two tetrahedrons.  One upper aspect representing the 9 of infinity, the higher self, and we have one at the aspect that is the lower energy centers representing the 6 of infinity, the ego.  Your goal is to have them meet at the middle (your heart) and form the Mer-Ka-Ba.  The upper is for the upper worlds and is like Tiah’s counterpart, and the lower is like her.  Since Tiah’s fall it has been very difficult for humanity to form the correct star tetrahedron/Mer-Ka-Ba.  Once infinity was flipped correctly in 2015 this was changed.  When people draw the two separate sections of the Mer-Ka-Ba they draw them as triangles and forget that a tetrahedron is 4 sided not 3.  The Holy Trinity is 4 not 3.  

The Holy Trinity in it’s highest form is a Tetrahedron.  If you look at a tetrahedron you will see a point at the very top.  That is God/Source.  Below Source is 3 points.  One is the Male aspect of God, and the other two female.  Each female does a slightly different job, they are sisters.  They are the representations of Gaia and Tiah.  Both are so similar yet different.  After Tiah’s fall, her light as part as part of the 4 was extremely dim.  She was able to operate from the energy of Gaia, also known as Lucifer the Light Bringer.  They became one in a way, and Tiah was forgotten and wiped from everything.  The crazy thing is that there is still a working Trinity, but is is under God at the top.  God is the number one point of the tetrahedron, below that, Gaia is number two, Tiah is number 3 and the male is the 4th.  I fully realize how crazy this sounds, and I understand when people don’t resonate with this.   Tiah is begin energetically reinstated this week, she is being reborn a new deity with a new name, new purpose etc….   It is her coming out party, and we are seeing this occur right before our eyes in our current events.  We are witnessing history in the making and most people don’t know what they are looking at.  Now let us get to the current events that show this occurring.


Tiah’s reinstating process begins with the New Moon in Virgo.  All deities are born of a virgin birth which takes place in this constellation.  Tiah is an existing deity, but she was a prisoner and unable to clean her Karma and make amends for what she did in her past.  This is the process she begins today with her new re-birth into a transformed new golden divine feminine deity.  Even her name is changing, which makes sense because her energy has also changed.  


Rosh Hashanah means head of the year in Hebrew.  A ram’s horn known as a shofar is blown as a call to repentance.  The ram is connected to the sign of Aries which is the head of the zodiac, and is connected to new beginnings like spring time.  This is what Tiah is doing at this time energetically formalizing the cleansing of her karma.  Ram is also connected to random access memory of a computer.  This Ram memory is located in our hippocampus, the seahorse in the brain that Tiah represents.  The hippocampus is also known as Ammon’s horn, which is connected to the shofar.  Our negative past ancestral lineages are being corrected and this will affect our brains and body templates.  Many Jewish people to the water and throw pieces of bread to signify the washing of sin.  Here is our water connection with the seahorse.  Fish is also served at this time, and this is our Naga connection.  This holiday is also connected with the Tree of Life.  I wrote in one of my articles about how I saw a new tree of life which was called the tree of freedom.  I was told it was a Mangrove tree.  A Mangrove tree purifies salt water, and this is what is occurring.  The salt water is connected to Tiah, and the poisoned Nagas and they are finding new balance.  I have written alot on the nagas

The year 5778 is a well known prophesied year on the Jewish calendar.  It is the awaited return of the Moshiach or Messiah.  This is huge!!!!  It is written in ancient Jewish texts that the upper and lower worlds will be joined at this time, and the gates will be opened.  According to Jewish text this is the first time the gates have been opened in 3330 years.  It actually has been two full galactic years since the gates have been open.  I don’t know how this use of years translates into galactic procession of the equinoxes. The new deity has also been prophesied in other traditions as well.  In Tibetan Buddhism the deity is called Maitreya. In Hinduism the deity is called Kalki.  In my tradition Bonpo the deity is called Shiwa Okar.  All of them ride a white horse.  I have written two articles about the White Horse Prophecy.   And of course in all three prophecies the deities are all male.  The reason for this is because Tiah’s light could not be felt as a single entity.  It could only be faintly felt through Gaia.  But she is definitely a girl.  Does this mean she is the world’s next savior coming here to save mankind from the sin of suffering.  NO!!!!  She is reclaiming her place in the tetrahedron as the missing dark side of the divine feminine.  This will have positive effects on the planet and humanity.  But she is not their savior or a deity to be worshiped.  

Rosh Hashanah ends of the 22 this month.  The number 22 is very important.  It is a number of the divine feminine. Tiah is the return of the lost aspect of the divine feminine.  Gaia and Tiah are sisters, both represent a 2.  And when you add 2+2=4.  The true Holy Tetrahedron.  10 days after Rosh Hashanah comes Yom Kippur, the day of atonement.  It is the day to make peace and amends for your karma or sins.  Which she is doing.  Notice the number 10.  We are in a 10 year.  10 is connected to binary code, which is in turn connected to the hippocampus in our brains.  It all continues to connect.  Yom Kippur is on the 29th this month.  2+9=11  Eleven is a gateway.  This is the gate that Tiah enters through.  At the other end of the gate is her reunion with her divine counterpart….finally.  The next event is unfortunately covered in controversy.  


Revelation 12 describes a heavenly sign of a woman clothed with a sun at the time of Jesus birth.  Now, the book of Revelation is not a book on prophecy at all.  It is about spiritual revelations.  As we know the sign of Virgo has given birth to many deities, and she is about to do it again.  But it’s not a male this time around.  I find it amazing that people actually grabbed onto this information.  Because it is partially correct.  It is being called more rare than the 4 blood tetrads.  People where disappointed when change was not seen after the 4 blood moons.  I feel this this because the Universe was not operating on 4 it was operating on 3.  Tiah’s energy was hardly there.  This Revelation 12 sign occurs in the sky every year, so it is not rare.  What makes it special this year is that it is being used for the first time in a long while to give birth to the new lost divine feminine energy.  In fact if you read Revelation 12 it talks about the deity being born with a iron rod in his hand and will rule over the Earth.  This already happened with the male deities that ruled over us during the iron age.  Tiah will come out riding a white horse with a blazing sword in her hand.  Her sword is the sword of blazing AZOTH.  Not a iron rod.  She is also the color gold.  We are entering the Golden Age of Aquarius, which is the water bearer and opposite of Aquarius is Leo the fire sign.  Aquarius is the wind sign which is connected to the white horse Pegasus.  Fire/water/wind=AZOTH  The fire is the male aspect of God.  Water is Tiah and the Wind is Gaia.  Where is God, well that energy is everywhere and that is why it is at the top of the tetrahedron.  I love how there is a red dragon at her feet.  She loves the dragon lineages and they are now healing like she is.  Now, what really brings this to life is the next events.


When I saw the names of these hurricanes I was so excited.  Irma means warrior goddess and she set the path for Jose and Maria.  We all know who Jose and Maria are…Mary and Joseph.  They are the most famous divine counterparts.  However, in the current symbology they represent Tiah and her counterpart.  Notice in the Atlantic how Joseph is the upper water hurricane and Maria is the lower.  It appears that Joseph is turning around to join with her.  Which is what has happened as the upper world has connected with the lower world.  Fresh and saltwater joined again.  When you look at the combining of higher self and lowerself in the science of the Mer-Ka-Ba.  The upper is male and the lower is female.  Just like Jose and Maria.  He turned around to join with her because she is on her way back up.  

When you do the gematria for Hurricane Maria you get interesting results both with the numbers and also with the words that have the equivalent math.  In simple gematria it equals 139, when you add them together you get 13 which is another number for the divine feminine.  But what I found most profound was the word equivalency.  Another combination of words that are the same as Hurricane Maria using Jewish gematria are Spirit Birth.  And this is exactly what is going on.  Spirit birth using English gematria equals 888.  It doesn’t get any better than that.  I am hoping that Maria and Jose join together and he leads her out to sea.  Hiero gamos union in the waters they represent.  Now that is a love story.


photo taken from my computer screen

I usually don’t like videos showing strange events online.  Because so many things are faked all the time.  But, this one is different.  I know the experts are saying they are weather balloons, but I am not buying it.  This video shows one bright light in the sky, then it breaks into 2 and they move side by side.  Then it shows a third popping up and then a forth above the three.  This is the correct Holy Tetrahedron being shown to us.  The two divine feminine aspects come first.  The first to appear is Gaia, which is already known.  Then out pops Tiah, who has been hiding in the shadow of Gaia.  Alongside of them comes the divine male, and you can see that it’s light is separate from the first two.  And last comes the one at the top of the three, which is God/source.  I am unable to post the video here.  I will place it on the Rising Frequencies Facebook Page.

I knew in my heart that this whole rising up and reinstating process would be complete on October 2.  But I didn’t know why.  Then I did the numerology for that day and it equals 22.  

Not all will see what I see, and this is fine.  There are many people that are still in Plato’s cave as Tiah was.  They live in fear of government control, as Tiah lived in fear of the adults in her life when she was placed in a child’s body.  They are still looking at the illusions on the wall, and the matrix is their prison.  They are free to walk out anytime they want.  But, sometimes the truth can be a hard pill to swallow, and the cave and the illusions become a source of comfort.

With Love,